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Germany v Brazil Predictions & Betting Odds – 27th March 2018

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Germany v Brazil Betting Preview - International Friendly 27th March Another treat to look forward too hopefully in this one. Germany played Spain on Friday night in an absolute joy of a game to watch in terms of quality. Germany, who will be defending their World Cup title in the summer get to pit themselves against another top team as they face against a Brazil side who pounded Russia in a friendly last week.

Germany v Brazil Betting Tips

Germany settled for a 1-1 draw with Spain on Friday night in a great friendly match. Well, the first half was, the longer the second went on, you could tell that both were just happy to play out the draw. The draw preserved both of their unbeaten records since Euro 2016 which is some going. Will Germany remain undefeated after this stern test against Brazil? It is worth looking for goals in this one obviously and both teams to score at bet365 is at 4/6 odds* (Betting Odds taken at 08:58 p.m. on March 23rd, 2018). Germany still look a world class side and have to have a good chance of defending their world title in the summer. But they have drawn their last three games played now against England, France and Spain. They have put themselves on the line against better quality opposition and the fact that they have stayed unbeaten speaks volumes about them. In the bet365 correct score market the 1-1 draw is at 11/2 odds* (Betting Odds taken at 08:58 p.m. on March 23rd, 2018). Germany v Brazil 2018 Infographic It’s hard to forget that World Cup 2014 meeting between Brazil and Germany in the semi-finals. Germany ran out 7-1 winners in one of the most remarkable games in the history of the tournament. Germany have won their last two games against Brazil now. In the last five meetings between the two giants, things are even with two wins each and a draw. Each of the last three meetings have produced at least five goals. Brazil, who don’t have the injured Neymar available, went to St Petersburg on Friday and took a comfortable 3-0 winners over the Russians. The goals all came in a half hour spell which just killed the game off. It was all a bit of a walk in the park for the South Americans. Brazil’s last defeat was against old rivals Argentina in the Superclasico back in June last year (W5 D3). They have scored exactly three goals in three of their last four games and over 3.5 goals at bet365 has to be worth considering at 2/1 odds* (Betting Odds taken at 08:58 p.m. on March 23rd, 2018). It’s not that usually for friendly matches to get up to that kind of level, but these two have produced high scoring games and there is some talent around. Can Brazil continue to answer questions about whether or not they can cope without Neymar?

Germany v Brazil Betting Odds*

Germany 23/20, Draw 12/5, Brazil 9/4* (Betting Odds taken at 08:58 p.m. on March 23rd, 2018)

Germany v Brazil Predictions

Whatever this game produces, it won’t be anything like a rematch if they face off at the World Cup. Germany are a side who are not going to wilt under the threat of the Brazilians, look for a Germany victory.

Germany v Spain Predictions & Betting Odds – 23rd March 2018

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Germany v Spain Betting Preview - International Friendly 23rd March This is one of the big highlights of Friday’s list of international friendly matches. Germany are going to the World Cup's the joint-favourites alongside Brazil and given the form of the Germans, they are going to receive plenty more backing. Spain are up there in the leading pack as well though, but which one of these can make a nice bold statement for themselves in this Friday night friendly fixture?

Germany v Spain Betting Tips

Germany, who are the current World Cup holders, went through 20127 without suffering a single loss with a W11 D4 record. They played back to back friendly matches against England and France last November and they were held to a draw in both of those games. So it will be interesting to see how they deal with the Spaniards. Timo Werner is Germany’s shortest-priced option with bet365 at 7/4 odds* (Betting Odds taken at 07:27 p.m. on March 19th, 2018) in the anytime goalscorer market and the youngster could be a big star at the World Cup. Germany have rattled off thirteen goals in their three home fixtures and just back in the summer they sent a youth team to the Confederations Cup and won the tournament still.

Germany v Spain 2018 Infographic

Spain and Germany have met 22 times before and from those games, Germany are 9-7 ahead with sixteen drawn games. Thirteen of those games have been friendly fixtures and from those, the Germans are 5-4 ahead. The last time they were together in a friendly was in November 2014 which Germany won 1-0 away from home. Spain also had an unbeaten 2017 which may have gone unnoticed as their progress was pretty much under the radar. That is because most of their matches were winnable ones as they had a really easy World Cup qualification group aside from Italy, who they took four points off anyway. Spain were W8 D2 last year across their matches. They were held to a 3-3 draw against Russia in their last match, an international friendly so they are needing to go out and test themselves against higher quality oppositions. They will go on to face Argentina on March 27th in another big match for them. The Spaniards have found the back of the net regularly enough, and it is Diego Costa who is the 21/10 bet365 outright anytime goalscorer favourite, the former Chelsea man getting called up ahead of Alvaro Morata. Even though they had a lot of easy games last year, they did take a 2-0 win away at France in a friendly.

Germany v Spain Betting Odds*

Germany 7/5, Spain 19/10, Draw 23/10* (Betting Odds taken at 07:27 p.m. on March 19th, 2018)

Germany v Spain Predictions

There may not be too much to choose between them at the end of the day, but of the two, Germany are the ones who carry a greater threat. They are more likely to find the end product at the end of the day as Spain just haven’t had those big tests against better quality opponents for a while.

UEFA Nations League Betting 2018/2019 Groups Draw & Winner Odds

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The draw for the first-ever UEFA National League has been completed (in Lausanne, Switzerland) and the new tournament  should produce some exciting fixtures as well, such as the Republic of Ireland and Wales coming together, while the Netherlands, France and Germany have been piled into one group and England get to challenge Spain and Croatia in theirs. This is all for the new league system created by UEFA, with promotion and relegation at stake as well. On top of that, the UEFA Nations League offers, an albeit complicated, back door passage for four teams to get to the European Championships.

What is the UEFA Nations League?

UEFA came up with a plan to fill in the void in those years that don’t have a European Championships or a World Cup. The plan was to get a lot more competitive action going between the European nations to try and improve the standard of the game across the continent, as well as to eliminate some of the meaningless friendly matches that is generally a plague on the international scene.

How did the draw work?

Each of the 55 UEFA nations were split across four Leagues based on their current rankings. The top twelve ranked sides in Europe went to League A, those ranked 13-24 went to League B, then the next fifteen went to League C and the final sixteen went into League D. Each of the Leagues has four groups within them consisting of either three or four teams and this is where relegation/promotion works. A team getting relegated from League A Group 2 drops to League B Group 2, while, for example, the winner of Group 3 in League D goes up to the Group 3 in League C. So the teams can only move up and down through the Leagues in their designated Group number. What this will do is allow the lower ranked teams to potentially make their way up the Leagues to face higher ranked side and therefore have more of a chance of playing competitive action against better sides. Each team will play the other teams in their group twice (home and away) for a season of the UEFA Nations League.

Draw Outcome & Betting Odds

UEFA Nations League 2018/2019 Infographics League A (plus Bet365 group winner odds) Group One Netherlands 8/1, France 6/5, Germany 10/11 Group Two: Iceland 8/1, Switzerland 11/4, Belgium 2/5 Group Three: Poland 10/3, Italy 11/10, Portugal 6/4 Group Four: Croatia 9/2, England 9/4, Spain 4/6 League B Group One: Czech Republic 2/1, Ukraine 13/8, Slovakia 13/8 Group Two: Turkey 9/4, Sweden 8/5, Russia 6/4 Group Three: Northern Ireland 10/3, Bosnia and Herzegovina 5/4, Austria 11/8 Group Four: Denmark 10/11, Republic of Ireland 5/2, Wales 5/2 League C Group One: Israel 15/8, Albania 7/4, Scotland 13/8 Group Two: Estonia 9/1, Finland 11/2, Greece 6/5, Hungary 13/8 Group Three: Cyprus 13/2, Bulgaria 2/1, Norway 2/1, Slovenia 9/4 Group Four: Lithuania 16/1, Montenegro 11/4, Serbia 5/4, Romania 2/1 League D Group One: Andorra 40/1, Kazakhstan 3/1, Latvia 4/1, Georgia 4/7 Group Two: San Marino 100/1, Moldova 4/1, Luxembourg 10/3, Belarus 1/2 Group Three: Kosovo 11/8, Malta 10/1, Faroe Islands 11/2, Azerbaijan 5/4 Group Four: Gibraltar 66/1, Liechtenstein 33/1, Armenia 11/8, Macedonia 4/7* (all betting odds above taken from January 24th at 11:32 p.m.)

When will the games be played?

In a period between September and November 2018 (a ten week period in total) all of the matches in this season’s UEFA Nations League will take place. A team finishing top of a group will get promoted, anyone finishing bottom of a group will go down a tier. The exception to this is the winner of the League A groups. All four of those will move through a Nations League knockout stage in the following year to decide the winner.

What about Euro Qualifying

This is where things get a little confusing. Qualifying for Euro 2020 will see the 55 nations split over ten groups and the top two automatically go through to the finals. So that has been made a little simpler. All qualifiers for Euro 2020 will happen between March and November 2019. The seeding for the European Championships will be based on performances in the Nations League. Seeing two qualifiers progress from each of the ten groups only adds up to twenty nations and that leaves four Euro 2020 places open and this is where the UEFA Nations League comes back into play. Each of the four tiers in the Nations League will produce four group winners. Those sixteen teams will be the ones to go through to a play-off to compete for the final four places at Euro 2020. However, if a group winner has already qualified for Euro 2020 through normal qualification, then their place in the play offs will go to the next highest-ranked team from their Nations League tier. So for example, if Northern Ireland won Group Three in League B of the Nations League, but also went and directly qualified for Euro 2020, they don’t go to the Euro 2020 qualification play offs, the next highest ranked team from their tier will go to the play-offs instead. So performance in the Nations League can have extra importance. Basically it will boil down to one team from each of the four UEFA Nations League getting a place at Euro 2016 from the play-offs as each of the Leagues will have their own path through the Euro 2020 qualification play offs. So this system gives lower-ranked sides a chance to play on the big stage where they would usually find normal qualification too hard to pull off.

UEFA Nations League Odds Outright Winner Odds

Spain 7/2, Germany 4/1, Belgium 11/2, France 5/1, Italy 9/1, England 12/1, Portugal 14/1, Croatia 20/1, Switzerland 33/1, Poland 40/1, Netherlands 50/1, bar 80/1


There is a lot of actual competitive international football coming along on the horizon and that has to be a good thing for the game. In terms of an overall winner of the Nations League then you're still going to be looking at the big guns. Spain looks the most obvious choice out of the lot because of the draw and that's because they have an easier group ahead of them. It’s easier to predict them winning their group and getting to the knockouts than it is for either France and Germany who are lumped together. The ones who could impress too are Belgium who should win their group and get to the knockouts. It’s all up in the air until we see how seriously everyone takes this, but Spain and Belgium (7/2 and 11/2 respectively at bet365) aren’t bad places to start *betting odds taken January 25th, 2018 at 01:04 a.m.)

World Cup Betting 2018 Groups Draw & Winner Odds

World Cup Betting
The 21st World Cup will kick off in Russia in the middle of June 2018 and the 32 qualified nations know what lies ahead of them in the group stage. The draw for the World Cup 2018 was made in early December 2017, giving teams and fans plenty of time to get ready for the tournament. Heading back to the World Cup as the reigning champions is Germany who are running as 5/1 outright favourites with Betfair to go and collect another title. The tournament is played across eleven cities in Russia and across several different time zones as well. In order to keep things manageable though, cities in the east of the country are not being used and only one of twelve venues (Yekaterinburg) are east of the Ural mountains, the range which splits the country down the middle. World Cup 2018 Groups Draw Infographic

Tournament Debutants

Twenty of the nations who were at the 2014 World Cup will be making back to back appearances having qualified for this one. But there will be two nations making their World Cup debuts at the 2018 edition and they are Iceland and Panama. Iceland topped out their qualification group against the odds and after their stunning success with a powerful run at Euro 2016, they rode their wave of progression to become the smallest nation ever to make it through to the World Cup. Panama, with a lot of drama and a lot of luck, beat out the USA to make it through to their first ever World Cup

The Draw

The usual format for the World Cup will ensue in this edition as well, with the 32 nations split over eight groups. After a round robin format, the top two teams from each group will be making their way through to the knockout stage of the competition. If teams finish level on points in a group then goal difference will come into play and then if that is even between teams, the decider will be the number of goals scored in all group matches. The slots for the knockout stages of the competitions have been set because the positions for the round of sixteen are set. The winners of Group A will play the runners up of Group B and vice versa, and so on through the groups. So if you are expecting a certain team to win a group, such as Brazil winning Group E, then you can see where they would be placed for the knockout stage of the draw and what kind of path they have may have to go through to get to the final.

Full Group Stage Draw (seeds in bold)

Group A: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay Group B: Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran Group C: France, Australia, Peru, Denmark Group D: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea Group G: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England Group H: Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

World Cup Betting Odds

Germany 5/1, Brazil 5/1, France 6/1, Spain 15/2, Argentina 9/1, Belgium 12/1, England 16/1, Portugal 25/1, Russia 33/1, Uruguay 33/1, Colombia 33/1, Croatia 40/1, Poland 40/1, Denmark 80/1, Switzerland 80/1, 100/1 bar

England Odds

The Three Lions really could not have received a better draw than the one that they did get. They avoided the biggest of the seeded teams that they could have been drawn against and they have landed themselves in what should be a two-way race for top spot against Belgium. England are 11/8 second favourites at Betfair behind the Red Devils to finish top of their group, with Belgium, who are the fifth ranked team in the world, trading at odds-on of 10/11. Naturally, it is Tottenham’s Harry Kane who is the 5/4 favourite to be the top scorer for the Three Lions at the tournament. The England stage of elimination market is pretty vibrant and popular and the Last 16 is the shortest priced option at a price of 11/5. Depending on where they finish in the group, first or second, they would be playing someone from Group H which contains Poland, Senegal, Colombia or Japan in the round of sixteen.

The Favourites

There are five teams trading in single figures to win the World Cup 2017 and they are Germany, Brazil, France, Spain and Argentina. Germany produced a stunning qualification campaign by winning all ten of their matches, averaging over four goals per game and conceding just the four goals themselves in ten games. They will once again be a force to be reckoned with and they are blessed with tremendous depth as they showed with their C-squad pretty much winning the Confederations Cup in the summer of 2017. The Brazilians made light work of their CONMEBOL qualification campaign, without a doubt the most difficult qualification zone in the world. They breezed it and with the likes of Gabriel Jesus and Neymar, they will be a major force. France arguably have the most talented, the deepest squad of everyone at the tournament. They have an abundance of riches going on at the moment and no-one is going to want to face them. There is a tremendous array of talent that they can call upon, but will they have the mental fortitude to grind it out when things get a little tough, as tournament football often can do? Spain have benefitted from a nice position in the draw as if they win their group they get an easy opponent from Group A in the round of sixteen. They would first have to get through European champions Portugal first in their group. They have a lot to prove after their misfire four years ago and then again at Euro 2016. Then there is Argentina. They really struggled to get through their qualification campaign, as they could barely hit the back of the net. Because they went on the drift in the World Cup outright winner market, punters have taken a chance on them. Despite their lack of scoring in the qualification campaign, they have an attack-minded manager in Jorge Sampaoli so it will be interesting to see how they approach the tournament. With the pressure of qualification off, can Sampaoli pull things together and get La Albiceleste going for World Cup?


Spain are appealing because of their draw, but ultimately they are not the force that they were and may fall short. Argentina have a lot prove, despite having tremendous talent in their squad, so the favouritism has to fall towards either Germany or Brazil really. It is questionable as to whether or not Brazil really have a Plan B up their sleeve and just because of the sheer depth of talent that the Germans can bring to the table, there could be a momentous occasion in becoming just the third nation ever to successfully retain the title (Italy 1934 and 1938, Brazil 1958-1962). So Germany goes as our tip at 9/1 with Betfair while our dark horse will be Poland. At Euro 2016 they match Germany in their group stage campaign and they have Robert Lewandowski and the geographical situation won’t be too unfamiliar for them really. Given that they could face a decent draw in the round of sixteen, they could make a splash.

England cut to 16/1 in World Cup 2018 betting after favourable draw

World Cup Betting
England received a fantastic draw for the 2018 World Cup after luck was really on the side. The draw for next summer’s football festival was made on Friday, December 1st in Moscow and with England in danger of pulling out someone like Brazil, Argentina or Germany, things really didn’t up too badly for the Three Lions. They were drawn against Belgium in Group G, one of the seeded teams for the tournament and then came along Tunisia and Panama. So it really should be easy pickings for the Three Lions and a huge chance for the nation to make amends for their major failure at the last World Cup to even get out of the group stage when they were drawn against Italy, Costa Rica and Uruguay. The favourable draw has seen Stan James trim England to 16/1 to win the World Cup next summer because they will get a pretty comfortable passage through to the knockout stages. However, down the line in winning the group, they could still meet Colombia, Brazil, France and then Germany in the final. If they finish second to Belgium they would have to go through Poland, Germany, Spain and then Brazil to win the tournament. So getting to the Final itself isn’t going to be an easy thing for the Three Lions whichever way you look at it. But they are now at 1/4 to qualify for the knockout stage of Russia 2018 and then in the round of sixteen their potential opponents could be Poland, Senegal, Colombia or Japan and again, there were far worse scenarios out there that England could have been projected ahead into at that stage. England are second favourites at 7/5 to win Group G with Belgium going as clear favourites as they are ranked fifth in the world at the moment. That group decider will happen in the final group stage match when the two European nations meet up. Betway have tossed out a price of 7/1 on England failing to get out of the group stage, which for the Three Lions begins against Tunisia on June 18th, before meeting World Cup debutants Panama on June 24th. Already England are 4/7 odds on favourites to beat African representatives Tunisia, who are 6/1 to topple Gareth Southgate's men. Other early betting options on England at the World Cup 2018 are 9/2 on them to get through the group without conceding a single goal and they are 7/1 with Betfred to get through to the next stage with three wins from three. England’s Harry Kane is the 6/4 favourite to be England’s top scorer at the tournament and 16/1 to win the Golden Boot. Brazil and the reigning champions Germany are still at the head of the market at 5/1 with Stan James but both have quietly interesting groups. Germany gets to go against Mexico, Sweden and South Korea while the Selecao faces up to Switzerland, Serbia and Costa Rica. France are hovering at the 6/1 mark to win the World Cup 2018 and they received a pretty handy draw in going against Peru, Denmark and Australia. Spain have been cut a little bit into 15/2 despite being drawn with reigning European Champions Portugal in the group stage. If La Roja wins that group then they will get an easy round of sixteen tie against someone from Group A, which is arguably the weakest of the groups containing Russia, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay and Egypt. Argentina drifted in World Cup betting to 9/1 as they go against Nigeria, Croatia and Iceland but are in the most difficult section of the tournament.

World Cup 2018 draw

Group A: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay Group B: Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran Group C: France, Australia, Peru, Denmark Group D: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea Group G: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England Group H: Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

World Cup Betting Odds

Germany 5/1, Brazil 5/1, France 6/1, Spain 15/2, Argentina 9/1, Belgium 12/1, England 16/1, Portugal 25/1, Russia 33/1, Uruguay 33/1, Colombia 33/1, Croatia 40/1, Poland 40/1, Denmark 80/1, Switzerland 80/1, 100/1 bar

Germany v France Predictions & Betting Odds – 14th November 2017

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Germany v France Betting Preview - International Friendly 14th November

The Germans, who weren’t at full strength, played out a 0-0 draw with England at Wembley on Friday and now they play host to France. This is a run of big friendly matches for them because in the next international break they face Spain and Brazil. France are ticking over in good form after taking an easy win in Wales on Friday to put together a three match winning streak and they have only shipped the one goal in their last five games as well. Will we be seeing a low-scoring affair?

Germany v France Betting Tips

Germany picked up a 0-0 draw at Wembley against England on Friday and it was an under strength side that they put out. The draw takes them to twenty unbeaten matches now (W16 D4) since losing against the French back at the European Champions in 2016. The last time that these two came together for a friendly, it was in Paris, a game which was overshadowed by the terror attacks in the city on the night. Germany have an abundance of attacking talent and despite not getting on the scoresheet in London, they have still scored ten goals in their last four matches. Still, as this is just another friendly under 2.5 goals with bet365 is trading at a price of 4/5.

Germany vs France 2017 Infographic

Four of the last six meetings between the two nations both in friendly and competitive meetings have gone under 2.5 goals. Germany have lost their last two games against France now, both ending in 2-0 defeats. A France 2-0 correct score in this fixture returns a big price of 16/1 and the 1-1 draw is the usual shortest priced option which comes home at a price of 11/2. Germany are 13/2 to pick up a 1-0 result. The last time that Germany enjoyed a win over the French was at the 2014 World Cup but they lost their last home friendly match against Les Bleus 2-1. Even there is some talent around between these two squads it is hard to see this really getting into a high-scoring territory. The French are carrying some good form at the moment with a W4 D1 record in their last five games and they have shipped just the one goal in that sequence of games as well. That conceded goal came in a 2-1 home win over Belarus in their final World Cup qualifier. France are a price of 7/2 to win to nil at bet365 and they have won four of their last five away games. They eased themselves to a 2-0 win over Wales in Paris on the weekend, a game in which Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud and Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann got the goals and they are 11/5 and 7/4 respectively in the bet365 anytime goalscorer market for this one. French have a very quick attack and between them, these two nations boast the most amount quality depth of anyone heading to the World Cup next year. France are 6/1 to win the 2018 World Cup with Germany at 5/1.

Germany v France Betting Odds

Germany 23/20, France 23/10, Draw 12/5

Germany v France Predictions

Draw: The drawn outcome has good appeal in this one because even though Germany are not at full strength, they have tremendous quality in depth and should hold their own on home soil. France are positive and fluent and should be a title contender at the World Cup next summer. This is just a friendly, so settle only on the draw.

England v Germany Predictions & Betting Odds – International Friendly 10th November 2017

Loew (Germany)
England v Germany Betting Preview - International Friendly 10th November A high profile friendly for England to try and impress in and after meeting with Germany they will go on to face up against Brazil as well. So they are really testing themselves against the best in the world and the question is, how well will they handle themselves? Both England and Germany will be at the World Cup next summer of course and even though this is just a friendly fixture, there’s nothing quite like getting one over on an old rival.

England v Germany Betting Tips

So the journey to the World Cup 2018 really starts here for England with qualification having been secured. They are boldly taking on the best in the world to see where they themselves are at. However, with so many key players missing, it may be hard for Gareth Southgate to get much out of this. Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Harry Winks and Jordan Henderson are out, while Gary Cahill is a doubt as well. So England won’t be at full strength but that should play its part in the game producing goals. Over 2.5 goals at bet365 is a price of 19/20. England have produced a W4 D1 L1 record in their last six games but they have lost their last three home games against the Germans. While the THree Lions have a good record of seventeen wins in their last nineteen Wembley fixtures, they tend to struggle in fixtures like this.

England vs Germany 2017 Infographic

England are just W1 D1 L3 in their last five home friendly matches against sides in the top fifteen in the world. Notable results in that sequence was a 2-2 draw against Spain last November when they managed to avoid winning despite being 2-0 up in the 89th minute. Just back in June they faced France in a friendly and lost that game with a truly dreadful performance, with only Harry Kane doing anything of note with a brace. Both teams to score at bet365 is a price of 8/11 and with Kane out, it leaves Jamie Vardy as England’s shortest priced anytime goalscorer option at 2/1, with Tammy Abraham at 15/8 as he hopes to make his debut for his country. England just don’t produce the goals that they should and they limped to 1-0 wins over Slovenia and Lithuania recently to close out their World Cup 2018 qualification campaign. The Germans are steaming along on a six match winning streak but their recent defensive output has been damaged by Manuel Neuer’s injury, but still, as you would expect, they can easily cover things up with the amount of attacking power that they have. Germany have scored 21 goals in their last six games and have netted at least three in four of those six. That’s not an output that England can match. Germany strolled through World Cup qualification as expected but along the way they did ship against Northern Ireland, the Czech Republic and Azerbaijan so that suggests that there will be goals in this. The Germans can list recent friendly wins over Spain, Chile and Mexico, with Spain and Chile ranked higher than England and Mexico just beneath the Three Lions. Germany have far more quality in depth than England do and that was proven by pretty much a youth team winning the Confederations Cup in the summer. England’s full squad would have struggled to do that. Timo Werner is the 5/4 outright anytime goalscorer favourite, with Sandro Wagner at 7/4.

England v Germany Betting Odds

Germany 11/10, Draw 12/5, England 12/5

England v Germany Predictions

Germany to win: The depleted English may struggle to contain the threats that Germany have at their disposal over the ninety minutes. There’s a vast difference in the quality of depth that the two nations can put out and Germany look value to sneak the win in a high scoring game.

Northern Ireland v Germany Free ÂŁ2 Scorecast bet offer at Boylesports

Thanks to a wonderful qualification campaign, Northern Ireland can go into Thursday nights’ fixture against group leaders Germany with no fear and nothing to lose. With the pressure off them, because they will end up in second place most likely, they at least have the chance to impress against the World Champions. Germany though have been pretty ruthless in the group, not only inflicting the only loss on Northern Ireland in the campaign but averaged over four goals per game too. Boylesports are offering a Free £2 Scorecast bet for Northern Ireland v Germany. Free £2 Scorecast when you back a £5 First Goalscorer and £5 Correct Score on Northern Ireland v Germany. T&C’s Apply, 18+. Please Gamble Responsibly. See details directly at Boylesports’ website. This offer from Boylesports is open to both new and existing customers. Place a first goalscorer and correct score on Northern Ireland v Germany game and get a free scorecast on your selections. Customer must place a pre-live £5 first goalscorer bet and a pre-live £5 correct score on Northern Ireland v Germany game and they will receive a £2 free scorecast on the same game. A minimum stake of £5 is required for each qualifying bet. You will receive a free bet in the form of a £2 scorecast automatically placed on your selections. In-Play selections will not qualify for the offer. One free bet per customer per match. Customers depositing via Neteller and Moneybookers/Skrill will not qualify for this offer. Only first bet of £5 or more placed on First Goalscorer and first bet of £5 or more placed on Correct Score qualifies for free £2 scorecast.

Northern Ireland v Germany Predictions & Betting Odds – 5th October 2017

World Cup Betting
Northern Ireland v Germany Betting Preview - World Cup 2018 Qualifiers 5th October This is simply a fixture which is probably going to settle the finishing positions of the top two in Group C. Germany hold a five point lead over Northern Ireland with two games to play so as long as Die Mannschaft hold out for a point at Windsor Park, they will be automatically heading to the World Cup next summer. So Northern Ireland have to break out a win in this one to keep faint hopes of top spot alive, but they have already suffered a defeat at the hands of the Germans in the group.

Northern Ireland v Germany Betting Tips

The Irish are probably extremely grateful for having already sealed a top two position in the group before having to face the Germans in their penultimate qualifier. This should settle the position of the top two after the game, with Germany going into it with a five point lead over the Irish. Northern Ireland's qualification campaign has been great, having only lost once, which was out in Hannover against Germany. In that 2-0 defeat, Northern Ireland conceded the goals early in the game and couldn’t muster up a response against a side who were on full cruise control after getting themselves ahead. Northern Ireland have won all four of their home fixtures and have yet to concede a goal there in the group, scoring a total of twelve goals in those four home wins as well. You wouldn’t put great stock in Northern Ireland winning this to nil but under 2.5 goals at bet365 looks pretty good value for the game, especially with Germany not really needing to break a sweat as they are in control of the group. Kyle Lafferty is Northern Ireland’s shortest priced option in the anytime goalscorer market at a price of 15/4. Northern Ireland aren’t in form against Germany, having lost each to their last six games against them and they have failed to score in four of their last fixtures against them as well. Germany to win to nil at bet365 is a price of 5/6 and throughout qualification, the Germans have been pretty ruthless. Die Mannschaft are averaging over four goals per game. Like Northern Ireland, Germany have only conceded two goals in the group, but they have scored 35 goals compared to the sixteen that the Irish have put up. A Germany/Germany half time/full time bet at bet365 is a nice price of 4/5 and there is a trend because Germany have been ahead at the break and at full time in all eight of their qualifiers so far. Thomas Muller is their top scoring in qualification with five and he is at 11/10 in the anytime goalscorer market with Sandro Wagner at 5/4 and Timo Werner, if he plays, at 8/11. Germany have won all four away games in the group but they did concede in two of those. Backing the Irish to at least get on the scoresheet in a both teams to score bet at 5/4 may have some appeal.

Northern Ireland v Germany Betting Odds

Germany 1/4, Draw 9/2, Northern Ireland 11/1

Northern Ireland v Germany Predictions

Germany to win: The Germans should get the win on the board because they have made light work of everyone, including Northern Ireland in the group so far. Look for Germany to win to nil on the night at Windsor Park.

Czech Republic v Germany Predictions & Betting Odds – 1st September 2017

World Cup Betting
Czech Republic v Germany Betting Preview - World Cup 2018 Qualifiers 1st September Germany are just on cruise control in qualification for Russia 2018. They are top of Group C with a commanding five point lead over second placed Northern Ireland. So it has all been a bit too easy for them and a win in this one would see them edge just that little bit closer to the World Cup. They took a 3-0 win over the Czech Republic earlier in the campaign and the home side needs a win here just to stay in touch with second place. As part of their great football betting services, Bet365 offer 0-0 bore draw insurance on all matches which offers great protection on your pre-match correct score, scorecast or half-time/full-time wagers. There are great each-way first goalscorer odds to be taken as well and you can enjoy extensive live in-play football betting as well as live streams from some of Europe’s top leagues. With cash out and partial cash out options available as well, sign up for an account with Bet365 and enjoy a 100% matched deposit bonus from them to get in on the action!

Czech Republic v Germany Betting Tips

A big game for the Czech Republic who have to find a way to win this one. They kick off in this one four points back of second placed Northern Ireland, who they will face on Monday. So this is a big challenge for them on Friday, especially with the Czech Republic having lost 3-0 out in Germany already in the campaign. Another loss to them here really puts them out the qualification picture pretty much. In the bet365 correct score market, a Germany 1-0 and a Germany 2-0 are joint 6/1 favourite options for them and the Czech’s aren’t being given much of a chance in this one. The Czech Republic hasn't produced very much at home in the campaign so far having taken 0-0 draws with Northern Ireland and Azerbaijan and edging a 2-1 win over Norway. The Czech’s have scored just the nine goals in the group, six of those coming in an away win over San Marino. Germany to win to nil has to be a great priced option at 6/4 with bet365 for the game. Germany have one foot in the door of the 2018 World Cup as they have won all six of their qualification games so far. Germany have netted 27 goals so far in the group and have conceded just the one. It’s all too easy for them and they hold a five point advantage at the top and will be expected to deliver again in this road game. On their travels so far, Germany have taken wins at Azerbaijan, Norway and San Marino, scoring at least three goals in each of them. Over 2.5 goals at bet365 is a quote of 4/5 and that is not a bad option to go with. Thomas Muller is top scorer in the group with five goals in six games and the Bayern Munich man is a 6/5 option in the anytime goalscorer market, making him the joint favourite with Lars Stindl and Mario Gomez, with Timo Werner at even money. Germany won 2-1 on their last visit to the Czech Republic, which was in Euro 2008 qualification.

Czech Republic v Germany Betting Odds

Germany 8/15, Draw 17/5, Czech Republic 6/1

Czech Republic v Germany Predictions

Germany to win: No reason to expect anything other than a win for the Germans in this one as they are running strong and just are full of goals. They made light work of the Czech Republic on home soil and can double down in this one. Germany to win to nil looks value.