Euro 2012 Odds

Best betting odds for the Euro 2012

Euro 2012 Odds
Euro 2012 Odds clearly define the picture which is supposed to be play itself out this summer in Poland and Ukraine 2012. The feast of football, which sees the battle between sixteen teams all trying to be crowned European Champion, kicks off on June 8th with Poland v Greece and Russia v Czech Republic. So what are the bookmakers looking at for Euro 2012 betting? Well the betting odds in the Outright winner market are being dominated by Spain. This is no great surprise though, as they broke free of their 'chokers' label by winning the tournament in 2008 and then backed that up with a win in the 2010 World Cup final. With no issues or stresses plaguing them through qualification, Spain remain outright favourites to retain the title which they won against Germany in 2008. Actually after the group stage Germany overtook and are new favourites. England is listed on the 4th place behind Portugal.

Outright Odds for the Euro 2012

There is a head to head on the odds market between
Germany and Spain after the group stage. Germans are slightly in front with at 9/4 with Bet365, closely followed by Spain at 12/5. Seems like a repeatition of the last final 2008 is likely.

So Euro 2012 odds have the two front runners, and then there 4 teams with similiar odds hunting them Portugal, England, Italy and France. Those those nations are all trading from between 13/2 and 15/2 at Bet365 and they form their own little clique, with the outright winner odds. Two more teams are still in the quarter finals but the are given just Euro underdog odds. The Czeck Republic ranks at 40/1, but still a bit in front of the European Champion 2004 Greece at 50/1.

If you are pulling in a Euro 2012 sweepstakes then you have a one in eight shot of drawing the winning name out of the hat now. Seriously weigh up your Euro 2012 odds and you can narrow that field before a single ball is kicked in anger. Can a winner realistically come from outside of the Big 2? Stretch that out and can a winner come from out of the blue in the Euro 2012 betting odds?