NHL Betting Online

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At present, NHL betting is considered as a unique betting activity as the sport Hockey itself is one of the few gambling sports where you can have just as same good chance of winning by betting on underdogs as you do by betting on the favorites. But do you know how to actually bet on NHL? Do you have any idea on what to consider when betting? Well if you don’t have nothing in mind at all about these things, worry no more, you don’t need to search too far for the answers.

How to Bet on NHL

Look for a bookmaker and then bet on the hockey lines. Remember, Hockey wagers are often taken on goals, total goals and money lines.

Bet how many goals a team will win by or which team will indeed come out a winner by the end of the event.

Always consider that the favorite is laying goals, which means it has to win by a particular amount of goals for the bettor to win. While, the underdog is taking goals, which means it can’t lose by more goals than it has been given considerably.

Bet on the money line or which team will eventually win. The money line is a plus or minus number in the hundreds to the right of each team. The favorite money line will be a negative number and the underdog money line will likely be a positive number. Money lines must be written in percentages with even being 100.

After finally placing your bets, have a run down on them. Always check if you have placed them right.

NHL Betting Tips

Be aware of high prices on the NHL betting lines. The money lines that is ex the usual line is -200 even on Stanley Cup games.

Always be smart with your picks, get a fair price since home teams win more often.

Consider the shootout factor. There will always a big difference betting during regular season and Stanley Cup playoffs. More often than not, in regular season there are shoot outs because ties are not allowed, and in playoffs they play overtime until someone finally wins.

Go for the team that is usually favored on the road, they are likely the better team and can overcome the home ice advantage more or less.

Focus on current statistics. This may help you eventually pick the right team to bet for.