Golf Betting Online

Types of Sports

Golf is one of the most loved sport by almost everyone. However, at present, golf is not anymore just a pure sport. In fact, when you hear about golf you don’t only hear about the game, the winner, etc. but also about the betting activity. But why do you think this is so? Why people mingle their betting interest into golf? Are there any justifying reasons?

Why People Golf Bet?

Do you ever wonder why people want to golf bet? Well, here are some of the possible reasons or factors:

Golf is considered as an individual sport. And so, you don’t actually have to worry about how team members will play together or whether the manager will play a great formation. Likely, if you’ll bet, you’ll just be betting on just one man against the field. Thus, things are much easier.

It is a year-round sport. Hence, giving the bettors a tremendous amount of action to choose from all throughout the year.

Recent infos on golf is widely accessible or available. Thence, you will not only access many golfing events but you can also access statistical information which can help you analyze trends and patterns that can likewise aid you as you bet.

Getting Started in Golf Betting

There are some common important terms you need to know to get started in golf betting; just like the following:


If a player is 12/1, meaning if the player wins you get £12 for every £1 you bet, with your original stake back. Generally, if a player is ‘odds-on’, the odds will be expressed as 1/12, which means for every £10 you bet you get £1 back if you win with your original stake of course.

Betting to Win

Normally with this, you place your bet on a player to win at 10/1. Hence, if the player compels, you are considered to be in the money.

Betting on a Place Finish

On this one, you generally bet on a place finish. Likely, place finishes vary from the first three to the first six places in a competition and it is the same proportion of odds whether the player finishes 2nd or 6th considerably.

Betting Each Way

In general, this is a combination of Betting to Win and Betting on a Place Finish. Likely, you have to pay the same stake for each part of the bet itself.