Starter Guide to Golf Betting

Types of Sports

There is something quite alluring about golf. The fairways and greens are always so plush and inviting with the green keeping staff looking after the courses so well. However, punters do not watch Golf because it is pretty! Bookmakers offer odds on most golf tournaments and because there are so many participants in the tournaments some big prices on offer for players not expected to win. But the structured way professional golfers have to progress into the main events means that everyone has plenty of skill and the ability to shoot low scores. If you catch the right player, you can often win at odds of above 34.00. Below are some of the bets you can make when you want a golf bet.

Win Betting & Each Way Betting

As the name suggests you pick who you believe will win the tournament and you back them. Because the prices are often high and over 11.00 it can be sensible to back them in an each way bet so you win money even if they place rather than win. Bookmakers usually offer between three and six places for place betting so check the terms before you bet. A good strategy can be looking for high priced golfers who usually do well in tournaments and back them. If they go on to win then that is like a big bonus to your winnings.

Two or Three Ball Match Betting

Depending on the tournament the players go out either two at a time or three at a time during the opening two rounds before the cut. Each player out of each group is given odds to win that particular match between them. If there are two players in the group this is called two ball match betting, three players is three ball match betting. As the players are trying for the best score for their rounds, punters can bet on who will get the lowest score between the players on that round. This type of betting can be a fun way to watch the live coverage of the larger events. Round 1 can give the best chance of good returns as there is no tournament form to affect the betting.

Group Betting

To spice up the betting coupon your bookmaker may pick out groups of players and offer odds on who will win the group. They will not necessarily be playing together out on the course but the winner is determined by the scores they obtain in their upcoming round. Usually there will be a couple of stars, with a couple of lesser known players. This gives you the chance to back the outsiders at higher prices. This can lead to potential higher returns than the match betting. As the players are grouped depending on their performance in the previous round their form is similar and the bookmakers will not differentiate too far in the odds.

You can bet on the outright market right through the tournament. Before each round the outright markets odds will be updated to reflect the current leaderboard. There is always one player in the top ten who finishes very strongly, a fun bet can be trying to pick out who this might be going into the final round. This betting may make the last round very exciting for you. We will cover more actual markets as the season’s golf tournaments get closer, so look out for those analysis articles to help you pick out your selections.