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If all bets were successful there would be no money in the betting industry for the bookmakers and then everyone would be out of business. The trick under the current system is being able to identify a potentially successful bet.

One of the keys to successful betting is good information. Betting on instinct is one method used by many punters, but no matter how much you believe Arsenal is going to carry the Premiership this year it pays to study the odds. Many of those who trust their guts end up losing their shirts, but those who study the odds can afford to stand the pub for a pint and still go home with a jingle in their pocket.

There are a number of ways to ensure that you are getting the best information. One method is to limit yourself to a specific team or player and follow them religiously. Because you are not trying to follow an entire league or sport, it is easier to be sure that you are taking every statistic and little bit of information into account.

Another option for those who would like to wager on multiple teams or sports is to subscribe to a tipster service.There are a number of UK tipsters specializing in all sports with continuous tip feeds available for free or for a fee depending on where you look. If you do choose to subscribe to a tipster service, be sure that they offer reliable and timely updates that cover all of your chosen teams before handing over your bank information.

Finally, the last key of successful betting is knowing your personal limits. Setting a budget may not seem like a key part of the game, but every successful sports investor knows when to cut their losses and walk away. Plan in advance and watch the bankroll.

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