Half-time goal stats – betting strategy ‘first half correct score’


Betting on Goals

Recently I advocated dividing league tables into 4 sections. Then when choosing your match to bet on, leave out of the reckoning any sides which were in the top or bottom five places.
Whilst checking results I found two different trains of thought which might be worth considering.

1. Instead of using the up-to-date league table it might well prove expedient use a league table which makes use of the last 6 games only.

2. A little more complicated. Use two tables instead of one. The first table will be based on the HOME sides form to date. The second table would be based on the AWAY sides form.
Still divide each table into four sections of five. Only consider games which involve HOME sides from the HOME table against Away sides from the AWAY table. Both sides in any match must be from the second and third set of five in their respective table.
Sounds a little complicated but it soon falls into place.


Going back, not many people would even have thought about the number of goals scored up to half-time. Almost every bet concerned only the final score. However, with the advent of Betting Exchanges all that has now change. For the better? I would say yes.
It’s now possible to bet at Half-time on many different outcomes. 1-2-X, the correct score or choose a team to win one half or the other.
The stats concerning such details needed to make an appropriate bet can normally be found on the internet.

The following may be of some use.

The 0 – 0 score has currently been evident in just over 28% of Premiership matches.
In total 45 of 159 matches have been scoreless at the interval.
Swansea and Fulham have yet to see a first-half at home, (8 games). Followed by Newcastle, (7 games) and Sunderland, Arsenal and Liverpool. (6 games).
Not surprisingly the four most popular scores, at half-time, are, 0 – 0, followed by 1 – 0 either way and then an all-square 1 – 1. These four scores take up  72.4% of all half-time scores.
The best of the rest, are 2- 0 and 0 – 2, both at 8.2%.
3 – 2, 2 – 3 and 3 – 3 have yet to happen.
The complete 1 – 2 – X is, Homes 46 Aways 44 and Draws 69.

Odds for just the first half of a match can be obtained at the Betting exchanges. Naturally they will be vastly different to full time odds but they can often give a pointer to how the whole game may pan out. This of course means a lot of work on the punters part.
Odds offered for half time result will give an indication of how the game is expected to progress. First check out the correct score prices on offer. In my opinion 3.00 or lower for 0 – 0 is a strong indication that the game will be tight. Or, is expected to be close. Time spent scrutinising the odds offered for the half time score will serve well for future games. As will the odds offered on the unders/overs markets. It’s worthwhile remembering that such odds are the layers assessment of the most recent form, for the teams concerned. So it will never do any harm to check-out the head-to-heads from previous clashes. It’s here that form upsets may well be indicated. This form of scrutiny can’t be beaten, often well rewarded over holiday periods. The time when form sometimes takes a holiday, itself.

Another way in which these stats can be utilised is when looking for a game which will end all square at half-time, with a view to trading in the second half of the game. This is not for the faint hearted tho’. Look for a game which you expect to be very tight. One where UNDER 2.5 goals is showing odds-on is ideal.
There are two ways to play this strategy.
1. Back 0 – 0 before the start at around 9.0. More if you can get it.
2. Back 0 – 0 before the second half begins.
Then this is where the brave part comes into being. You now LAY THE DRAW at regular intervals, beginning at 70 minutes.
Whether at five minute intervals or ten minute intervals, the choice is the backers.
An alternative to laying the draw at these times would be to lay 0 – 0.
In all instances of LAYING after 70 minutes the important thing is to get your staking right.

THE F.A. CUP Again.

The third round is almost upon us.
Will this year bring us another giantkiller like some of those from the past?
Teams such as Yeovil, Hereford, Bournemouth, Wrexham and latterly Barnsley, have put some of the big boys to the sword.
Will we see a repeat performance from one of the minnows?
Since the inception of the PREMIERSHIP, SIXTEEN of the NINETEEN finals have been won by just FIVE clubs.
One of these went to a replay, now however the tie must go to penalties if still level after extra-time.
The four who have farmed the finals between them are, Arsenal, Man. Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool.
When thinking about possible winners should we consider including Man. City and ‘Spurs? As a place in the top SIX of the PREMIERSHIP, is almost a necessary requisite of the WINNER these days.
At the present odds available it’s possible to back these SIX teams and assure a profit if, or should that be when, one of them does the business at WEMBLEY.
A profit of almost 40% is on offer at the present prices.

Well another year has come and gone. What will the next your bring to us all?
Will any of us make, and keep, our resolutions?
All serious punters should make and keep at least a few each.
Firstly, bet with the head and not the heart.
Never bet with money that could be put to better use. Only bet with money you can afford to lose.
Always keep a bet by bet record of all your wagers. review them regularly and find out where your weak spot is.
Finally, NEVER, NEVER, back or lay your own team. Too many people do and live to rue their choice.