In play football betting

Best Strategies for Betting

Football betting, or soccer betting is now one of the most avid punting mediums in the world. The game is so huge that the football World Cup is the biggest single sporting event on the calendar even rivalling the Olympics. When you consider that the Olympics is a collection of numerous sporting events where the spectators of one event may have no interest in another and when all said and done, football is part of the Olympic games as well.

Football is massive and will continue to be that way and this is also why football betting is really taking off now in running or in play whichever term suits your fancy. The high pitched adrenaline fuelled buzz of betting while an event is in progress is what generates the interest for punters. In this article I would like to offer some tips and also some caution for betting in play with football.

Firstly what you need to remember is that the feed that you get through your television may not be the same as those of other punters. Depending on where the match is being played and whether or not you are watching on terrestrial television or cable will all have an impact on how much delay you are getting from the actual event itself. I have sat and watched Champions League games on my computer that have been behind the actual match itself by as much as 30 seconds.

This is far too much to bet successfully and you need to condense this down by at the very least watching it on terrestrial television. The individual prices tend to fall in a layered fashion in running so if you are laying a team with the intention of backing them again when their price to win lengthens due to them either drawing or losing the match then keep in mind that the difference in prices during the opening minutes of the match will be almost insignificant.

Many punters who practice these methods tend to wait until the second half to do this. You will find that the prices move far more rapidly as the effect of a goalless minute of play has a far greater impact when the game is closer to its conclusion. Also the tactics of a match can be apparent by the second half and with it the objectives of the two teams. I have sat and watched games where after about an hour of play, both teams have almost stopped playing when a draw can be a mutually convenient result.

This can be a very profitable situation if you can analyze it correctly. Many football managers and pundits state that you cannot play for a draw for ninety minutes. I believe this in part to be true due mainly to the vast number of complex variables involved.

But yet if there are only 25 minutes to go and a certain match is level where a draw would satisfy both sides, then playing for a draw over a greatly reduced time frame when both sides and not just one are doing the same thing can be far easier to achieve.

It all comes down to game and situation selection and not just doing this blindly. Local derbies can be good games to choose as the local bragging rights are evenly distributed when two fierce rivals draw….a result that suits both teams. If you are going to place bets in running then do remember that your television picture may be behind. So don’t look to bet on a team for instance who are defending a corner as the ball is about to be put into the penalty area.