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In 2020, what was Totesport, received a major rebranding when they were transformed into Tote.

With a fresh new makeover, they bring a new look and new services to the famous horse racing pool betting platform.

This all came about after the 2019 sale of the Tote to the UK Tote Group. It is a long way from the launch of Tote Bookmakers back in 1973.

The UK Tote Group is made out of a group of racehorse owners and breeders.

So it is now that is the home of your new Tote.

The Tote is unique in that it is only a horse racing betting site. So that sets it apart from other sportsbook operators who have full sportsbooks in operations.

What does that mean for customers?

Does that bring forward a serious amount of expertise in only having that fixed focus on racing? We explore things like that and more in our in-depth Tote review.

The Tote brings options like single-leg bets, exacta bets and placepot competitions. There is a wide variety of options happening across the Tote experience.

For this Tote bookmaker review, we will take a thorough look through their racecards, the Tote welcome bonus and features that are found within the site.

To kick all of this off, we are going to browse through and take a dig through the betting markets that are on offer at

Our Tote Review Rating:

Betting markets & odd quality: 8/10
Sign Up Bonus 7/10
Extras & Features: 7/10
Payment Options: 7/10
User-friendliness of website: 8/10
Mobile App: 6/10
Customer Service: 7/10
Total Score: 7/10

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Tote Betting markets and odds quality 8/10

Betting markets

For this Tote bookmakers review, things are going to be a little different.

That is because it is all totally horse racing betting focused and Tote odds operate differently from fixed odds.

So there is no sportsbook per-se, just a great selection of domestic and international racing.

So we have a lot of Tote horse racing to look at and we will take a look at the workings of Tote odds later in this review.

One thing we can say about Tote is that it covers a superb range of racecards from around the world and it does include trotting as well.

The layout of the website is clean and straightforward. There is a simple link in a top horizontal menu to access Races.

So it’s very easy to read, easy to get around and you can see which races are part of a placepot, available for a live stream and so on.

So making a Tote bet is quick and easy.

We will take a look at the likes of the placepot in a separate section of this review. For now, we push on with a deeper look at the racecards.

Tote Racing Review

Tote horse racing. It’s what it is all about.

Races on the main page of the Tote betting site are presented by meeting.

So there is a list of those along and the times of the races available within each of those racing meets. So that is the main point of navigation.

When a particular race is called up, instead of the usual fixed odds price that you would have in a bookmaker’s sportsbook there is something different at the Tote.

The prices that you will see for a Tote bet are listed for the Totewin and the Toteplace.

That is under the Win/Place listing which is the default on raising a race for horse racing betting at the Tote.

Just as an example, Ousden House is priced at £11.48 for a Totewin and £3.33 for a Toteplace.

So that is the predicted value of the horse at the time in the overall totepool for that race.

For every £1 unit of stake applied for a Totewin therefore on Ousden House, it would mean a return of 11.48, so a £2 stake would be double that of course.

Depending on how the money comes in for a race, the final SP and therefore payout, won’t be decided until after the race is settled.

Striking the bet is just the same as it would be under the conditions of a regular betting site. The selection is added to the bet slip and struck.

That is how the Tote Winpot works across all of the races, both domestic and international.

But as already mentioned in this Tote review, the single bet is not the only option that can be played at

We will take a look at some other Tote products later in this review.

The variety is something that makes Tote betting very popular, especially when it comes to taking on the favourites in races.

There are often great cases where there are more favourable odds on a selection than on fixed-odds betting.

To collect a win from a Tote Win, the selection has to come in first. Collecting on a Tote Place bet depends on how many runners there are in a race:

  • If there are between 5 and 7 runners, your horse must finish 1st or 2nd
  • If there are between 8 and 15 runners, your horse must finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd
  • If the race is not a handicap and has 16 or more runners, your horse must finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd
  • If the race is a handicap and has 16 or more runners, your horse must finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd of 4th

Claim your Tote sign up offer *

Tote £20

  • Welcome bonus offer available at Tote
  • Wide range of horse racing products
  • Jackpot products like Scoop6

Bet £5 Get £20 in Free Bets

Key T&C: PNew customers online only. Place your first bet on racing pools for a minimum of £/€5 and win or lose you will receive £/€20 Tote Credit. £/€20 Tote Credit rewarded as £/€10 redeemable against racing bets only and £/€10 redeemable against UK and Irish placepot bets only. Tote Credit cannot be withdrawn, exchanged, or substituted and expires after 7 days. Qualifying bet is the first racing pool bet added to the bet-slip. Ten to Follow, virtual and football bets do not qualify. Totewin will be the qualifying bet when a Totewin and a Toteplace bet are struck at the same time. UK & ROI customers only. 18+. Full T&Cs apply. Full T&Cs Apply.

Note that no Tote Bonus Code is needed for the welcome bonus sign up in the UK.

Tote Racing Products Preview


An Exacta is a type of exotic bet where naming the first and second horses to finish in a race is required. There are three ways to play an exacta, a straight, reverse or combo.

A straight exacta in Tote horse racing betting is where the two horses picked for an exacta have to be in the right order.

A reverse exacta means that the two picked horses can finish in either position.

Then there is the combination exacta where for example, three horses could be selected and from those, two of them would need to fill the first two finishing places in a race.


The Trifecta in Tote online betting is backing the horses that will occupy the top three finishing positions in a race.

As with the Exacta, there are three different ways to place a Tote bet, a straight, a Banker or a Combination bet.

The straight means that the tough prediction of the first three finishers in order is made.

A combination is where the three selected horses can finish in any order within the top three. So that’s six potential combinations of outcomes.

The Banker is locking in the winner and then selecting any other number of horses to finish second to the banker.


A Tote Swinger is a bet which covers a couple of selections in a race.

If the two nominated picks get themselves into the top three in the race, then a share of the Pool for that race will be collected.

More than two horses can be picked in a Tote Swinger if wanted.

The more selections that are added to the bet however the bigger the stake will be.


The Tote Scoop 6 is one of the best-known features that the operator offers.

This Tote online product operates on a Friday and Saturday and each day nominated six races.

The challenge for the punter is to pick all six winners of those races.

An entry to the Scoop6 costs £2 per bet.

Any players who successfully get all six winners in the day’s contest will take a share of the pool, or the entire pot if they are the only one.

Any winner of the Tote Scoop6 gets a shot at a bonus as well.

That is because they get to play on a special bonus pool effort the following week and have to pick a winner in a specified race.


The Tote Placepot applies to the first bet of the day, and it’s been a long tradition of British racing.

To be successful with a placepot, the punter has to select a horse to place in each of the first six races at any UK, Irish or selected international meeting at

It is a very popular type of bet.

It is possible to select more than one horse for each race, but that will bump up the amount of stake that would be needed.

There is a minimum 10p stake per line but the total stake of the bet has to be at least £1.


At a pre-chose Tote Jackpot meeting, something that is offered every day at, punters can have a shot at a minimum £10,000 prize pool.

What is needed from the punter is to pick the first six winners at the nominated meeting?

The Minimum stake is £2 for a Tote Jackpot bet and more than one horse could be selected for each of the races.

Again, any time that perms come into play then the stake goes up.


There is something called the Tote Superpools that punters can play at as well.

The Superpools are exactly what they sound like. Super sized pools that the operator offers for certain big meets. They have done it for Royal Ascot for example.

For a Tote Superpool, they are aligning with betting jurisdictions from around the world, which means that bettors from all over the globe can get into action into one pool.

All of those players from different global regions can play into the one single pool, which can lead to multi-millions pound betting bonanza’s for Tote betting.

Think of the likes of punters from Australia, USA, France and Hong Kong boosting the action in a single pot.

Tote first introduced the idea of the Superpools at the 2019 Royal Ascot and they followed it up the following year.

There was a massive £92 million bet in the Royal Ascot pools for 2019, just to get an indicator of how popular and how massive this can get.

The Superpools at Tote offer the Win and Place markets, but they also go for certain Exotic bets as well, like the Tote Swinger, Exacta, Trifecta and the Quinella.

The idea behind it all for the punter perspective is that having such massive pools means that punters who do throw big stakes in, will have less of an effect on the dividend of the Tote for those playing smaller stakes.


The Quadpod is another of the popular products at

The quadpot is a product where a punter picks a horse to place in races three to six at any meeting.

So to take part in this it would need a bet to be placed before the third race of the meeting that day in question.

To get a Quadpot bet down players can visit the Tote Quadpot section and choose which meeting to bet on.

Doing so will direct you to the first racecard for that bet.

More than one selection can be added to each leg of the Quadpot if you want to perm things, but that will involve more stake.

Odds Comparison/Betting Margins

Odds Comparison/Betting Margins

One of the big questions that come up with the Tote bookmaker review, is whether or not there is a better value than fixed odds.

The consensus, although of course it’s not set in stone, is that Tote offers more value, especially on underdog selections.

The odds that are found in a fixed-odds operator, they are set at the discretion of the bookmaker.

That includes the margin that they put into odds. So if there is a heavy move by punters to one horse in a race, the bookmaker will cut the odds.

With the Tote betting, the reflected odds that are seen, are dependent on how the money goes to certain horses.

So if Horse A has had £30 in total placed on it, the total Win Pot will be divided by 30 to get the odds for that horse.

A horse which has £100 staked on it, the Win Pot will be divided by that amount to set the odds for that horse, which will naturally be shorter than the horse which had only £30 staked on it.

So there is value to be found in Tote betting.

In their terms and conditions, they cite 19.25% as the pool deduction rate on a Tote Win (The net pool is therefore 80.75% of the gross pool) and on a Tote Place that is 20%.

That will be their cut for running the operation, akin to a bookmaker margin.

Again, this is a form of betting where taking on the favourites tends to be a popular approach. That’s true of selections even on products like the Scoop6.


The Tote offers a great variety of horse racing bets. There are some superb alternatives to fixed-odds through Tote betting.

The operation of Tote betting is really easy to pick up.

For beginners, it’s easy enough to stick with the Win/Place options and then build on from there on the tougher exotic picks.

But even within them, options like the Quadpot offer a decent product.

The upshot of the Tote pools is that small stakes can be applied towards trying to win a big return. The Scoop6 offers huge prize pots at times as small as a £2 stake.

So even though the Tote UK sportsbook is just essentially racecards and nothing else, for racing fans, it has a lot to offer.

That’s based on our experience of the site, which looks great, is easy to navigate and has plenty of clear guides to help guide players.

Tote sign up bonus, free bets & current promotions 7/10

Tote sign up bonus, free bets & current promotions

There is a Tote welcome bonus. Register for a Tote account, then place your first bet on racing pools for a minimum of £5 and receive £20 in Tote Credit, redeemable against racing bets only.

The refund from the Tote bonus offer will be returned as free bets. The maximum refund from the offer is £20, matching your stake

To take part in the Tote promotion then there has to first be a bet on racing pools. Win or lose you will receive up to £20 in Tote Credit, redeemable against racing bets only.

Read the full terms and conditions on Tote on how to use the bonus. There is no Tote bonus code needed for the offer.

Key Terms & Conditions
Key T&C: New customers online only. Place your first bet on racing pools for a minimum of £/€5 and win or lose you will receive £/€20 Tote Credit. £/€20 Tote Credit rewarded as £/€10 redeemable against racing bets only and £/€10 redeemable against UK and Irish placepot bets only. Tote Credit cannot be withdrawn, exchanged, or substituted and expires after 7 days. Qualifying bet is the first racing pool bet added to the bet-slip. Ten to Follow, virtual and football bets do not qualify. Totewin will be the qualifying bet when a Totewin and a Toteplace bet are struck at the same time. UK & ROI customers only. 18+. Full T&Cs apply.


Another Tote bonus offer that is available in the Tote Guarantee.

What this means is that they will always payout at least the SP on Win bets.

So in situations that arise where the Tote dividend is actually greater than the SP, the payout will be a bigger amount.

The notable feature about the Tote Guaranteed is that it is available on all UK racing on

So they will boost the winnings to match at least SP, but you’ll get the higher payout when Tote beats the SP.

The Tote Guarantee offer applies only to Win pools, so bets struck into the Place pool won’t qualify. It will also apply to the win part of an each-way bet.

Tote Guarantee is available on all UK races, seven days a week, all year round.

This includes Northern Irish courses Down Royal and Downpatrick, but not other Irish courses operated by Horse Racing Ireland.

Key Terms

We’ll always pay at least SP on Win bets and if the Tote dividend is greater, we’ll pay out at that price.,, Tote App and selected UK racecourse customers only. Promotion applies to Tote Win and win part of each way bets on all UK & Irish races. Staking limits apply. Full terms and conditions available at 18+.

You can read full T&C here. 18+. Please Gamble Responsibly.

Extras & features of Tote 7/10

Extras & features of Tote

There are extras around the Tote UK website that can further enhance the experience that is available there.

There are nice additions to Tote online betting.

We will break down some of those features in our next Tote sports betting review.

Virtual Sports

A newer feature of the Tote is the Virtual Sports section that they have launched. Tote virtual sports focuses on yes, horse racing.

One of the big differences between real life racing and virtual racing is that in the latter there is no form to consider.

Races come and go at a rapid rate in Tote virtual sports betting. They are computer generated races, with randomly generated results.

So it’s a game of chance really and it is little more than picking out the horse of your fancy from the set field of virtual runners.

Each of the virtual runners in the field for Tote virtual betting, do have odds applied of course.

Those odds are based from a percentage on the random number generator wheel.

What that basically means is if the favourite is selected, then your chances of winning the race will be higher, but it will mean lower odds.

Odds will not vary in virtual horse racing at Tote.

The virtual betting at Tote can only be accessed when you have done a Tote login. There is a dedicated section there for the Virtual Sports at Tote uk.

So again, some appeal for punters could be in the simplicity that it offers and that there is a new Tote virtual race every two minutes.

Ten To Follow

The Ten to Follow feature at Tote is a competition. It is a season-long competition that goes throughout the whole of the jumps of the flat season.

It is something akin to picking a fantasy football team.

Instead, you pick a stable of 10 horses and when those horses win or manage to place in any race, points are accumulated. It is £5 to enter a stable and punters are not limited to just the one entry.

But there is a free version of the Ten To Follow competition which has a £10,000 prize pool.

For the paid version there is a minimum prize pool of £250,000 and in that 70% of the pool goes to the winner and the rest gets shared out in grades down to the 100th position at the end of the season.

There are monthly prizes for both the main game and the free Tote Ten To Play feature.

The winner of a competition is simply the person with the most points at the end of the campaign. That is who will win the big share of the £250,000 minimum prize pool.

Full Terms & Conditions apply. 18+. Please gamble responsibly.

Tips and More

There is a lot of information to find on the Tote website, like news features as well as tips. They deliver horse racing tips from around them every day and give previews for meetings.

In the Tote Racing Scene section of the website, there are insights, interviews as well as a weekly horse racing quiz to size up as well. So there is plenty for players to look at.

Tote Live Streaming

As this is a racing betting site, then the streams are all racing related. This is an area in which Tote really packs a punch. They offer a live racing stream for all international racing for starters.

Tote stream all international racing and the requirements to access them are open to all customers because they can be watched without placing a bet.

All that’s needed to watch an international racing live stream, is that you simply need to have deposited to your account once. Things are a little different when it comes to watching the UK racing stream.

For a Tote racing stream for a UK or Irish race, then to access that you will need to have placed a bet on that race. Single race bets will be enough to activate the on-site stream.

If you have a bet which has multiple legs in it, then all of the legs of that bet will have a live stream activated for it, while your wager is still live. That will be with the minimum £1 stake.

Tote Statistics/Scores/Results

Racecards that have had completed races will still show on the day’s racing list.

It will simply switch to the results when you click on a link.

The have a new range of betting pools available from 4 am, kicking off with the international scene.

There is a quick Results link in the top horizontal menu to get to the race card if you are looking for a result.

You can filter options as well, such as the legs for a multi bet.

Tote payment options - deposit and withdrawal methods

Tote payment options - deposit and withdrawal methods 7/10

The wallet at your Tote account is found up in the “View Account” tab which is on the top right-hand side of the site.

That is essentially your wallet and the main options in there are Add Funds, Withdraw and My Transactions.

That’s where all of your account operations like adding a payment card can be done

Also, there is going to be some form of verification happening on a Tote account for transactions to happen. That is for Tote to protect themselves and for the customer’s security as well.

For that, it will be an upload of documents confirming identities, such as a drivers licence or utility bill.

Next, let’s move on to how do a Tote withdrawal. Again you will need to do a Tote login to get to your account. Then go to the Withdrawal section menu link, enter your value of funds and withdrawal method.

Tote how long to withdraw is dependent on the method in question. On average it takes between 3-5 workings to have funds withdrawn from Tote to hit your bank.

That will depend on the bank that you are using to pull the money out to.

How to Make a Tote withdrawal

To make a withdrawal at Tote, clicking on the “Withdraw” button in the wallet. That can be found right under the Add Funds button in the account area, so it’s clear and easy to find.

This, along with any operations can be found under the Tote my account section of the site. Just perform a Tote login to get going.

Two payment methods are valid at and that is Visa and Mastercard.

As of early 2020 when new regulations were introduced by the UK Gambling Commission, credit card payments cannot be accepted.

Tote Deposit Methods:

Payment Option Duration Fee Amount
Visa und MasterCard immediately none £10*

Tote Withdrawal Methods:

Payment Option Duration Fee Amount
Visa und MasterCard 3-5 days none £10*

User-friendliness of Tote website 8/10

User-friendliness of Tote website

So on to a look at the user-friendliness of Tote for the next part of our Tote betting review.

Immediately upon landing at the website there is a very light and clean feel about it.

It’s just a basic, red white and black colour scheme. It’s simple to read and everything is spaced out well.

Naturally, because there isn’t a full cluster of other sports to perhaps clog things up on the website, what the designers of the Tote website have implemented is a nice, smooth listing of the day’s racing.

One of the very nice things about the Tote design is that you can see what features are available for a racecard.

That’s streaming and when markets are open for coverage on some of the prize pools that they have available.

It’s easy to filter between Trifecta and Swingers for example and so things are presented really well.

There is excellent information within the racecards themselves and all topped up with a quick, up to date results program.

They may only have horse racing available on there, but it is all done very well in our experience.

So if a punter was specifically looking only for some undistracted horse racing betting, then Tote checks a lot of boxes. As a side note, there is also a games section on the Tote website.

Tote Mobile App 6/10

Tote Mobile App

Does Tote have an app? No. There is no dedicated Tote app download, but there is a dedicated mobile website.

Apps perhaps are preferable because they are a little quicker to access and less heavy when it comes to data.

But the Tote mobile website feels pretty light and operational.

Because it’s basically just scrolling through racecards with not a lot else to do on the site other than striking your tote bets, the experience we had on the tote mobile website was good.

For some, this may be favourable because there is no app to search out and download. The mobile website version is pretty fluid and response and it was easy enough to jump on and do a Tote login.

Everything that we could do on the main website on the pc, it was just as easy to get it done on the mobile website version.

It was just solid, functional and it offered access to any of the live streams that they had available as well.

So all in all, in this case, with only the racing focus on the cards and nothing else, this website operation doesn’t miss out on not having a Tote app download.

The mobile site gets the job done without missing out on any features like the Tote Guarantee.

A Tote sign up can also be done on the mobile website if that is required.

Tote Customer Service & Support, Security & Reliability

Tote Customer Service & Support, Security & Reliability 8/10

There is a quick link to get to a FAQ section on the website, which is a good place to start. But it is perhaps a little basic in terms of extensiveness.

There is a Tote live chat that is available and the link to that persistently sits in the menu at the bottom of the website, where the bet slip can also be accessed from.

Another touch for Tote customer service when you open the Live Chat window there is a search bar in there which you can use to also try and find answers for yourself.

The Tote customer care team is available 7 days a week, every day of the year except for Christmas Day between 8 am and 10 pm.

There is a Tote telephone number which is 0800 032 8188.

There is also an option to contact them via email at [email protected] if that is your preferred method. We did notice how transparent and how easy all of their contact information was to find.

That was very refreshing. The Contact Us link at the bottom of the Tote UK website did it all for us. So they will score well in the bookmaker review for this section.

Our Tote review rating: 8 / 10

Overall / Conclusion

It has been a fresh new start for the Tote since being bought by the Tote Group UK and in our experience, there has been a positive result.

The simple and focused direction of only having horse racing available actually delivers a big experience.

If it was just regular fixed-odds betting, that probably would not have been enough to have it stand out.

But the fact that this is a site simply dedicated to the popular tote betting, then it does.

We would have liked to have seen a dedicated app on mobile just for convenience, but that’s a minor gripe.

It’s always worth remembering that is not a Tote sports betting platform at the moment, not in terms of offering anything other than racing.

It is solely racing products and markets that are available on the site.

Otherwise, this is a great option for an alternative platform for horse racing betting and it starts with the Tote new customer offer.

The website is good, the products like the Scoop6 are great and we have to say that we found the guides very understandable for anyone new to Tote betting which was an extra plus.