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Coral offer Premier League £10 free bets this weekend

The opening weekend of the new Premier League season sees five live matches being broadcast so there is plenty of action for punters to get their teeth into with live betting. It is a big weekend as the action in the English top flight runs and bookmaker Coral have fired up a huge promotion to celebrate this weekend. You can collect a free in-play bet for each of the live games this season. The weekend kicks off with Arsenal v Leicester while Saturday will see Watford v Liverpool and Brighton v Man City as the live games from the Premier League. Then there are two more games to come on Sunday as Newcastle host Spurs and then Manchester United welcome West Ham to Old Trafford. To qualify for a £10 free bet, simply place an in-play single of at least £10 on any market in one of the listed matches. Then if your qualifying bet fails to win, then Coral will refund you with a fantastic £10 free in-play football bet. The offer counts to only first real money in-play single bet of £10+ placed on one of the selected matches from kick-off until the final whistle. If your qualifying bet is settled as a loser, you will be automatically credited with a £10 free bet token. Free bet token valid for 48 hours to use on any in-play football market. There are no minimum odds for the qualifying or free bet, simply place an in-play win single of £10 or greater on selected match to qualify. Online betting site Coral offers a 10% win bonus on successful football accas. Place an accumulator of at least £2 on selected football markets including 90 minute betting and get your winnings boosted by 10%, paid as a free bet up to £100! This offer is for a straight line accumulator of 4+ selections on the following pre-match markets: Match Result, Both Teams To Score and To Win & Both Teams To Score. There are minimum odds of 1/10 per selection with cumulative odds of at least 6/4. Register an account with online betting site Coral and also enjoy £20 worth of free bets as well from them!

Unibet In-Play Bet & Club reward £10 free bet each week!

You can earn yourself some extra bonuses at online betting site Unibet through their fantastic In-Play Bet Club. The fast-paced thrill of live in-play betting is increasingly popular as you get right to the heart of the betting action on some of the biggest sports around. Tennis lends itself brilliantly to live in-play betting and the live markets are deep and varied when it comes to football matches. From the slower paced action of Test match cricket, through to the rollicking thrills of T20 matches, it’s another of the top sports for betting on while the action is happening in front of you, or on a tv screen or even being streamed through the Unibet live sports streaming service. Now you can get rewarded for your live in-play betting at online bookmaker Unibet. After signing up with them and enjoying your £30 risk-free first bet reward, you can join the In-Play Bet Club. In the club, you will get a 10 bonus every week when you place £5 or more £10 in -play bets on football, tennis and cricket! In-Play bet club - Place five or more in-play bets of at least £10 at minimum odds of Evens (2.0) that settle between Monday and Sunday and receive a £10 in-play free bet by 4 pm the Monday after. Returns from the free bet do not include the stake. Free Bets will expire after 7 days

Using Statistics for Live In-Play Betting

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Statistics. Most punters rely heavily on them and just ask any fantasy footballer what the staple of their success is and you will probably hear the word “statistics” somewhere in their answer. It’s not a great secret that the studying of factors like form and trends can hugely boost your opportunities in collecting some returns from your sports betting. Serious football betting punters are likely to be glancing at the Premier League table at least a few times per week and crunching the numbers to find a trend to apply to the forthcoming fixtures. The most basic value of this is simply in looking at home and away from. You aren’t going to reasonably back a team to win away from home if they have lost five of their last six out on the road. You are going to have even less reason to be backing them if they are travelling to a team who has only lost one of their last six on home soil. That’s the very basic approach to statistics for football betting, but while it is an extremely simple example, it is one that you can actually use to see the value of looking at statistics. Most people however, generally only associate statistics study with pre-match wagers and forget that many of the same principals and disciplines can also apply to live in-play betting. It is something which gets a little overlooked because the nature of live in-play betting with a bookmaker is an exciting roller-coaster ride of betting with emotions. That's completely the wrong way to go about your betting, because with long term goals in mind, you need a much steadier approach as opposed to the fly by the seat of your pants experience. They help. You aren’t going to be guaranteed a winner from studying stats, but it will certainly increase your understanding of betting and the value of odds presented on a market at an online bookmaker. Freelance NBC Sports writer Rob Allen and creator of I’ came up with golden rules of football betting which include 1) understanding that you are going to lose 2) choose the best odds available 3) never place a reactive bet Some sage advice there and check out I' for more insights. That third one can be a very, very tricky minefield when you are looking at live in-play betting. By its very nature, live in-play betting just entices you to wager on the current action without too much though and as you are sat watching a game you get those gut feelings that something is going to happen and you throw money at it. It’s hard not to and that is why it has become such a popular feature, and a moneymaker, for bookmakers. Punters will likely have less discipline during live in-play betting that just waiting for a match outright bet to play itself out.

Live In-Play Betting and Statistics

This is where statistics can also apply heavily to live in-play betting. Along with that, the old caveat of discipline has to be married together. There should be no instance in betting where you are not exerting discipline. What do we mean by discipline? We mean sticking to a game plan and managing your bankroll properly and not getting swept in a moment. Go back to number three above, never make a reactionary bet. You have to curtail your urges with live in-play betting and you bet with your head and not your heart, or your gut or whatever is driving your adrenalin in the moment. It’s essential to remain focused and there really is a need to sit down and plan out an approach to your live betting, just as you would do in your pre-match wagers. This is where the old statistical approach comes in. Let’s make an example match of Chelsea v Manchester United and we are going to find live in-play bets for it, ahead of time this is, not just five minutes before kick off. We have a bankroll of £10 for the game. We notice that Chelsea have not conceded the opening goal of a game in all but one of their home games this season. That’s a big trend and you could plan out a 5 stake on the First Team to score being Chelsea, based on their lack of first goals conceded. Maybe then it is Diego Costa who has scored three of Chelsea’s last five opening goals of the game. However, if Chelsea haven’t scored an opening goal in the first fifteen minutes of their last half a dozen games then it could be worth planning to get a wager down live in-play on Costa to score next after 15 minutes have ticked off on the clock. Again, this is all down to planning and sticking to the plan based on the statistics that you have looked at before hand. Just because Chelsea have been on the back foot in the opening forays, doesn’t mean that Costa still won’t score first. The panic for punters comes in when, in this case for example, Manchester United slotted home an opening goal in the first five minutes of the game. There goes your first wager down the pan immediately. The temptation is just to throw a rash of bets then to try and make up for the early losses. Never do this, never chases losses, that again, is reactionary betting. You can tweak, because for example your Diego Costa bet could still stand as him being the next goalscorer in live betting as Chelsea push for an equaliser. This all goes back to the statistical approach again. Never discount the necessity for statistics ahead of live betting. The same principals apply as if you were looking at statistics such as home and away head to head form for a match outright, or the over/under 2.5 goals trend for a fixed bet pre-match. Statistics can help you immensely with your live in-play betting planning and just remember to plan, plan, plan. Just don’t go into a game blind and throw money left right and centre because your emotions are getting the better of you. Get the better of them, plan your live betting and don’t forget some of those golden rules. Because of the appeal of live betting, you can find great statistical information running at online betting sites to help you out.

16 Premier League live fixtures add through December and New Year

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Sky Sports have announced the addition of 16 Premier League games during December and the New Year so punters will be able to have an extra field day with live in-play betting at Sky Bet. The broadcaster will have shown 62 Premier League matches in total by January 1st, 2016 with every Premier League club having been featured three times, with last season's top four having been on show nine times or more. There will be 17 different clubs on show through December and the New Year. Sky Sports head of football Gary Hughes said: "It's been an exciting start to the season on Sky Sports, and with these fixtures into the New Year we will continue to tell the full story of the Barclays Premier League. "With at least three games a week, every team at least three times by the turn of the year and every stadium, Sky Sports is the best place to follow the most exciting league in the world." Sky Sports head of football Gary Hughes said: "It's been an exciting start to the season on Sky Sports, and with these fixtures into the New Year we will continue to tell the full story of the Barclays Premier League. "With at least three games a week, every team at least three times by the turn of the year and every stadium, Sky Sports is the best place to follow the most exciting league in the world." Sky Sports live Premier League fixtures: October Watford v Arsenal - Saturday, October 17, 5.30pm Newcastle United v Norwich City - Sunday, October 18, 4pm Swansea City v Stoke City - Monday, October 19, 8pm Arsenal v Everton - Saturday, October 24, 5.30pm Sunderland v Newcastle United - Sunday, October 25, 12pm Manchester United v Manchester City - Sunday, October 25, 2.05pm Liverpool v Southampton - Sunday, October 25, 4.15pm November Everton v Sunderland - Sunday, November 1, 1.30pm Southampton v Bournemouth - Sunday, November 1, 4pm Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa - Monday, November 2, 8pm Stoke City v Chelsea - Saturday, November 7, 5.30pm Aston Villa v Manchester City - Sunday, November 8, 1.30pm Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur - Sunday, November 8, 4pm Manchester City v Liverpool - Saturday, November 21, 5.30pm Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United - Sunday, November 22, 4pm Crystal Palace v Sunderland - Monday, November 23, 8pm Leicester City v Manchester United - Saturday, November 28, 5.30pm West Ham United v West Bromwich Albion - Sunday, November 29, 2.05pm Norwich City v Arsenal - Sunday, November 29, 4.15pm December Chelsea v Bournemouth - Saturday, December 5, 5.30pm Newcastle United v Liverpool - Sunday, December 6, 4pm Everton v Crystal Palace - Monday, December 7, 8pm Bournemouth v Manchester United - Saturday, December 12, 5.30pm Aston Villa v Arsenal - Sunday, December 13, 1.30pm Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle United - Sunday, December 13, 4pm Leicester City v Chelsea - Monday, December 14, 8pm Newcastle United v Aston Villa - Saturday, December 19, 5.30pm Watford v Liverpool - Sunday, December 20, 1.30pm Swansea City v West Ham United - Sunday, December 20, 4pm Arsenal v Manchester City - Monday, December 21, 8pm Stoke City v Manchester United - Saturday, December 26, 12.45pm Sunderland v Liverpool - Wednesday, December 30, 7.45pm January Watford v Manchester City - Saturday, January 2, 5.30pm Crystal Palace v Chelsea - Sunday, January 3, 1.30pm Everton v Tottenham Hotspur - Sunday, January 3, 4pm

Bet365 cash out early – rules and how it works

One of the many great features that can be found at online betting site Bet365 is their fantastic option to Cash Out early. Now the feature has been taken a step further with the Bet365 partial Cash Out option. So what is an early Cash Out and why is it becoming an extremely important tool for punters to use in their online betting? The Cash Out options are all about taking full control of your bets and this shouldn’t be overlooked by punters. Most online bookmakers offer the Cash Out feature but Bet365 were the first in the online betting industry to launch a partial Cash Out feature, which gives even more control over active bets. Both features can be accessed easily and any customers who need to sign up with Bet365 to enjoy them is welcome. Cashing out a bet means that you don’t have to wait until the conclusion of an event to make some money on a wager. Say for example that you have placed a bet on Newcastle to beat Manchester United in a football match and the Magpies are leading in the game but are coming under heavy pressure from the Red Devils. You could settle your bet on Newcastle before the final whistle while they are leading instead of risking everything on the final whistle. So you don’t have to wait for matches to come to a conclusion. You can track your bets and if your wager is winning at any point then you can decide to Cash Out. You will see the Cash Out button located by your selection and just click it to pull out your bet. The amount which is offered to Cash Out early will depend on the situation and may be higher or lower than your original stake enabling you to guarantee a profit or minimise a potential loss.

Bet365 Partial Cash Out Option

There is now a partial Cash Out option at Bet365 and this gives you even more control. Again, going back to the situation of Newcastle leading Manchester United in a game and having backed the Magpies, you could decide to consolidate some winnings by cashing out just part of the active bet with the Magpies in the lead, while leaving the rest of the bet running until the final whistle. Doing that, you could either pick up even more profit at 90 minutes if Newcastle were to hang on for maximum points, or if they lost, you would at least have taken something from the game. The partial Cash Out feature is operated on a slider after clicking the icon which is sat to the right of the Cash Out button. Just move the slider up and down to select the amount that you want to Cash Out and the value of doing so at that amount. Obviously the final result won’t have any bearing on the amount that you get from a Cash Out, but the remainder of the stake will then get settled upon the conclusion of the event. There would also be the option to partially Cash Out another portion of that remainder before the final whistle, as a partial Cash Out can be completed up to ten times for single bets and five times for eligible multiples. The partial Cash Out amount must be greater than or equal to ten times the minimum unit stake. The Cash Out options at Bet365 will appear on selected events, fixtures and markets both pre-match and In-Play, on single and multiple bets, for a variety of sports including Soccer, Tennis, Horse Racing, Cricket and Basketball. At the moment, partial Cash Out options are only for selected single and straight accumulators. There is a lot of value in being able to have control of your accumulator betting. Imagine that five of your selections in a sixfold were winning, but one selection was looking a bit dodgy. Thanks to the Bet365 feature you could cash out the accumulator rather than letting the whole thing go down the drain because of one leg. With the Cash Out feature available in-play as well, you can actually even watch live streams of a sporting event while bringing up the Cash Out feature to have full control. The Cash Out option is also available on mobile and tablet devices.

Bet365 reveal 80% of sports betting revenue comes from live in-play betting

Some astounding details have been released by Bet365 regarding the betting habits of sports betting punters. It was revealed that 80% of all sports betting revenues have come from in-play bets alone. While the figures were released by Bet365 is a common theme across the entire online betting industry. Live in-play betting, where punters can get down wagers on a sporting event as it is happening, is a major deal and the popularity is increasing even further. Live bets, live betting, live in-play bets, call it what you will, the industry has really benefitted from the birth of that particular form of wagering. It is a great alternative or supplement to pre-match wagers, because punters can enjoy the dynamic experience of engaging in the game, judging the flow of action and, therefore, the likelihood of who scores a goal next for example. Thanks to live in-play betting, punters can see who is on top of their game in a match and who is likely to bag some value in the live goalscorer markets. Or if an underdog takes a lead early in a match, then the price on the favourite will drift a bit and that could be a great time to jump on the favourite to turn things around at the extended value. Bet365 help the live in-play betting process along fantastically with their statistics and graphical representation of live games. It doesn't matter if you are looking at live betting on a desktop or mobile, you will still get the same unique betting experience. It is actually the mobile explosion which has helped the live in-play betting industry grow and grow. Now punters can actually sit in a stadium watching the action live in person, pull out their mobile and get a live bet down on the game. It doesn’t get much better than that, but you could be sitting on your couch watching a game, down the pub watching on the big screen, those dynamic, rapidly-changing live markets are there to be taken advantage of, right at your fingertips. Online bookmaker Bet365 do have one of the most comprehensive live in-play betting portals around. For a top football match, they will generally have over 70 active live in-play betting markets to choose from Next Goal, Match Goals, Match Corners, Half-Time Result to the Full-Time Result. Open a new account with Bet365 and enjoy the game.

Ladbrokes reports upswing in mobile and in-play activity

Online bookmaker Ladbrokes have reported a big increase in the number of bets coming in through mobile phones and tablets. The amount of activity coming in from mobile punters on the Ladbrokes sports book are now accounting for around 20% of Ladbrokes' online bets taken. This has been a good 5% increase of mobile betting over the last twelve months or so. This has been extra good news for Ladbrokes, because it has lead to an increase in profits for the bookie. The revenue alone coming from Ladbrokes online sports (including through mobile devices) was driven up 22% from the start of the year to March. So Ladbrokes are a company definitely heading in the right direction, with a very healthy double digit growth in stakes, all culminating in almost a 6% rise in digital revenue. So the amount of investment and forward thinking that Ladbrokes have put into keeping themselves at the head of 21st century technology is paying them back. According to Ladbrokes, who are the UK's second largest bookmaker, they offer more football in a week to bet on than their closest competitors. Ladbrokes offer up over 800 football games a week, something which the company seems very proud of. But there is still more to come from Ladbrokes as well, because May will see the launch of a new Ladbrokes website as well. So customers of online bookmaker Ladbrokes will have a new interface to work with. It is being tested by users at the moment, and it has been designed to improve the operation and quality of the punter's betting experience on there. There has been another positive shift in Ladbrokes from their In-Play betting services, and the bookie has reported that 57% of sportsbook amount have come through live in play wagers. This is an increase from the 2011 financial year of around 8%, so the popular of Ladbrokes and live-in play betting is still showing a lot of promising growth.      

International Friendly Football Betting Live Streams this week

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It’s a big week of international friendly football betting this week, and popular online bookmaker Bet365 is right there for their customers, providing top live streams. The live football streams through their site is one of the big attractions of Bet365, as they continuously provide coverage of top live action from a wide range of sports. The Bet365 live football stream coverage this week, kicks into high gear on Wednesday night as the big coupon of international football kicks off. With Euro 2012 betting heading our way in the summer, these international friendly matches are great preparations for the teams involves, and Euro 2012 joint hosts Poland are going to get a good run out against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal. Real Madrid’s Ronaldo scored a match winning back heel for his club on the weekend, and takes his Portugal side, who are in the Euro 2012 Group of Death alongside Germany and the Netherlands, to face the Polish side. England’s Euro 2012 group opponents Sweden are out in Croatia for a tricky test and both of these matches can be seen on Bet365 Live Stream service. Lionel Messi’s Argentina are in Europe this week as well, and you can also catch then on a live stream at highly rated bookmaker Bet365. It is Switzerland who host Argentina on Wednesday night, and Bet365 customers can also get to see some action from Central America, with Mexico v Colombia looking a very enticing match to come. So there is some fantastic live football streams to come this week for Bet365 customers, and there is still plenty of time to get on board with one of the best bookmakers available, so that you can enjoy the live streams. The huge benefit of live sports streams through the bookmaker, is that you can enjoy live in play betting at the same time as well. Enhancing your live in play betting with live streams all in one place, is the great advantage of being a Bet365 customer. Bet365 Live International Football Streams this week Hungary v Bulgaria, Montenegro v Iceland, Turkey v Slovakia, Austria v Finland, Croatia v Sweden, Greece v Belgium, Switzerland v Argentina, Poland v Portugal, Paraguay v Panama, Bolivia v Cuba, Ecuador v Honduras, Mexico v Colombia Online bookmaker Bet356 offer a free £200 bet for new customers registering an account. The bookie will match the value of your first deposit on a new account, with a 100% bonus. This means that on your new Bet365 account, you can get £200 worth of free bets, as they match your initial deposit. Bet365 provide superb football betting through their live in play services, and with their 0-0 Bore Draw Special, they offer some insurance as well. Place a pre match Correct Score, Half Time/Full Time or Scorecast bet on any football match listed on the site, and if any bets in those markets lose because the game ends in a 0-0 draw, Bet365 will refund those lost stakes.

ATP San Jose Open Free Live Tennis Streams

There is live tennis streams this week from online bookmaker Bet365. The popular bookie is showing live streams from the ATP San Jose Open tennis, as the second oldest men’s tournament on US soil celebrates its 120th year. There has been many a famous name winning this tournament, from Andy Murray to Andre Agassi to Pete Sampras and John McEnroe. This is an ATP World Tour 250 event, and this is an indoor tournament out in San Jose. There is a good field in attendance with young rising Canadian star Milos Raonic back to defend his title. At the San Jose Open last season, Raonic, the 2011 Newcomer of the Year, was in fine form and he went all the way to land his first ever ATP Tour tile, beating Spain’s Fernando Verdasco in the final. Raonic goes in the top half of the draw as third seed, but is on a collision course with number one seed Gael Monfils in the semi final. The popular Frenchman, always a great draw for the crowds and who finished as runner up in Doha recently and reached the semi final stage here last year and goes as one of the favourites in ATP San Jose Open tennis betting. America’s Andy Roddick is in the field too and he has triumphed in San Jose three times before in his career. He missed last year’s tournament but on his last appearance in 2010 he made it to the final again, but lost against Verdasco. Czech star Radek Stepanek, the 2009 San Jose champion has good tournament history, reaching the final on both of his previous experiences here. So he is also making a strong bet for the title. The stars in San Jose can be enjoyed through Bet365’s live tennis streams this week. The highly rated online bookmaker is again providing superb coverage of a top sporting event for their customers. Online bookmaker Bet356 offer a free £200 bet for new customers registering an account. The bookie will match the value of your first deposit on a new account, with a 100% bonus. This means that on your new Bet365 account, you can get £200 worth of free bets, as they match your initial deposit. Bet365 provide superb tennis betting coverage through their live in play services, and are one of the most highly recommended online bookmakers available. The ability to tune in live to a free stream is a great way to enhance your live in play tennis betting of course. Being able to watch the action should allow you to make more accurate judgement calls on your betting. Bet365 provide all of their streams live and free to their customers. All that is needed to gain access is to be a funded account holder with them, and then you will be able to tune in and bet at the same time with Bet365.

Australian Open Live Tennis Streams at Paddy Power

The 2012 Australian Open Tennis betting is chugging along nicely, with all the of big four still looking for glory in the men’s side of the draw. The biggest exit and upset so far has been US Open winner Samantha Stosur’s first round exit from the women’s draw. So we are in for another good week or so of tennis betting before the climax of the event at the end of the month. This first Tennis Grand Slam of 2012 of course, provides a whole gluttonous mass of tennis betting opportunities to indulge in during its two week period. The most popular markets are the Men’s Outright Winner, the Women’s Outright Winner and individual match betting itself. For the match betting at the 2012 Australian Open, Paddy Power have a great promotion running for the duration of the event. If your match selection loses, but the last point in the match happens to be an ace, then the bookie will refund your losing in running match stake as a free bet. So if your defeated selection goes out on an Ace point, then it will be refund time. There were six of these refunds on three alone! So great coverage on your 2012 Australian Open tennis match betting. The refunds from this Paddy Power Tennis Promotion can be used on another match at the Australian Open. To further enhance you tennis betting experience from Melbourne Park this year, live in play tennis betting is worth looking at, and that is where Paddy Power really deliver a top notch service. Not only is their popular live in play service fantastic for your live betting, but you can also gain access to live streams of the 2012 Australian Open for the matches you are betting on. This is a tremendous service being offered by the highly rated and highly popular online bookmaker Paddy Power. You can get right into the action with the live tennis streams from the Australian Open, which will allow your live in play betting judgements to be sharper because you will have a feel for the action. It is something which is well worth taking advantage of for the Australian Open. Live tennis streams, live in in play betting and superb market prices with live in play match betting insurance! Online bookmaker Paddy Power offer a free £50 bet for new customers registering an account. The online bookmaker will match the value of your first stake on a new account with a free bet. The maximum value of your free bet will be £50 for your welcome bonus offer, but the free betting cash is a great way to get started with your sports betting at Paddy Power on your new account. Australian Open Betting Prices at Paddy Power Novak Djokovic 6/5, Roger Federer 4/1, Andy Murray 5/1, Rafael Nadal 13/2 Petra Kvitova 11/4, Serena Williams 4/1, Victoria Azarenka 9/2, Kim Clijsters 13/2, Na Li 10/1