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NFL Football and Handicapping tips

Successful football handicapping is nothing but doing your homework properly.
We mean to say look and scrutinize the past, carefully scan the current circumstances and then predict the future.

Football is still a simple, brutal game. Moving the ball down the field, and keeping the other team from doing the same, goes a long way towards winning games. So a few of the key statistics football handicappers should be aware of include average yards rushing and average yards rushing allowed.
Again, no team is strong and none is actually weak and good football handicappers know this.

Other things to look for when handicapping a football game (which are mentioned in every other article giving you tips on handicapping) are weather conditions and suitability of the teams, past performances, the weather, key injuries, motivation of the teams and more.

Sharp football handicappers do more than just research the games and manage their money. They shop around for the sportsbook with the best line on a particular game. They bet with their head, and not with their heart. And they take into account the betting public's influence on point spreads, and many times bet the opposite way.

NFL pro football handicapping and money management tips to become a consistent winner can be stated thus in a nutshell:

Money Management tips

  • Stay away from three game and larger Parlays. The odds of winning a three game Parlay is not much better than 1 in 10.
  • Only bet Teasers if the teased number crosses 3 and 7. For example teasing +2.0 to +8.0 or -8.0 to -2.0
  • Bet the same amount on every game for the whole season.
  • Have at least three fully funded sportsbook accounts to shop for the best line.
  • Take advantage of reduced juice sportsbooks and sportsbook bonuses.

Pro Football Handicapping tips

  • Do not frequently bet against PK to +2.5 Home Dogs. Teams in this position cover the spread more often then not.
  • Rushing offense and rushing defense are the most significant pro football handicapping statistics.
  • Always buy the 1/2 point on or off of a 3.0 point line for 20 cents or less.
  • Bet more Underdogs than Favorites especially versus division rivals.