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Betting Books

There are two main books to be aware of in the betting world. This most important of all betting books is the sportsbook, where your oddsmaker is doing the math to offer you the chance to profit. The other books are sitting on the shelves of punters all over the country, containing the knowledge and nonsense of generations of punters past.

You won’t have many opportunities to peek inside the pages of a sportsbook. Oh, the odds will be published, but the formulas and margins are quite well guarded. Thus, you will do more to advance your sports betting career by picking up some of the leading betting books.

It can be hard to pick the leaders out from the masses, however. Wandering in to the local booksellers and you’ll likely be overwhelmed by the selection. In some areas there are entire walls devoted to nothing but the latest offerings.

A better option is to do some online research. What books do the members of your favourite betting forum recommend? What are professional sports investors admitting that they are reading?

You will also be better off buying betting books that were written by punters who’ve actually been there and profited from the experience, if you are looking for betting guides. Don’t simply buy something by a professional author. You will want to get the scoop straight from the horse’s mouth, not from a paid mouthpiece.

If you are looking for sports specific books, betting best-sellers may not meet your needs. Far too many have been written by has been athletes, so you’ll want to look for odds guides instead of memoirs. The exception is if you are looking to follow a specific team all the way into the finals, in which case player and coach biographies will give you emotional insights that could make a difference in your wagering.

Don’t let the prospect of dense books or old-fashioned formats put you off. If you could get everything you need to know about betting from the television, they would have a program on it. As it is, you will find that good betting books can give you solid insights into the game, the odds, and the usual outcomes that will keep you from being a fool who is soon parted from their savings. Set aside a little time and make the effort to hit the books – you’ll be glad you did.

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