Liquidity of a Match and of the Market(s)

Best Strategies for Betting

One thing that must always be kept under scrutiny is the LIQUIDITY of a match and of the market(s) which you are trading in. In all instances were there is good liquidity you are almost certain to be matched. There’s nothing more disheartening than to put in an offer and not have it matched. Especially when it turns out that it would have been a successful trade. Keep to the better leagues and their cup competitions.

Strategies. What is a strategy?

There are no strategies that revolve round a strict set of rules or conditions as they would if they were SYSTEMS. A strategy is, under normal condition, something that grows and grows. As you use it match by match it can be changed or just slightly altered. An excellent example is the Lay the Draw. There must be about half a dozen versions. Some which are offered at a price. All have the basic requirements then are added their own personal twists and additions. The same can be done and is done, with every strategy known and will be the same with all strategies in the future. So if you have a favourite strategy, strip it down and then rebuild it. It will all be worthwhile to your bank balance.


A very popular strategy is one concerning correct scores. Based on the current score. The idea is to find a match which is running neck and neck around 70 to 80 minutes mark. It should be a match where there is something at stake. A couple of middle of the table sides playing a few weeks before the season’s end would hardly qualify. Having decided on a possible game the idea is to back the next two possible scores. e.g. Current score 2 – 1. The possible next score would be either 2 – 2 or 3 – 1. Of course if you fancy the game to be one of stalemate then back the 2 – 2 score. This strategy is ideal when you find a match in which one team has a habit of scoring late in the game. As with any strategy it’s there to be improved.

Only play with money you can afford to lose.