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So what is a combination bet? Well this is a getting together multiple bets on a series of selections. The idea behind a combination bet is to reduce the risk while maximising the potential gain that you could get back. There is a big advantage because of the coverage as opposed to a regular bet on a single, double or accumulator. That is because it doesn’t require all of the selections in the wager to win in order to return something.

Let’s look at this like this. You fancy Manchester City to win their game on Saturday and you have a 12 stake to play. But instead of placing that entire steak on City, you could split it up, and have a 4 stake on Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea all to win their matches on the day. Why would you do that? It is because if you had staked the entire lot on Man City and they failed to win their match then you would have been out of pocket. However if they lost and both Liverpool and Chelsea won, then you would get something coming back.

How does a combination bet work?

So from your initial stake, you would have cut down the risk on your capital outlay. There are many different types of combustion bets, and they all have names that you will probably come across. There is the Yankee, the Super Yankee, the Lucky 15, the Patent and the Canadian for example which are all combination bets because they offer a variety of bets that could happen from the number of selections in them. Let’s break them down to paint a clearer picture of a combination bet.

One important difference to understand in types of combination bets is the one between a Full Cover Bet and a Full Cover Bet with Singles. The former only builds doubles, trebles and accumulators from selections (examples are Trixie, Yankee, Canadian, Heinz) and don’t cover the single selections. Betting options like the Patent and the Lucky 15 do the same job but they expand the coverage by also having the single wagers on the selections as well. This obviously requires a larger outlay of stake because of more bets being combined from the selections.

This is the most popular of combination bets because it needs just three selections. From those three selection you have four wagers (one treble and three doubles). So if at least two of the selections win, then you will have returns.

Like the Trixie this combination bet has just the three selections, but it covers seven bets as opposed to four because it has the three singles, one treble and three doubles. You would only need the one win to return something.

Four selections will be turned into 11 separate bets (6 doubles, 4 trebles and fourfold accumulator). You would need to have two selections at minimum to win to get something back.

Lucky 15
Like the Trixie, this is one of the most popular types of combination bets around and you will see it heavily used on horse racing. You have four selections but with 15 separate bets in it. Basically it is a Yankee with the four selected singles bets thrown in.

Combination Bet Calculator


The quickest way to figure out what returns you could be getting is just by using our combination bet calculator. That cuts down a lot of the leg work and helps you assess the value of your wager. Always remember that you have to go Stake x Bet Selections as an outlay. So if you wanted a £1 stake on a Yankee then that would be an £11 stake (as a Yankee is a combination of eleven bets).

So there you have the combination bet. They have big value over an accumulator for example because of the extra coverage that you get by having combinations of bets. The downside is that you are spreading the bets then you will be looking at a reduced payout.

Just to highlight this, a 15 x £1 stake on a Lucky 15 (15 bets) with selections at 8/11, 3/1, 10/11 and 2/1 would return £158.45 if all four selections won. If you had put that £15 stake on a straight fourfold accumulator which won at the same odds, then you would have returned £578.55. So weigh up your risk and reward and consider those combination bets.

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