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Backgammon one of the classic board games in the world. This game like chess, is one of the mind games which needs a lot of strategy applied to it in order to achieve success. Not only does one have to worry about their own moves, but has to take into consideration counter moves to, as you try to get all your pieces home. You can split dice rolls, or take the full amount of both dice for one piece, as long as both dice moves are legal moves. You have the option to land on exposed opponents pieces, or double up on your own to keep them safe from attack.

There is a lot of money bet on Backgammon, as the stakes can change through the course of the game. This is a one on battle of wits, strategy and more often that not, nerves. 

Backgammon from the member of the table’s family, one of the oldest sections of board games is played between two players where the playing pieces are moved according to the roll of dice. The player who removes all the checkers from the board earliest is ascribed as winnerBackgammon is played in many forms.

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Though the game of luck is played, however, there is very large scope for strategy in the game of Backgammon.
Along with the each roll of dice a player needs to play wisely from numerous options for moving his checkers anticipating counter moves from the opponent. Backgammon being a board game like chess was read by computer scientists keenly and thus resulted in backgammon software even capable of beating world-class human players.

The primary motive of backgammon game is to remove one’s own checker crossing the opponents than to remove them from the board. Being the playing time short for each individual the game is played in matches and player reaching certain level of points is declared winner.

On the board of backgammon there is found 12 long triangles called points. Points connected across one edge of the board in form of house shoe are numbered 1 to 24. In game each player moves their checkers in opposite direction from his own 24 point towards his 1 point. Thus this way the game of backgammon commences.
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