The advantage can be with the punter in Tennis Betting

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It is often said that the bookmakers have the advantage and is why they make money. This view is mainly the view of people outside of the world of gambling or the majority who lose. The fact of the matter is that the punters have several key advantages in their favour.

1. The betting firms are desperate for their business

Yes that’s right, this is even more so now that there are so many betting firms out there both in the high street and online. They have loads of competition for your business but they need to get to you before the next firm. So sign up bonuses and free bets can be found all over the place! If you can take advantage of these then you are a step ahead before you even start.

2. There are a huge number of betting firms

You can simply shop around now for the best prices. Getting the best odds is paramount now in sports betting but there are so many betting firms out there that getting the best price is pretty straight forward.

3. The punter isn’t forced to bet

This last point is pivotal because it is the ability to pick and choose the points of confrontation that afford the punter the biggest advantage.

Tennis betting can be a very good medium for making money by shopping around for value. It is basically to do with the scoring system and that a draw is impossible in tennis. What this means is that if you can find some matches that are very close to being break even matches then you can often take advantage of prices from different firms being odds against to guarantee a profit.

Like I said, this may not happen and you may not find any bets but you don’t have to bet and that is your biggest advantage as a punter. But if you can identify coin flip matches in your analysis and then find a firm who will offer you better than 2.0 on one of the competitors then you can make money here. Most of the time you will not find such situations but the key is to do a little digging and then try to make your own tissue price.

This isn’t as difficult as it sounds and the betting firms will basically have done your work for you. So if you can cross reference prices and odds from several respected firms then you can take any prices that are outside of that mid-price range as being value.

When I say respected then what I actually mean are firms that are well known for having odds compilers who are very strong at pricing up certain markets. Usually certain sports are not priced up as accurately as say sports like football and this can work to the punters advantage. In this way then what you are doing is using their knowledge and their own expertise as a weapon against them.