Correct Score Betting System – Football Betting Strategies with Goals

Football Betting Strategies with Goals

Betting on Goals

I’m going to have a not too serious look at GOALS and their effect on games and bets.

Goals are quite naturally the lifeblood of any football match. Who scores. How many each team score and often very importantly when were they scored.
There are a myriad of systems and strategies which rely on goals being scored.
The first goalscorer and match final score comes to mind. This is probably biggest “come-on” where goals are concerned.
It’s hard enough to forecast either part of this bet never mind both. To add insult to injury, the bookie even squeezes the individual odds so that your expected returns don’t reflect the true odds for the complete bet. Not really a good proposition.

Correct Score Betting Strategy

The Correct Score bets do have a little bit of value about them, sometimes.
Most games have no more than three goals scored. Currently the Premiership stands at about 78% games with up to 3 goals.
That means there are ten possibilities to choose from.
So theoretically you are betting 9/1 against it happening. Or look at it another way, you would expect to get a correct score once in TEN games. Sounds reasonable enough until you factor in the fact that you need to choose the correct score for that one in ten.
Sounds easy, just try it.
A lot of punters think there is value in Correct Score doubles. I don’t think so but if you’re in it for a bit of fun, how would you go about it?
In the ten scores of up to three goals the odds might range from, say, 6/1 up to 25/1. It would, naturally, depend on the two teams playing. So how about choosing two games . One game to end on an even score the other to end on an odd score.
This would give you 24 doubles. At a miserly 10p per double it will give you an interest for maybe the whole of the two games.
For a bit of fun, it’s not too costly. Two scores at 9/1 would return £10.00. So one successful double every four bets but just about break even.

Over / Under Betting Strategy

Back to the more serious side of things. Match scores again count in Over / Under bets.
The most popular of these bets is when dealing with the 2.5 goal mark.
At present there is very little between either side of the bet in the Premiership. Unders being 46.8% of matches. A touch under 6% less than the Overs total.
So it does look as if it’s a case of “pay your money and take your chance”. Of course that doesn’t have to be the case. Do some research and check the scoring ability of both sides and their game HISTORY. There’s a lot to be learned from HISTORICAL data.
There are some leagues which really do cry out to be used for the UNDERS betting. Both TOP divisions of the FRENCH LEAGUE being ideal candidates. First Division boasting 58.3% UNDERS and the Second Division even higher at 65.5%. God those games must be BORING.
Only three leagues normally used for betting purposes by the majority of punters have higher than expected figures for OVERS. Scottish Division 2 with 64.9%, Dutch Eridivision 60.9% and Northern Ireland Premier League with 60.2%. These three leagues will give good coverage for the betting week-end.

Premier League sides worth considering for the Over / Under betting certainly vary in quality. Please remember that the percentage figures don’t show team scores but the score of the match. Who would think that Blackpool would head the table when at HOME (92.9%) AND the overall table (77.4%)?
The question of CLASS doesn’t appear to have any bearing on these figures. Only Man.Utd with 71% and Arsenal with 60% make the top six.
Where home games are concerned only team in the top-half of the Premiership to get into the top 6 is, again, Man.Utd. They make
joint 4th and 5th with Wolves with 66.7%.
The AWAY figures give a similar set of figures. This time Man.Utd have first place with 75% of their AWAY games going over 2.5 goals.
Arsenal make sixth place with 64.3% of games .
What to make of these figures? I can only say what I always advocate. Don’t just take them at face value. By all means consider that what has happened before will happen again. But also look beyond the  obvious and check the latest scoring ability of both sides and their previous meetings.

Correct Score Betting System

Yet another popular strategy is based on the current score and the likely final outcome. The earlier you enter the fray the more certain you must be not only of the outcome but also the final score.
My favourite is the “lite” version. Leave entry into battle until around 60 or even 70 minutes have elapsed. The big question now is which game(s) to bet on.
This is were your experience comes into play. If the match is still 0 – 0 you decide whether to go along with the current score and the next two possibles, i.e. 1 – 0 and 0 – 1. So you have the option of dutching either two or three scores. Obviously you will win more if you stick with just the two possibles. An alternative is if there is already goals on the scoresheet. You again have the option to dutch either two or three scores.
Say the score is 2 – 0 you can add it to the next two possibilities  which are either 2 – 1 or 3 – 0. If you’re convinced there will be at least one more goal then you dutch the two higher scores.  The beauty of this line of attack is that there is also the option to go further after the next goal is scored and cover the next two goals after that one. If you think it necessary. You just need to get your staking right.

The late goal syndrome seems to be an integral part of the game now. To find out just which teams are most likely to score these late goals will take a little research. This is my next Goal.

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