Bet365 Review 2018 - Sports Betting Review

This review is based on our personal experiences with Bet365 and represents our opinions about Bet365.

Bet365 are one of the biggest names out there in online betting and they are hard to miss. They have consistently gained a huge market share in the industry and have won award after award for their services and innovation.


  • Fantastic value odds across all sports.
  • Extensive sports book with great submarkets.
  • Extremely efficient live in play betting service

Online-Betting Rating:

5 Stars Rating

Betting markets and odds quality 9/10

So what makes online betting site Bet365 so strong? It is their service and their quality. Their sportsbook is one of the best available about there, not only because it sweeps the board when it comes to the amount of sports that they cover, but the market coverage with each sport is pretty extensive and that obviously is a key factor for many punters; versatility, as you don’t want to be left frustrated because you couldn't find a market that you wanted.

The sportsbook is really the strength of Bet365 but of course, that would fall down without solid odds. Bet365 trade really well with their prices and that is because of the punch they pack in the market. They can be relied on to have some of the market leading odds. One huge bonus about the Bet365 sportsbook is that they offer Asian Handicap betting. This is a great way to bet on events once you get a grip of it. It, more often than not, offers better value than outright markets and generally beats regular handicap betting hands down. You don't get this everywhere, but Bet365 deliver it very well.

In-play betting 10/10

The live in-play betting service at Bet365 is extensive and high quality. Just a quick click through to their live in-play second shows all the events currently opening and some of the popular markets on them. This allows for quick selections to be sent to your betting slip. If you click on a game in progress then you will have the full list of live markets. For most major football matches you will have a great number of active markets running on it. You also get a cool little graphical interface to show you what is going on currently in the match and accompanying that is further statistical information. It’s very quick and easy to switch between live in-play betting markets because even when you are in one particular match, you can still see other sports and live games in the left-hand menu. You can also create an in-play multi-view, essential creating your own page with the games that you are following, on it.

Extras & features 10/10

What other kind of features can you find at Bet365? A lot of them would be the answer to that. They not only offer cash outs on bets, but they also run partial cash outs on wagers as well, a great little extra touch that’s available. You can also find cash out options on live bets as well. Bet365 also have a good, solid stats database as well across many sports available.

Bet365 run a cash out feature. You can just cash out on a bet from right in your bet slip beneath your selection. You can also partially cash out a bet and you can control this by moving the slider to decide how much you want to pull out/leave in and at what price. You have full control of this feature on eligible bets. You can also find the Cash Out feature on live bets as well, just click on your My Bets section and then hit the Cash Out tab to show which of your live bets are currently eligible to be cashed out. Currently Soccer, Horse Racing, Cricket, Basketball and Tennis are some of the sports that Bet365 apply the cash out feature to.
Bet365 also have results and live scores section on their website.

Bet365 payment options - deposit and withdrawal methods 10/10

Bet365 offer a lot of payment methods to fund your account.
Due to requirements from Bet365 we currently cannot fully present our content here. You can find the information directly at Bet365 at any time.

User-friendliness of website & mobile app / mobile version 9/10

Overall the Bet365 website isn’t a tremendously visually wonderful site. It’s basic and straightforward and gets the job done. Its functionality wins out over design and for most punters that’s all that matters. It doesn't have all the flashy bells and whistles and what some may call gimmicky promotional material all over it. It is down to earth and this translates well over to the mobile service as well, which is very fluid and accessible for your device. Bet365 also have an app which is downloadable for Windows, Android and iOS.

Bet365 Customer Service & Support, Security & Reliability 9/10

There is an extensive help base on the site, leaving you to browse through a great set of FAQ’s. That will probably serve most of your needs. If there are still open questions you can also contact the Bet365 support.

Overall / Conclusion 10/10

They win awards and it's easy to see why. They just operate so very well. Everything that you need is readily accessible and it is a site that you can relax at without being bombarded by distractions. The whole process of navigating the sportsbook to striking a bet is quick, easy and straightforward and when you see how well lit is backed up by their features, you really have a top performer.

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