Live Betting Strategy of Jerome

Best Strategies for Betting


Here is my strategy: I bet on bet365, I think it got the bet live betting online. Here are my things, i bet on tennis matches. I take two god player or doubles or even a good player against a weak one and bet on the next game.

When you see the player is a gos server you can always bet on him when he is about to serve, the odds are not so big up to 1.5, but when you bet a lot of time in the same match you can make a lot of money. With to good player espesially on the senior tour, you get one or two breaks per match, they often finnich in tie break, you bet on both players when they serve and get wrong one time in 10-12 games.

I’ve made a 400% win on my initial stake.

The other things are the handball games, there are always periods when goals don’t come, then the under/over score falls down, when it’s really small you bet over and allways win.