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Without a full picture of just who is expected to be lining up for a team in their next fixture, you may be, to some degree, making decisions in the dark. If the top scorer for a team that you were thinking of backing is sat on the sidelines with an ankle injury, then that would have an adverse effect on that team’s chances of landing a win in their game, as their goal output chances will have been seriously depleted.

So checking on the Germany 2nd Bundesliga injuries and suspensions list can help you guide your betting decisions in any fixtures from the German second tier. It is all right here, so just scan down the list to the team you are thinking of backing and importantly don’t forget to check out their opponents as well. Who a team isn’t facing up to (maybe a key defender is suspended for example) is just as key to your betting decisions as it is for who is missing from the team you are backing.

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Last Update: 25.Jun.2022 - 14:15


Player Injury Injury Date Expected Return
Soufiane Messeguem Knee injury 09.May.2022 Early July 2022
Martin Männel Meniscus injury 12.Apr.2022 Early July 2022

Fortuna Dusseldorf

Player Injury Injury Date Expected Return
Tim Wiesner Ankle injury 15.Jun.2020 Mid July 2020
Oliver Fink Calf Injury 11.Jun.2020 Early July 2020

Hamburger SV

Player Injury Injury Date Expected Return
Tim Leibold Cruciate ligament injury 26.Oct.2021 Early July 2022
Anssi Suhonen Broken leg 12.May.2022 Mid September 2022

Holstein Kiel

Player Injury Injury Date Expected Return
Noah Awuku Cruciate ligament injury 31.Oct.2021 Early July 2022


Player Injury Injury Date Expected Return
Pascal Köpke Knee injury 11.May.2022 Early July 2022
Virgil Misidjan Physical discomfort 25.Sep.2020 Mid November 2020


Player Suspension Date
Marvin Cuni 25.Jun.2022


Player Injury Injury Date Expected Return
Markus Karl Cruciate ligament injury 13.Apr.2019 Mid July 2020

Schalke 04

Player Injury Injury Date Expected Return
Marvin Pieringer COVID-19 22.Jun.2022 Early July 2022
Marius Bülter Foot injury 22.Jun.2022 Late July 2022

St. Pauli

Player Suspension Date
Daniel Buballa 25.Jun.2022

Werder Bremen

Player Injury Injury Date Expected Return
Jean-Manuel Mbom Achilles tendon injury 30.Apr.2022 Mid July 2022

Links to current injuries and suspensions lists

Here is a fully detailed list of the current 2nd Bundesliga injuries and suspensions that could be affecting play. Remember that things can rapidly change on a day to day basis with all of this, so keep checking back to see the current information. The action from the German second tier is highly competitive in trying to book a spot up through promotion to the top tier and of course no-one will want to drop down a tier.

Keep up to date with the latest information that will affect team line ups in the Germany 2nd Bundesliga. Don’t miss out on a betting opportunity because of not knowing about a sidelined player through suspension on the day, or a player having crooked their knee the day before in training. Put yourself in good shape for your betting strategies by planning bets accordingly by taking injuries and suspensions into account.