How to make money online betting

Best Strategies for Betting

It’s what we all want. To rake in the millions on that one cool bet which changes your life forever.

This does happen and there are some astounding examples further on, but while not everyone hits the jackpot, you can earn some steady cash by following some rules.

So read on, for some sensible – and frivolous – tips for making money betting online.

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Become a Record Keeper

Ok, it’s not exciting or glamorous, but keep notes. Make sure you look at past wins and defeats and keep a record of your own wagers to spot patterns – in your head just won’t do.

While you might think you’ll remember the details, chances are you’ll have forgotten in a few days unless you write everything down, ideally in an e-format so you can produce your own statistics. Yep, you’re now a statistician too.

Following tips from others can be a great way for making money online betting, but by creating the ability to make your own, you’ll be able to ascertain confidence percentage by yourself, and those are the tips you can really trust.

Playing The Market

Check out the betting market options. Any possible outcome in a game may be listed, with corresponding odds, so if you have expert knowledge of particular player, team or weakness, this is your chance to take advantage and use your savvy to make some money. Or place a bet on how many goals total will be scored by both teams combined.

In this, the bookmaker sets a total goals figure while the punter wagering on whether the figure will go over or under this.

It’s an easy starting point and can be a good way of boosting your gambling income with little inside knowledge. Spend time on more obscure sports, getting to know your stuff and look out for random bets that may attract less attention or be less high profile.

Of course it goes without saying, if you want to make some cash, rather than just having a bit of fun, don’t just back the favourite. That’s a rookie error.

All or nothing

If you’re new to the world of sports betting – or even if you aren’t – you may have heard about accumulator bets and be enthralled with the tales of how to make money betting online. This method of betting has seen some winners well and truly clean up.

Back in 2017 a punter placed just £19 on an online five fold accumulator, taking home an eye watering £823000, the biggest ever payout on horse racing seen by Coral, the – in this case – unlucky bookie.

This story isn’t in isolation either. Later that same year a woman nabbed a cool £574,278.41 from a randomly chosen twelve fold £1 accumulator. It’s even more of a story given that she knew nothing of the teams, purely selecting the names she liked. But those pale into insignificance when compared to Steve Whiteley’s 2011 £1.45 million win, from just £2 on the nags.

Other lucrative long shot wins include £365,000 from a £100 bet, £170,000 from a £1 bet and a whopping £500,000 on a tiny 30p bet. That’s how to make money gambling.

Accumulate Some Resilience

To be sure of financial resilience, you can opt to place a stake on the smaller folds (i.e. the seven folds of an eight fold accumulator, or three folds of a four fold).

This way you can still get a return even when your selections don’t all come through and is the best option for those who like as close as possible a guarantee of a steady return.

Also, stay away from odds-on selections, they may be tempting, but you’re reducing your chances of an accumulator win.

This kind of betting suits fans of all sports and, like Marmite, you’ll most likely love it or hate it – so which will it be?

Wise Investments

Make your money go further by taking advantage of offers and bonuses from the online casinos.

Search under sportsbooks, as bonuses are often geared to certain games or types of gambling, particularly free spins on slots – no use at all for a flutter on the footie.

Shopping around in this field can prove lucrative, so if you don’t mind the hassle, scout out what’s current. Similarly, check out the odds on a few sites before placing your bet – you may stand to win more at one bookie than another.

Don’t be lured away by a great bonus scheme only to find that the payouts if you win aren’t as good – after all, a bonus only lasts so long, but great service and numbers that keep you happy are ongoing benefits.

If you’re a big spender, ask your bookie if they have any special VIP schemes or special treatment available – some lucky players have even nabbed trips to major events with hospitality included (ok, it’s not winning cash, but the value in freebies shouldn’t be underestimated).

Playing the Long Game

There are endless systems attached to the minutiae of how to make money online, that can be used and played – plus you can invent your own. However, here’s a golden rule: any system you find that promises guaranteed returns is definitely not legit. Over-optimism can lead to naivety and disappointment, so keep a level head and don’t forget to have some fun in the process.

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