Knowing your players in golf betting

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Golf is one of those sports where you are well and truly on your own, sure you have your caddie with you who can be worth their weight in gold but the moment you address the ball and take that swing, the result is down to you. How are you swinging? How are you feeling mentally? Have you got that double bogey out of your system on the last hole or that annoying three putt two holes back?

In any sport that is individual in nature, players can be affected by pressure and all sorts of mental handicaps. The complexities of a golf swing are such that a player really needs a clear head to be playing to their optimal level. I have never bet on golf tournaments seriously but if I did then I would take a few steps that one professional punter took and that was to watch all of the golf that I could and golf betting can be exceptionally profitable for those who put in the necessary time and effort.

This includes recording tournaments and past events. In essence what he was looking for was in how players were swinging and putting. It often takes a skilled eye to know when something is wrong. This kind of reminds me of the way that one or two horse race professionals operate. They sit and watch races and watch recorded races all day and even all evening as well.

They look for signals as to how horses may be running, clues to their level of fitness and what tactics the jockeys are using on certain courses. It is all there for the trained eye to see but it does take almost a mastery of a certain sport to be able to do this. Looking at scores over certain rounds can be very indicative and also very misleading.

For example, seeing that a player shot a first round five under par round of 67 to share the lead may be incredibly misleading. This may indicate that he is playing very well and coming into form but a closer look at how he faired on each individual hole could prove far more revealing. For instance if he had to make a series of par making putts from six or seven feet then this is something that he is not going to be able to replicate over the entire four rounds.

This could indicate that this player has problems with hitting the fairway or is struggling with the rough or their approach play. Whatever the reason is, a closer examination could prove very revealing. Then when you throw in the odd eagle or a holed bunker shot, both of which would unlikely to be repeated on the following day then these are all indications that the following days score could be something closer to 75 than 65.

There is really no substitute for knowing the players and to know the players then you have to follow them. It is of little use reading about what someone else has said as most of the time they are just generalizing anyway. This may win the obvious statement of the year award but only one player can win a golf tournament.

The winner will be someone who has all parts of their game working in harmony. There will be numerous players in any tournament who are playing well and are in the right mental shape. This is not always reflected in individual round scores.