Injuries & Suspensions
The Scottish Premiership has pretty much been dominated by Celtic who consistently churns out titles. They are the tour de force on the domestic scene and more often than not they are a banker in the rounds of Scottish premier league action. But there are those times that crop up when they aren't quite at full strength. Maybe they have gone through a busy spell of games and the injuries have started to pile up.
Maybe there is a weakness in a key position because of a suspension. That could equate to it being a good time to lay them in your betting. Of course, you would not be able to take advantage of a situation if you hadn't read up on the latest Scottish Premiership injuries and suspensions list. Fortunately, we have made doing so as easy as it could possibly get as you can find a full list of the current injury and suspensions from Scotland's top flight, right here on this page.
Last update on 20 Jun 2018 at 2 hrs


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Michael DevlinCruciate ligament injury20 May 2017Out for season


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Jonathan HayesBroken leg26 Dec 2017Out for season
 Nir BittonKnee injury15 Feb 2018Out for season

Dundee FC

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 James McPakeKnee injury24 Feb 2017Back in training
 Josh MeekingsBack injury20 Apr 2018Back in training
 Kostadin GadzhalovKnee injury03 Nov 2017Day to day
 Marcus HaberKnee injury12 Feb 2018Day to day
 Sofien MoussaCalf Injury28 Apr 2018Day to day
 Paul McGowanUnknown12 May 2018Unknown


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Alistair CrawfordUnknown08 May 2018Day to day
 Shaun WantUnknown08 May 2018Unknown
 Gary WoodsUnknown08 May 2018Day to day
 George SarrisUnknown08 May 2018Day to day
 Lewis FergusonUnknown08 May 2018Day to day
 David TempletonUnknown12 May 2018Unknown
 Marios OgboeKnee injury12 May 2018Unknown
 Alexandros GogicKnee injury24 Feb 2018Out for season


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Prince BuabenHamstring/Strain27 Mar 2018Back in training
 Harry CochraneKnee injury13 May 2018Unknown
 Jamie BrandonCruciate ligament injury14 Feb 2018Mid November 2018
 Arnaud Sutchuin DjoumAchilles tendon injury17 Feb 2018Mid December 2018
 Marcus GodinhoKnee injury22 Apr 2018Out for season
 Andrew IrvingBroken wrist30 Apr 2018Out for season


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Ross LaidlawShoulder injury01 Dec 2017Day to day
 Martin BoyleHamstring/Strain10 May 2018Unknown
 Ofir MarcianoFinger injury18 Jun 2018Unknown


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Jordan JonesHernia05 May 2018Day to day
 Steven SmithBack injury08 May 2018Unknown
 Kirk BroadfootLeg injury08 May 2018Day to day
 Rory McKenzieKnee injury14 Apr 2018Out for season


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Stephen PearsonGroin injury12 May 2017Unknown
 Andy RoseCollarbone injury22 Apr 2018Day to day
 Ryan BowmanUnknown28 Apr 2018Unknown
 James ScottBroken toe04 May 2018Unknown
 Ellis PlummerBroken leg14 Dec 2017Out for season
 Craig TannerKnee injury14 Mar 2018Mid September 2018
 George NewellBroken cheekbone16 Apr 2018Out for season

Partick T.

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Stuart BanniganKnee injury02 Dec 2017Unknown
 Chris ErskineHamstring/Strain12 May 2018Day to day

Rangers FC

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Lee WallaceGroin injury06 Apr 2018Unknown
 Wesley FoderinghamShoulder injury22 Apr 2018Day to day
 Ryan JackKnee injury27 Dec 2017Out for season
 Graham DorransKnee injury08 May 2018Late June 2018

Ross County

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Chris EaglesUnknown29 Mar 2018Unknown
 Andrew DaviesUnknown12 May 2018Unknown
 Sean KellyUnknown29 Mar 2018Early July 2018


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Brian EastonHernia19 Jan 2018Day to day
 Blair AlstonAnkle injury31 Mar 2018Day to day
 Christopher KaneHamstring/Strain07 Apr 2018Day to day
 Denny JohnstoneKnee injury10 Apr 2018Out for season
Player has returned to training
Player will return in the foreseeable future
Player out for a longer period

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Knowledge is power as the old adage goes and this is totally relevant to your Scottish Premiership betting. The opposing starting lineups in a match are crucial to affecting the outcome of a game. If you find a side who are struggling to keep relegation at bay are missing their top goalscorer who has been carrying them all season, then it probably means that they are going to have a tough afternoon.

The Scottish Premiership runs on a unique format that it goes through a split in the season which affects who can win the title and who can suffer relegation. So teams like Rangers, Aberdeen, Hibernians and Hearts are under constant pressure. Every piece of the action along the way is crucial throughout the season. Those occasions when influential players have to sit out a game can have a tremendous bearing on your betting options.