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Football Betting

The vast majority of sports investors in Britain are betting on football. The true over-achiever also bets on the American stuff, but loyalists know that while there may be money in it the real stuff doesn’t need helmets or pads. Besides, why bother with all that when there are plenty of opportunities to be had betting on REAL football?

Each year, millions of bets are placed on the hundreds of matches that happen not only in the English Premier league but also in the European league and further abroad. The rise of online betting exchanges and online bookmakers has opened up the possibility to bet on everything from Chinese football to the neighborhood team. There really is no limit, and World Cup events are especially wonderful profit opportunities for the serious sports investor.

Most of the betting on football relies on a simple money line wager, although spread betting is becoming more popular, given a boost by the betting surrounding the 2006 World Cup. Money line betting has mass appeal given that it is quoted in relatively simple terms, and only requires that your team win the match. This is much simpler than horse racing quinielas or perfectas. A variation unique to football betting is betting that it will be a tie match, although this is less common.

Spread betting in football does take a less traditional route, given that only 2.8 goals are scored in the average match. Rather, the spread takes the form of betting at which minute a particular event will occur, or whether or not such and such player will do thus and so. To make money with this kind of betting on football it pays to be extremely knowledgeable about the team, coaches, and players. With the internet providing more detail than ever before about all three, it is easy to see why this is becoming more popular with serious bettors.

Growing in popularity across Britain, betting on football does have its opponents. Some groups refuse to dismiss it as a harmless bit of fun and point to the dangers of gambling, usually citing moral or religious grounds along with the potential for financial ruin. However, by knowing your personal limits and not getting too swept up in the game, you can make betting on football just another way to add excitement to the match. Naturally, it will be your shout for weeks if you win big, so you may want to do your betting online, but either way, enjoy the added thrill that a bet adds to watching the game.


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