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The dream for all Italian clubs, of course, is to get to ply their trade in the top flight. It can be an intensely gruelling season in trying to battle forth to promotion success from the Italian second tier and the long season can certainly take its toll on players. This will have a knock on effect of course on your betting decisions for Italy’s Serie B season because it is not uncommon for a team to go through a bit of an injury crisis.

This is something which can have a dramatic effect on form. If a team is having to step out into action on the weekend with three or more of their regular starters missing through either injuries or suspension, then that will naturally limit their chances of success in the game. Imagine if you had blindly backed them to win only to find out that their starting line up had to include reserve players because of injuries. It is better to be up to speed on the latest Italy Serie B injuries and suspensions list to help you make more informed wagering decisions.

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Last update on 26 Oct 2020 at 8 hrs


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Khadim NdiayeUnknown14 Sep 2020Doubtful
 Emanuele MauriziiUnknown16 Sep 2020Early October 2020
 Riccardo BroscoStrain injury17 Sep 2020Early October 2020
 Apostolos VelliosHand injury17 Oct 2020Mid November 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Nicola PavanMuscle injury28 Jul 2020Early September 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Guillame GigliottiStrain injury17 Sep 2020Early October 2020
 Emmanuel RiviereMuscle injury24 Sep 2020Mid October 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Davide MazzoccoUnknown15 Sep 2020Doubtful
 Andrea ParoniMeniscus injury14 Oct 2020Early January 2021


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Riccardo BaroniHip injury11 Jun 2020Doubtful
 Federico DionisiPhysical discomfort27 Sep 2020Doubtful
 Marco CapuanoThigh injury21 Jul 2020Late September 2020
 Mirko GoriShoulder injury28 Jul 2020Early November 2020
 Michele VolpeMeniscus injury17 Sep 2020Mid December 2020
 Przemyslaw SzyminskiUnknown17 Oct 2020Early November 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Raoul BellanovaVirus11 Oct 2020A few weeks
 Raúl AsencioMuscle injury12 Oct 2020Early November 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Luka BogdanMuscle injury04 Oct 2020Doubtful
 Cristiano LombardiMuscle injury20 Oct 2020Early November 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Jeroen ZoetGroin injury30 Sep 2020Doubtful
 Giuseppe MastinuStrain injury21 Jul 2020Late September 2020
 Elio CapradossiCruciate ligament injury25 Jul 2020Early January 2021
 Riccardo MarchizzaMuscle injury20 Aug 2020Late September 2020
 Gennaro AcamporaHamstring/Strain20 Aug 2020Late September 2020
 Federico MattielloCalf Injury23 Sep 2020Mid October 2020
 Juan RamosMuscle injury15 Oct 2020Late October 2020
Player has returned to training
Player will return in the foreseeable future
Player out for a longer period

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If you knew that a team were missing their main man in midfield for their latest challenge against a fellow promotion-contender, then what kind of bearing would that have on your betting decision for that game? A lot would be the answer because it is vital information that you don’t want to skip just because you didn’t take into consideration Serie B injuries and suspensions.

These are vital pieces of the betting jigsaw puzzle to look at and they should not be overlooked. At the end of the Serie B season, there are the huge prizes of three promotion spots up to the top flight to get, which means a chance to take on the challenges of the likes of AC Milan, Juventus and Napoli in the following season. At the other end of the table, there are three teams who will get relegated down to Serie C.