Following newspaper tipsters

Best Strategies for Betting

There are large numbers of people who follow the press when it comes to Horse Racing. They do this for one very important reason and this is that they want to have a short cut way of finding a horse that is capable of winning the race. This all follows on from what are the two greatest emotions and tendencies in people who punt and they are greed and fear. Greed makes people want to make money as quickly as possible and fear makes punters not want to lose. So the end result is that many follow tipsters simply because they do not have a mind of their own or they do not have the capability to analyze a horse race.

So what many of them do is to follow newspaper tipsters in the belief that this will be a short cut to profits. However this path is not the path to riches as many think for one simple reason. Usually the newspaper tipsters of the tabloids and other such newspapers are handicapped by being forced to find selections on every single race. The average race takes so long to analyze that analyzing every single race on every day is impossible! So the tipsters fall back on default selections or selections based on minimal analysis.

It is also true that some tipsters have successes over entire seasons but in my mind then this is nothing more than variance in most cases. Every season there will have been a tipster who has performed better than anyone else and suddenly many people think that this is the guy to follow. A certain tipster could have had five winners at a certain meeting and suddenly the tabloid advertises the fact and everyone thinks that this is the way to make money.

However there are some people who take this process to the next level and cross reference tips from leading tipping services. They do this to find common opinion and then attempt to find the best price by ploughing through numerous betting sites. Usually though, most professionals do not place bets on every race and quite often they can go several days without making a bet. This is in stark contrast to the tipster who is tipping every race.

So my advice is that if you want to follow a certain tipster then I would only follow the ones who have proven track records. But even if a tipster has shown a long term loss, this could well disguise the fact that they may do very well in certain situations but yet those situations have been masked by the handicap of being contracted by their employers to find too many tips. So it is certainly no surprise then that many tipsters fail to deliver long term profits and especially from the major tabloids.

However there are some professional tipping services that do quite well but caution needs to be exercised here also. This is because the fee for the service often fails to overcome the net profits based on percentage of turnover which means that the punter usually has to bet to a certain level to make it pay and that may be a level that they don’t feel comfortable with.