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The last thing that you want to do when trying to make a betting decision is to miss a key piece of information. But that is what can happen and usually, the injuries and suspensions list can get overlooked. It is easy to remember to look at the current form of a team but if you miss the information about injuries and suspensions which means that a side can’t put out anywhere near the strongest starting eleven, then you are going to be at a disadvantage.

Arming yourself with the most information that you can get in order to try and land a successful bet is key. Exactly who is lining up in a Championship match is just as important as things like average goals per game that a team is scoring. You need to know who is playing and also who a team may or may not be playing against. So always stay dialled into the England Championship injuries and suspensions list so that no key information is missing from your betting decisions.

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Last update on 05 Jun 2020 at 5 hrs


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Marcel RitzmaierKnee injury06 Feb 2020Back in training
 Bambo DiabyKnee injury17 Jan 2020Day to day
 Clarke OduorUnknown18 Jan 2020Unknown
 Mike Steven BähreIllness20 Jan 2020Day to day
 Toby SibbickFever04 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Samuel RadlingerIllness, Muscle injury06 Feb 2020Unknown
 Callum StylesAnkle injury20 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Cauley WoodrowHamstring/Strain, Muscle injury13 Mar 2020Doubtful


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Marc RobertsAnkle injury30 Nov 2019Back in training
 Cheick KeitaAnkle injury09 Sep 2019Day to day
 Jonathan GroundsCalf Injury13 Oct 2019Day to day
 David StockdaleHand injury01 Nov 2019Unknown
 Dan CrowleyHamstring/Strain25 Jan 2020Day to day
 Kerim MrabtiHamstring/Strain25 Jan 2020Day to day
 Jacques MaghomaThigh injury04 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Maikel KieftenbeldKnee injury, Cruciate ligament injury10 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Scott HoganAnkle injury15 Feb 2020Day to day
 Jake Clarke-SalterKnee injury22 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Jérémie BelaHamstring/Strain29 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Joshua McEachranCruciate ligament injury04 Feb 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Sergi CanosKnee injury05 Oct 2019Back in training
 Pontus JanssonHip injury24 Jan 2020Back in training
 Nikos KarelisKnee injury19 Oct 2019Unknown
 Josh ClarkeUnknown29 Oct 2019Unknown
 Ellery BalcombeBack injury20 Jan 2020Unknown
 Saïd BenrahmaPersonal reasons24 Jan 2020Day to day
 Kamohelo MokotjoKnee injury25 Jan 2020Unknown
 Mathias JensenHamstring/Strain, Hamstring/Strain15 Feb 2020Day to day
 Shandon BaptisteKnock injury29 Feb 2020Unknown

Bristol City

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Benik AfobeCruciate ligament injury19 Sep 2019Back in training
 Zak VynerDislocated shoulder29 Dec 2019Back in training
 Tomas KalasHamstring/Strain04 Jan 2020Back in training
 Josh BrownhillBruised foot11 Jan 2020Unknown
 Marley WatkinsCalf Injury11 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Han-Noah MassengoAnkle injury11 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Kasey PalmerChest injury06 Feb 2020Unknown
 Andreas WeimannUnknown15 Feb 2020Unknown
 Daniel BentleyGroin injury29 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Ádám NagyAnkle injury, Ankle injury07 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Nathan BakerConcussion, Groin injury07 Mar 2020Day to day
 Korey SmithKnee injury, Leg injury12 Feb 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Matthew ConnollyAnkle injury05 Jan 2019Doubtful
 Isaac VassellThigh injury, Thigh injury26 Sep 2019Unknown
 Nathaniel Mendez-LaingHamstring/Strain29 Dec 2019Doubtful
 Daniel WardConcussion18 Jan 2020Unknown
 Joe RallsBroken hand, Buttocks injury25 Jan 2020Day to day
 Lee TomlinKnee injury22 Feb 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Graeme ShinnieHamstring/Strain23 Nov 2019Back in training
 Tom LawrenceCalf Injury05 Mar 2020Back in training
 Wayne RooneyMuscle injury05 Mar 2020Back in training
 Jack David MarriottMuscle injury02 Jan 2020Few Days
 Tom HuddlestoneCalf Injury28 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Andre WisdomHamstring/Strain15 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Duane HolmesAnkle injury15 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Ikechi AnyaCalf Injury, Calf Injury21 Feb 2020Day to day
 Richard KeoghKnee injury24 Sep 2019Late December 2020
 George EvansCalf Injury, Calf Injury21 Dec 2019Early March 2020
 Krystian BielikCruciate ligament injury13 Jan 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Anthony KnockaertHamstring/Strain17 Jan 2020Back in training
 Alfie MawsonKnee injury20 Jan 2020Back in training
 Harrison ReedCalf Injury21 Jan 2020Back in training
 Aboubakar KamaraAnkle injury21 Jan 2020Back in training
 Maxime Le MarchandBack injury09 Nov 2019Doubtful
 Tom CairneyUnknown09 Jan 2020Unknown
 Steven SessegnonThigh injury21 Jan 2020Day to day
 Joshua OnomahKnee injury15 Feb 2020Unknown
 Joe BryanHamstring/Strain29 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Aleksandar MitrovicAnkle injury11 Jan 2020Early February 2020
 Terence KongoloFoot injury08 Feb 2020Early June 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Josh MagennisHamstring/Strain29 Nov 2019Back in training
 Kevin StewartBroken foot30 Nov 2019Back in training
 Stephen KingsleyHamstring/Strain29 Dec 2019Back in training
 Angus MacDonaldCancer04 Sep 2019Day to day
 Norbert BaloghCalf Injury23 Oct 2019Few Days
 Mallik WilksIllness13 Dec 2019Day to day
 Callum ElderCalf Injury, Hamstring/Strain18 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Matthew PenningtonGroin strain23 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Josh BowlerHeel Injury24 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Martin SamuelsenCalf Injury25 Jan 2020Doubtful
 James ScottAnkle injury04 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Herbie KaneAnkle injury12 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Marcus MaddisonIllness20 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Keane Lewis-PotterHamstring/Strain21 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Tom EavesAnkle injury22 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Jon ToralHamstring/Strain, Knee injury26 Feb 2020Day to day
 Jordy de WijsCalf Injury, Calf Injury26 Feb 2020Day to day
 Reece BurkeCalf Injury26 Feb 2020Late April 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Jamie ShackletonMuscle injury05 Dec 2019Back in training
 Barry DouglasRib injury16 Jan 2020Day to day
 Ryan EdmondsonThigh injury, Knee injury03 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Tyler RobertsCalf Injury10 Feb 2020Unknown
 Kalvin PhillipsCalf Injury, Knee injury22 Feb 2020Day to day
 Francisco CasillaHand injury25 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Jean Kevin AugustinHamstring/Strain26 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Adam ForshawHip injury28 Sep 2019Out for season
 Pablo HernandezHamstring/Strain21 Dec 2019Late January 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Ryan ShottonKnee injury02 Nov 2019Day to day
 George FriendThigh injury, Hamstring/Strain26 Nov 2019Doubtful
 Britt AssombalongaAnkle injury07 Dec 2019Doubtful
 Daniel AyalaAnkle injury01 Jan 2020Day to day
 Patrick RobertsHamstring/Strain21 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Dael FryHamstring/Strain, Thigh injury21 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Anfernee DijksteelKnee injury16 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Ashley Michael FletcherHamstring/Strain26 Feb 2020Doubtful


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Mason BennettAnkle injury23 Nov 2019Back in training
 Ben ThompsonAnkle injury14 Dec 2019Back in training
 Aiden O´BrienAnkle injury10 Jan 2020Back in training
 Ryan LeonardKnee injury05 Oct 2019Day to day
 Tom ElliottHamstring/Strain13 Dec 2019Unknown
 Shaun WilliamsHip injury14 Feb 2020Day to day
 Jayson MolumbyHamstring/Strain22 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Shaun HutchinsonRib injury22 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Frank FieldingArm injury, Thigh injury24 Jan 2020A few weeks

Nottingham Forest

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Tendayi DarikwaCruciate ligament injury01 Aug 2019Back in training
 Nuno da CostaKnee injury, Groin injury14 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Sammy AmeobiHip injury24 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Lewis GrabbanKnee injury, Knee injury24 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Tiago Rafael Maia SilvaAbdominal injury03 Mar 2020Unknown
 Samba SowKnee injury, Knee injury01 Feb 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Billy BodinAchilles tendon injury10 Jan 2020Back in training
 Tom BaylissAnkle injury16 Jan 2020Back in training
 Paul GallagherUnknown18 Jan 2020Back in training
 Brad PottsHamstring/Strain07 Mar 2020Back in training
 Ben PearsonIllness18 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Connor RipleyIllness12 Feb 2020Unknown
 Daniel JohnsonKnee injury, Knee injury22 Feb 2020Unknown
 Josh HarropHamstring/Strain25 Feb 2020Unknown
 Louis MoultCruciate ligament injury17 Aug 2019Out for season
 Jayden StockleyVirus30 May 2020A few weeks

Queens Park Rangers

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Charlie OwensKnee injury13 Sep 2019Doubtful
 Toni LeistnerHamstring/Strain01 Jan 2020Unknown
 Joe LumleyUnknown18 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Jordan HugillUnknown, Groin injury18 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Grant HallBack injury29 Feb 2020Day to day
 Yoann BarbetCalf Injury17 Dec 2019A few weeks


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Lucas JoaoHamstring/Strain16 Jan 2020Back in training
 Tom McIntyreFoot injury31 Jan 2020Back in training
 Lucas BoyeHernia04 Feb 2020Back in training
 Chris GunterGroin injury08 Feb 2020Back in training
 Andy YiadomKnee injury07 Dec 2019Day to day
 Jordan ObitaAnkle injury15 Feb 2020Day to day
 PeleGroin injury15 Feb 2020Day to day
 George PuscasKnee injury, Shoulder injury26 Feb 2020Unknown
 Liam MooreIllness, Foot injury29 Feb 2020Unknown
 Ovie EjariaKnee injury07 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Andy RinomhotaAnkle injury07 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Matthew MiazgaAnkle injury25 Jan 2020Early March 2020

Sheffield Wednesday

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Fernando ForestieriKnee injury30 Nov 2019Back in training
 Massimo LuongoCalf Injury31 Jan 2020Back in training
 Moses OdubajoHamstring/Strain08 Feb 2020Back in training
 Adam ReachToe injury08 Feb 2020Back in training
 Julian BörnerHamstring/Strain05 Mar 2020Back in training
 Liam PalmerAnkle injury29 Dec 2019Day to day
 Steven FletcherKnee injury04 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Morgan Alexander FoxAnkle injury31 Jan 2020Day to day
 Kieran LeeGroin injury05 Mar 2020Unknown


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Ryan ShawcrossCalf Injury29 Dec 2019Back in training
 Jordan CousinsAnkle injury29 Feb 2020Back in training
 Sam VokesCalf Injury09 Mar 2020Back in training
 Thibaud VerlindenRib injury, Cruciate ligament injury20 Jan 2020Unknown
 Tyrese CampbellHamstring/Strain20 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Stephen WardCalf Injury25 Jan 2020Unknown
 James McCleanMedial Collateral Ligament injury12 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Sam ClucasHip injury14 Feb 2020Unknown
 Joe AllenAchilles tendon injury07 Mar 2020Out for season


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 George ByersSprained ankle08 Feb 2020Unknown
 Bersant CelinaIllness26 Feb 2020Day to day
 André AyewFoot injury29 Feb 2020Day to day
 Wayne RoutledgeKnee injury29 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Joe RodonAnkle injury22 Oct 2019Late January 2020
 Jordan GarrickHamstring/Strain08 Nov 2019Early February 2020
 Mike van der HoornKnee injury02 Jan 2020A few weeks
 Connor RobertsShoulder injury01 Feb 2020

West Bromwich Albion

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Kieran GibbsHamstring/Strain01 Jan 2020Back in training
 Grady DianganaHamstring/Strain, Hamstring/Strain14 Dec 2019Day to day
 Lee PeltierLeg injury24 Jan 2020Day to day
 Nathan FergusonKnee injury01 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Sam FieldKnee injury20 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Ahmed HegazyHamstring/Strain29 Feb 2020Unknown
 Jonathan LekoCruciate ligament injury27 Dec 2019Mid August 2020
Player has returned to training
Player will return in the foreseeable future
Player out for a longer period

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