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Trixie Bet Explained

Trixie Bet - © Anatoly Maslennikov - Fotolia.com

What is a Trixie bet? It is one of those popular betting terms which many punters will have heard of, especially in horse racing betting circles, but one which may need a little explanation. A Trixie is a Full Cover bet, as it offers the punter full coverage on all combinations of multiples when three selections are taken. The Trixie is a precursor to a Patent bet, which is also a Full Cover bet built from three selections, but with one noticeable difference. Whereas the Patent takes into consideration the three single bets from your selection, the Trixie only looks a multiples. A Trixie is from the family of Full Cover bets which do not include singles. So this is something to consider when weighing up your stake and potential return. With a Trixie, you are essentially giving yourself some extra bets as opposed to just betting on three straight singles. Remember that you don’t have the singles in your Trixie, but it does include three Double Bets and one Treble bet. In order for your to get some kind of return out of your Trixie bet, you need a minimum of two winning selections from your three.

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Trixie Bet Calculator


How does a Trixie bet work?

Understanding just what is a Trixie bet, as well as other multiple full coverage bets, can expand your betting repertoire quite extensively. The allure of multiple bets such as a Trixie, is that they offer the potential of high profit for a relatively low stake. Let us look at a simple Trixie bet example where all three of your selection to build a Trixie from are priced at 3/1. If the dream scenario of all three selections winning came up, then you will be earning yourself over £100 in profit from your stake of a £1 Trixie. Remember that you are not betting on single stakes here, so your winnings would be calculated on three winning Double Bets and one Treble bet all at 3/1 each. The profit from multiple bets such as these can be seen in the Treble bet here, which would pay out £63 for a £1 stake as part of the Trixie. So there is the big profit for little stake.

It is important to remember that your stake will reflect all four bets in a Trixie, so you need to allow for four times the value of your unit stake. This means that if you were placing a £1 Trixie bet as above, then your actual stake would be £4 because you are taking full coverage of four bets all at a stake of £1 each. So weigh up the potential profit margins in relation to your total stake when looking at multiple bets. Again, the popularity with these multiples is the high return, but so is the degree of betting insurance that you get with them. Let’s picture in the above example of a £1 Trixie with all selections at 3/1, and seeing just the minimum two of your three selections winning. Instead of lading over £100, primarily because your Treble part of this bet would be a loser, you would still fetch a £12 profit on top of your £4 initial stake.

So there is a bit of buffer zone for your bet. Now, the insurance gets better if, for example, you had taken two 3/1 bets and one 7/1 bet. If one of the 3/1 bets had lost, but the longer 7/1 still came up trumps, you would be fetching in nearly £30 for two winning selections out of three, again from just your £4 stake. So Multiple Full Cover bets such as a Trixie can be very lucrative when played right. Most punters like putting in a banker at lower odds (a bet you can rely on as the cornerstone of your Multiple) and then look for the other selections at longer odds to really gun for profit.


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