Basketball Betting Online

Types of Sports

Basketball betting is one of the most well-loved betting event. A Basketball bet is actually so simple to make and basketball betting lines are available everyday for regular season games, playoff action, and tournaments.

Generally, basketball bets are almost the same with football bets, where in underdogs for every game and point spreads for handicapping the favorites are used. In terms of the sportsbooks, usually such stuff would require 35 minutes for college basketball, while 43 minutes for NBA events.

Common Kinds of Basketball Bets

Straight or Point Spread Bets

Normally, the team wagered on should win by the point spread given at the instance the bet is actually set. Hence, the odds are $1.10 to win $1.00 or -110 except otherwise specified.

However, point spreads may fluctuate at any moment due to changing events that most of the time take place.

Money Line Bets

Just like in Straight Bets, the team wagered on must eventually win the game or event. What’s more, the amount that bettors place or get hold of for every game or event may indeed alter any time.


In this kind of bet, punters should bet on whether the real combined scores of the two teams will either be over or under a particular preset number called total. Generally, all totals lay $1.10 to win $1.00, except otherwise specified in a certain game or event.

Half-time Bets

In half-time bets, all bets should go the full half for action, certainly on first-half and second-half. Normally, all half-time bets are computed the same as a straight bet except otherwise specified.

Basketball Betting Tips

Observe Line Moves

Always have a close eye on line moves. Remember, if a line move happens in favor of one team and the public is on the other side, this may suggest sharp action and may be a good game to flap.

Make a Firm Bankroll

As much as possible, establish a bankroll and stick to a money management system. And then, don’t ever bet more than 2-3% of this bankroll on any one play or event. Betting 2-3% won’t work at all.

Don’t Barely Rely in Trends

In any betting event, it is important that you never put too much faith or barely rely in trends. Such trends are actually fun to read, but what happened in the past most of the time doesn’t have much bearing on what is going to happen in the next game events.