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Betting Apps

Betting Apps

You are out and about on the go and fancy a wager. How to go about that quickly? Get your mobile betting app out! Betting apps are prominent now and while not every bookmaker has a dedicated app for their betting services, all of them will at least have mobile versions of their websites. These quick, simplified versions allow punters to quickly access betting markets.

It is worth taking a look at these apps and it is also worth noting that some of them come with their own bonuses offers as well. We have looked around at some of the most popular betting apps and their features.

iOS and Android

When you start looking around you may well find that some operators do have apps, but not for both platforms. So that is something worth taking into consideration. You are locked into whatever type of phone you have as after all, you are not going to change your phone just to get a particular betting app.

You will rarely find anyone walking around without a phone nowadays. Turn up at Premier League football matches on the weekend and you will see most of the crowd pointing their phones at the pitch trying to get a picture of their favourite player or a video of a crucial game moment.

With the majority of top clubs having betting partner deals (not necessarily shirt sponsors, but official betting partners) you can probably get push notifications right there in the ground, directed towards betting opportunities from whoever the betting sponsor happens to be. Technology has evolved.

A phone is no longer just a phone, it is less of a phone than anything else. It’s a game machine, a television, a camera and a technological Swiss army knife which does a bit of everything. You can load your device up with your favourite betting apps from your favourite bookmakers. Most will simply just direct you straight to the Apple Store to get the iOS version.

Google Play

It is not as straightforward when it comes to Android, because real money betting apps are a big grey area in Google play. So you can’t just jump on there and get the download. You will likely have to go directly to the operator’s website and download the apk file (you may have to allow installations from “unknown sources” on your device first). Then you can install the app.

Just for security reasons when betting on mobile, make sure that any app download comes from the actual operator’s website. That way you know that you will be getting the official product and not some rip off scam. Always protect yourself because you will be accessing your online betting account with all of your credentials, so need to keep that as safe as possible. Lock your phone too.

What are mobile sites?

Maybe the betting apps for sports isn’t available for your phone. What then? You can just operate a bookmaker’s service through their mobile site. What is a mobile site and how it will stack up against the best betting apps? A mobile site is a streamlined version of what you will see at a bookmaker if you were sitting in front of a computer.

Of course, there is a big difference between looking at a big 15” or 17” computer screen and a small mobile or tablet screen. So things have to be fluid on a mobile version of a website. It will be a simplified version to allow it to run quickly. You will see on most mobile versions the option to switch to “Full Site” and you will notice a big difference in loading and operation time if you are trying to load a full website and all its contents.

The big pro of mobile betting on a mobile website is that there is nothing to download. You can just jump straight on to a website, it will recognise that you are accessing it from a mobile platform and give you the right version. Therefore you will be able to quickly browse and getting your betting done. This again is going to be your option if a sports betting app from your preferred bookie isn’t available.

What is the best betting app?

Betting preferences are personal things. That is always really important to remember. A good fit for you is not going to be a good fit for everyone. That is why our betting apps reviews are just informational and are to be used to guide you to find one that does suit most, if not all of your betting needs while on the go.

Our betting experts have thought about questions like which is the best betting app and thought about the kind of features that would constitute one being the best. To that end, we have looked at things like functionality, availability and features, plus a whole bunch more to try and narrow down the field a little bit.

Also note the world of online betting is always changing. Bookmakers update and change their features in their betting apps, always looking to add some new bells and whistles to make their product stand out. Also, new bookmakers come along too, think the likes of 22bet, MoPlay and Guts and they too want a piece of the market.

Betting apps offer

You can expect to see bonuses and promotions at any bookmaker that you go and visit a website. Betting apps will also have them available to use as well and some of them will have their unique offers too. Just, for example, it is not uncommon to see a special free bet offer appear exclusively on a bookmaker’s mobile app.

It is just another angle for them to try and offer punters a little extra value and of course, to get players to bet. But it is a nice feature being able to take advantage of betting apps offers. Just be sure to read any terms and conditions involved with them first so that you now that you are meeting things like stake requirements.

Sports betting apps

So there are plenty of sports betting apps available. All will operate slightly different as expected, because not all bookies run the same service. So while you are looking around for a bookmaker to sign up with, check out what mobile betting that they have available and what you need to do to get the compatible version.

Sports betting apps offer a tremendous amount of freedom and quick access. You are more likely going to have your phone on your person than be sat in front of a computer with spare time. You can just whip out your phone, open the app and quickly strike up a bet or check on the status of a wager that you have already played.

Functionality and Features of mobile betting

Functionality is a big part of sports betting apps. You want to be able to get around the different markets quickly. You want it to be easy to click the odd selection that you want and not have to try and be careful that you don’t accidentally hit the wrong thing because everything is too cramped tight on the screen.

Another thing to look for in a betting app is how quickly it loads. You don’t want to be twiddling your thumbs waiting for markets to come up. That leads us perfectly onto another aspect of betting apps, which is live in-play. Live in-play betting is such a huge part of online wagering now and it is made all that easier because of mobile betting apps. Again, a glance at your phone and you can see what is available.

Imagine that you are out walking down the street, you suddenly remember that a game has started. One of the big features on your bookmaker’s mobile app is access to live in-play bets. Just being able to stop for a minute, sit on a park bench, the train home from work or in a coffee shop and get quick access to your betting options in a wonderful thing to be able to enjoy.

Other big, popular features of mobile along with things like betting apps deals and offers, is live streaming. This is another huge feature that bookmakers provide to their mobile customers. Just as an example of that, bet365 delivers thousands of live streaming events every year including EVERY UK and Irish horse race. So with all that, you can bet and watch live streaming right on your mobile or tablet.

The Best Mobile betting apps – Top 10

This is just the result of our personal experiences in using mobile apps. There are course so many out there we encourage you to look around and not just settle for the first thing that you come across unless the first thing that you come across is so amazingly brilliant. Here are some of our top recommendations for betting apps.


The Bet365 app is available and it comes highly recommended. Not only is there such a vast variety of live streaming available, but the operation of the application is so smooth. You get all of the amazing markets, their strong odds, access to horse racing stats, tailored push notifications and something that we enjoyed immensely, Cash Out and Partial Cash Out options.


As expected Skybet have a pretty big presence and they deliver their excellent services so well on mobile platforms. Their mobile app gets a big mention for how good it looks because it’s so easy to read, so clear and quick to navigate around. They back it up with enhanced odds and odds boosts, you get all of that on the mobile version as well. You can also enjoy their superb RequestBet feature right from your fingertips. Bets through the SkyBet mobile app all count towards the Sky Bet club too and you get other features like cashouts.


One of the big reasons that we like the Coral mobile app is because of the Build Your Bet option. This is where you can go and pull together selections from different predetermined markets to build your bet just the way that you want it. You can also collect a separate mobile app bonus at Coral in a welcome offer and another of the top features that we liked is their live streaming, which delivered so many sports including racing. We noted it as being one of the best betting apps for horse racing.


Even though they are one of the newer operators available, the notable thing about MoPlay is that they are very much geared towards being a mobile betting platform. A specialist of the mobile betting app world if you like. MoPlay have a cool vibe about them and that transfers well over to their mobile app. You get some great cash out and price boosts available there, as well as a bet builder. Despite being not as established as some of the major bookmakers on this list, we still highly recommended them.


22bet is another of the relative newcomers who have delivered a good mobile betting service. You can get an Android and iOS version right from the website so it’s a quick and easy download. After that, you can enjoy their highly recommended services like cash-out features, live in-play betting (which we like them a lot for) and the layout of the mobile app leads to great functionality.


BetVictor are one of the top bookie recommendations anyway and we found that there was a lot to enjoy with their mobile betting app as well. Notably their Build Your Bet feature is there and it’s a great tool. It’s so easy to use and fun to build your bets. There is great security on the BetVictor app and you get access to live to a stream of horse racing when you bet on the mobile device. The superb market variety and a great interface for live in-play betting add up to such a good service.


Betting exchange Betfair pack so much into their mobile app, it is a standout performer for us. You can just get all the advantages of those odds from the exchange right at your fingertips and that alone gives it a high ranking. You throw on some extras like same game multiples, daily offers, their each way edge tool, and a mobile welcome bonus then you are on to a good thing. The best in-play function is fantastic and operates quickly. You get Face ID on iOS and Apple Pay too.

William Hill

Hills are one of the oldest and most established bookmakers that there is. They are also one of the biggest and you would expect nothing less than a superb mobile service from them. There is so much going on at the William Hill mobile app but fortunately it all runs quickly. There’s nothing that slows it down to make it hard to use. It is a superb service especially for picking up things like betting boosts and flash odds to try and add a little extra value to your wagers. Cash in is available as well as their YourOdds and full access to WHTV for live streams, it’s all there.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power are so well known for all of their bonuses and promotions that they throw out there. They are a very feature-heavy operator and as well and you get all of that right on your phone. You aren’t left short of anything. There’s their massive, extensive sportsbook to start with and the app is very fast to use. You get access to their money back special promos and you can also apply the bets placed through the mobile platform towards the Paddy’s Records Club to earn those free bets.

Best Accumulator Betting App

We have to throw Ladbrokes into the mix as well, not as an afterthought, but just because there are so many good mobile apps for betting available. Ladbrokes deserves its place no the list because they are feature-packed including having their live streaming service available, cash out options, odds boost and their popular #GetAPrice. Another top feature that they have is the Best Acca Around feature making the Ladbrokes app one of the best for accumulator betting.