Live In Play Football Betting Tips – Familiar strategies in foreign leagues

Best Strategies for Betting

While domestic football across most of Europe takes a break, it is a good time to kick back and find some other sources of picking up winnings on football betting. Check out your online bookmaker now and you will see plenty of football action happening from the across the globe, but it may not be immediately attractive to your wagering needs, because you are unfamiliar with the teams involved. That’s natural, because if you are Chelsea fan, you’re unlikely to be paying too much attention to the leagues in South America for example. So while football leagues and tournaments which you are not familiar with are all that you have to satiate your football betting needs over the summer, there are some good pointers which you could follow in order to continue trying to make profits during what could be described as your off season. Remember, that there are no guarantees in football betting and while you see matches listed from the Argentinean League for example, of which you may know nothing about, you may immediately think that you are even further out of your depth. But fear not, all you need is a few helpful pointers. There are great ways to explore football betting to fill the void of the domestic break, and with no summer international tournaments happening either, you can look to foreign leagues to pick up profits. One of the best ways to do this is through live in play betting. Here we present a guide of how to make the most of the live in play betting feature to help you during the off-season for football betting.

Football is Football is Football

It doesn’t matter if it is played in Azerbaijan or Zimbabwe, it is still football. The same game. You probably have your betting strategy planned out for online football betting which you are familiar with. Well, the good news is, those trends upon which you base your live betting on the Premier League for example, will stand up well in leagues across the world. That means you really don’t have to change much from betting on Premier League matches to matches from Australia for example. The same basic principles are at work. There will be strong favourites occupying the top of the league, and the basement dwellers who are struggling to pick up points. This means that somewhere in between all of that, there is some great profit to be picked up, if you play your live football betting cards right. There are just trends in football which come into effect most of the time, wherever in the world the game is being played, trends which can be exploited with live in play betting. Trends which we look at here.

Use Online Bookmaker Tools

Before you get going on foreign leagues, get help from your online bookie. What? Help, you say? Yes, online bookmakers will, more likely than not, have plenty of tools to help guide you along. Naturally the bookie doesn’t want you to win big, but they want you to play, so use what is available on their websites to your advantage. Look at Stats, where you can find valuable head to head information, league tables and recent scores. This kind of information should be readily to hand and these are very valuable. The more informed you are, the better your chances of betting smart will be, and so, the tools, often ignored or taken for granted, really are there to help. Because even looking at the league standings of a foreign league can give you an indication of where to head for your live betting. For what strong teams there are to look out for. Which middle table team is good for drawing matches? Who is on a streak in the form guide? It is a quick stop to get a feel for your betting in foreign leagues, which in the long run can prove vital.

Useful Live In Play Football Betting Trends

Because of the benefits of live in play betting pushing out the price on favourites, you can be in a strong position with live football betting if the underdog team scores first in a match. Let’s say Aston Villa are playing at home Manchester United at Old Trafford, and they grab themselves an early lead. That will immediately lengthen the odds on the favourites United, to what they would have started as. So this is your big chance at extra profit. So this is the perfect time to back Manchester United? Why, you ask, if they are losing? Because United would still stand more than a fair chance of not losing the match, if they conceded say in the first twenty minutes of the match (the earlier the underdog scores, the more chance the favourites will have to get back into it obviously). So, after falling behind, this is where you would expect the favourite in the match to step up their game, and somewhat inevitably get themselves back into the match. How often to United fail to grab something out of seemingly nothing, for example? Not very often. So while this is the prime time to back United outright to win in live in play betting, it is also worth taking something like a Aston Villa/United or Draw/United Half Time/Full Time bet if you think United will run out winners at the end of the match. Or a Draw/Draw or Aston Villa/Draw if you wanted a bit of coverage thinking that Villa may hang on to a point. This is the huge benefit of live in play football betting, the higher prices you can pick up on the same market you wanted to bet on to start with. So betting on United while they are behind, still requires the same outcome as if you had bet on United outright to start with. The thing about this, is that the strategy works for favourites in matches in other countries. As does the Red Card factor. Let’s say Villa and United are tied 1-1 then the Red Devils get a man sent off with twenty minutes to go in the match. What will the natural trend of this situation be? United get ten men behind the ball and defend for their lives. Because of this increase in defensive duties, this would be the perfect time to look into the Over/Under market. If a red card is shown in this instance, it is worth taking Under 2.5 Goals for example, simply because of the backs against the wall effort which United would put in. You would not get this opportunity to weigh up situations without the advent of live in play football betting. The flip side of this, is there is an early red card in the match, the chances of the other team scoring are increased.

Watch and Bet

This is very important, as you can get to judge how a game is panning out instead of just hoping that a win will come in whatever manner. The former has the chance of higher profit. Getting the flow of the game is so important, especially on matches where you aren’t familiar with the teams. Online bookmaker like Bet365 offer a fantastic array of live streams from across the world, and it really helps with your in play betting strategy. There is nothing like getting the feel for the game, because you can clearly see who is maintaining possession and who therefore is most likely to score. Can’t stress this enough, along with taking a look at stats. Watching live streams is the perfect partner for your live in play football betting. Feeling the game is such a major advantage.

A Live In Play Football Betting Example

We looked at Independiente v Lanus from Argentina in the list of forthcoming live betting fixtures. Not something many will instantly know about, as it is not like looking at a coupon and see Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur for example. Anyway, at Bet365 (who have awesome stats from across the world), clicking on the stats tab and we see Lanus in 2nd and Intepdeniente having fallen down to 6th in the league. A quick look at the head to head three of the last four corresponding fixtures being won by Independiente (who have won 8, drawn 3 and lost 0 against Lanus at home in the last eleven matches). Strong trend! Both teams have won their last three league matches, so all in all it looks like an even match. So this is perfect as Independiente started slight favourites at 7/5 with Bet365, with Lanus 19/10 to win (draw a 9/4). So, if Independiente fell behind in the match, with Lanus being a decent team, Independiente’s odds are going to drift, but their record in this fixture is exemplary, so would expect them to get something out of it. Backing them when behind in the match (as long as its not too late in the game when time is running out on them) will bring greater rewards than the 7/5 odds to start with. The other way to do this, would be to back Lanus or Draw pre match (as that is where the value is, even though Lanus are above their opponents in the league) and if they take that early lead, great, so you can either sit on it and wait, or jump on Independiente if they fall behind to hedge your bets. Exactly the same scenario if United were playing Villa, see, so it does not matter where the match is coming from.

Some Advantages of Live In Play Betting

  • Higher Prices than pre match set odds
  • Chance to hedge your bets
  • Get a feel for the action
  • Enhanced excitement

Secure Your Winnings

There are ways to cover your bets with live in play betting. Let’s say you have backed Aston Villa to win the match against Manchester United, and Villa take the lead. That’s great. Now this is where your own risk assessment comes into play with live betting. If you think Aston Villa are going to hang on to their lead, you can just leave your stake alone and bite your finger nails for the rest of the 90 minutes. Or, you could be proactive and put a stake on a Draw, or even United to win (because these odds will have lengthened). So, should United pop up with a last minute equaliser, at least you will have picked up some good priced coverage thanks to live in play betting. There is another way to do this at Betting Exchanges like BetFair. If you were to lay a £10 liability bet on United (which means that you are betting that the outcome of the match will be them NOT winning) at say Evens, and then they fall behind to that early Aston Villa goal. What happens? Immediately United’s odds on winning the match lengthen (even though they started as favourites) and your bet is looking good to pick up some profit. While they are a goal down, if you picked up odds even at Evens in live in play betting on United winning (for the same stake as your liability in laying them) from that position, you are not going to lose, whatever the outcome of the match. There are other ways to formulate strategies covering your wagers through live in play betting, these are just basic examples.

Live in Play Betting Summary

So, using live in play betting, and especially being able to watch the events at your online bookmaker as well, really can be like betting on your favourite team. Just picture them on vacation playing in sunny climes somewhere else in the world, in different kits. It’s all the same for your football betting. So, in summary:

  • Do a scan of stats (knowledge is power!)
  • Look for market value
  • Stick to your strategy
  • Never bet more than you can afford to lose
  • Enjoy and have fun!