Snooker Betting Strategy of Mart

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This is my snooker betting strategy:

You start to watch a frame between player 1 and 2. You have to watch the first minutes of the frame, because it is very important how and where the balls move, if they move onto the sides more and colors move safe, then you take under 100 points, but if colors and red balls are free, then you take at least&over 100 points. Small stakes recommended on this. Also you have to wait if 1 player gets in the frame and starts potting the balls. It is good if you get a start on under 100 points with having 1 red ball potted and no color gone with it. Another recommendation: If 1 player finds him self in a very bad position at the start(has been snookered by other player), then it is time to take at least&over 100 points. All this can be done on bwin.