1326 Betting System – Review and Advice

A simple positive progression system

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There is a gambling system called the 1-3-2-6 system which is usually applied to table games like baccarat and roulette, but the same principles of it can be translated over into sports betting. It will need a little patience in being able to shop around for even money odds selections. That is because the system is based on doubling up. Also, because you will want to increase your chances of winning, you will be better off finding them on events which have only two outcomes as opposed to three.

Paroli Base

The 1326 system is based on the Paroli System. The Paroli System is where you target even money odds options and then follow simple rules. After setting a base stake, all of your subsequent bets are placed off of that. So if your base is 5 and your first bet wins, you double your stake for the second bet. If that bet wins then you double the stake to 20 for the third bet. However, if the third bet wins that is where you stop and go back to the start instead of playing larger stakes. So the system targets small regular wins. Anytime a bet loses you go back to the start with your base wager. See more about the Paroli System here.

1326 Betting System

Like the Paroli, the 1326 Betting System is a positive progression system. Also, like the Paroli system it is a pretty straightforward one and you just need to stick to the rules. The whole point of betting systems, which you have to remember are never going to be perfect, is planning and control. You have a plan before betting so aren’t going to get swept up in placing emotional bets. Remember though when you are looking at any game of chance, be it roulette or the outcome of a soccer match those results are not perfect and even betting systems cannot guarantee you wins.

A betting system simply helps you formulate a plan and perhaps the bigger feature of all is being able to manage your bankroll. That is because you know ahead what is coming in the different scenarios. So what, you may be asking, is the 1-3-2-6 about in the name? It refers to the amount of units placed on each bet, all based on your original base amount.


For the 1326 Betting system, you are going to target even money odds. That is because of the outcome of doubling up on your stakes when wins occur. This would be the same as if you walked into a casino and bet on either red or black on the roulette wheel. So along with the even money odds, the other thing that is needed is your base stake.

Always stay within your bankroll and remember that you are going to need a bankroll in order to do this system. That is because if you have a streak of losses you are going to need to fund future bets. For example, if you are only playing with a 100 bankroll and you decide to put 75 as your first bet, that leaves you with not enough bankroll left to play through the rest of the steps in the system.

1326 Betting System

Step 1
For this example, we will use a 5 stake as our base. Place that on an even money option and if the bet wins then you will have 10 because you will have doubled your stake. If that first bet loses you simply start again with the base stake.

Step 2
If your first bet wins then you need to next make another base stake and add it to what you had from the first bet. You had 10 from the first bet so add that to a new base stake of 5 and you are placing a 15 stake on the second bet (once more at even money). So this is where we are following the system of 1-3-2-6. The 1 is the base stake. The 3 is having trebled that initial base stake.

Step 3
If that second bet wins you will have doubled your 15 stake to 30. Now looking at the format of the betting system of 1-3-2-6 the next step is a two. So you are only placing two unit stakes, so 10 on the next even money bet which leaves you with 20 in your pocket.

Step 4
For the example, you are on a hot streak and that bet wins, so you have doubled that 10 to 20. The next step in the system is a 6 so that means you need to play six times your initial base stake. So that is a 30 stake you are playing. All that you are doing though is adding to what was left on the table from Step 3 to make that stake.

If that fourth step wins then you will have doubled the 30 stake to 60 and that is where the cycle of the system ends. If you get through all of that then take the money, stick it in your pocket and go back to the start.

The breakdown

So with this system, the actual risk in terms of outlay is pretty low. You will only have made two 5 unit stakes (Step 1 and Step 2) and the return at the end of it all will be 60 because everything else being wagered comes out of the winnings that you are making from the bet.

Assessing the losses

So the dream, of course, is winning all four bets in a cycle, but that’s not going to happen every time. That’s unrealistic to think it is going to do so, no matter how confident you are in your selections. So let’s take a look at what happens in a cycle when the losses happen.

Step 1: If your first bet loses then you are out of that 5 base stake. You start over.

Step 2: If you lose here you will have lost both the 5 stake from Step 1 and the 5 stake from Step 2. That’s 10 of your money gone, even though you will have placed 15 in stakes in total across the two bets, as the other 5 will have been what was returned from Step 1.

Step 3: If your first two bets have won but then things go south on Step 3 then you will be up. Remember that the only stakes out of pocket happen on the first two steps. Step 3 is placing two unit stakes from what has been earned, so a loss here means that you will have put up 10 of your own money (5 each for Step 1 and Step 2), and as you will have won 20 from the first two steps so that would leave you 10 ahead.

Step 4: It’s all going well and then it loses here. But if the loss happens on that fourth bet, then in total you will have broken even. The minimum that you need to get to in the bet is Step 3 as that will return winnings. The big outcome would be from the double or nothing risk that you take on the fourth step.

In Summary

It is a simple enough betting system to learn but one of the key features of it is that you have to make it to three wins to get anything back from a cycle. But the real target is four straight successes which isn’t an easy thing to pull off. The best advice is to learn it first, and at least try it out with small stakes to see if it is something that works for you.