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The elite division in the Netherlands is the Eredivisie, where the likes of famous names such as Feyenoord, Ajax and PSV Eindhoven fight their way to success and glory. It is not regarded as one of the big five of the European leagues but still, it is a hugely popular league for going and looking at for betting purposes. In doing so, it pays to go a little more in-depth than just looking at league standings to base decisions off of.

Keeping abreast of the Eredivisie injuries and suspensions list for the Dutch top flight can pay dividends when it comes to making educated betting decisions. You need to know if the Ajax forward line has been depleted because of injury and/or suspension, for example. That’s pretty vital information to have on your side. The more stats and facts that you can base a betting decision off of, the stronger the decision will be.

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Last update on 04 Jun 2020 at 20 hrs

ADO Den Haag

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Tom BeugelsdijkBroken wrist14 Dec 2019Back in training
 Jordan SpenceAchilles tendon injury23 Jan 2020Unknown
 Crysencio SummervilleAnkle injury21 Feb 2020Unknown
 Dion MaloneHamstring/Strain22 Feb 2020Doubtful
 John GoossensUnknown09 Mar 2020Unknown


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 David Neres CamposKnee injury05 Nov 2019Back in training
 Perr SchuursCalf Injury12 Feb 2020Back in training
 Klaas Jan HuntelaarUnknown19 Feb 2015Doubtful
 Zakaria LabyadKnee injury28 Nov 2019Unknown
 Hakim ZiyechCalf Injury19 Jan 2020Few Days
 Andre OnanaShoulder injury26 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Quincy PromesHamstring/Strain, Calf Injury02 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Joel VeltmanKnee injury02 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Noussair MazraouiKnock injury17 Feb 2020Mid May 2020
 Ryan BabelCalf Injury, Buttocks injury02 Mar 2020Mid May 2020

AZ Alkmaar

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Calvin StengsLeg injury16 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Oussama IdrissiUnknown18 Jan 2020Unknown
 Owen WijndalLeg injury05 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Fredrik MidtsjøPhysical discomfort09 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Albert GudmundssonAnkle injury, Ankle injury09 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Pantelis HatzidiakosCruciate ligament injury28 Nov 2019Out for season
 Ron VlaarThigh injury14 Feb 2020Late May 2020
 Stijn WuytensHamstring/Strain15 Feb 2020Late May 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Sven van BeekAnkle injury28 Jul 2019Back in training
 Rick KarsdorpGroin injury06 Dec 2019Back in training
 Ridgeciano HapsKnee injury08 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Luciano NarsinghIllness19 Jan 2020Day to day
 Renato TapiaUnknown21 Jan 2020Unknown
 Orkun KökcüHamstring/Strain28 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Eric Fernando BotteghinPhysical discomfort12 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Nicolai JørgensenFoot injury14 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Luis SinisterraCruciate ligament injury16 Feb 2020Mid October 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Gabriel GudmundssonHamstring/Strain17 Dec 2019Back in training
 Amir AbsalemUnknown17 Jan 2020Unknown
 Daishawn RedanIllness28 Jan 2020Unknown
 Mo El HankouriUnknown31 Jan 2020Unknown
 Romano PostemaKnee injury08 Feb 2020Unknown
 Ajdin HrusticGroin injury, Knee injury14 Feb 2020Day to day
 Django WarmerdamAnkle injury16 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Görkem CanUnknown01 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Joel AsoroUnknown01 Mar 2020Unknown
 Thijs DallingaKnock injury31 Jan 2020Mid May 2020
 Bart van HintumPhysical discomfort09 Mar 2020Mid May 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Daniel HøeghAnkle injury17 Jan 2020Back in training
 Jens OdgaardFoot injury17 Dec 2019Doubtful
 Sven BotmanKnee injury10 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Runar EspejordPersonal reasons01 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Jan RasCruciate ligament injury25 Oct 2019Late June 2020
 Warner HahnKnee injury02 Feb 2020Late May 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Jesper DrostKnee injury13 Sep 2019Unknown
 Mauro JuniorPhysical discomfort10 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Silvester van der WaterIllness17 Jan 2020Day to day
 Dario Van Den BuysUnknown19 Jan 2020Unknown
 Mohammed OsmanIllness31 Jan 2020Unknown
 Tim BreukersFever28 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Dabney dos SantosMuscle injury, Muscle injury28 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Navajo BakboordCruciate ligament injury21 Nov 2019
 Sebastian JakubiakMuscle injury18 Dec 2019A few weeks
 Joey KoningsAnkle injury06 Feb 2020Late May 2020
 Robin PropperKnee injury, Knee injury19 Feb 2020Mid May 2020

PSV Eindhoven

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Sam LammersKnee injury28 Jul 2019Back in training
 Érick GutiérrezAnkle injury02 Feb 2020Back in training
 Donyell MalenKnee injury15 Dec 2019Unknown
 Jorrit HendrixHip injury23 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Mohammed IhattarenUnknown09 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Yannick Van OschWrist injury, Cruciate ligament injury09 Mar 2020Unknown

Sparta Rotterdam

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Michael Gonçalves PintoUnknown10 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Ragnar AcheHamstring/Strain11 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Dante RigoHead injury16 Feb 2020Day to day
 Adil AuassarKnee injury16 Feb 2020Unknown
 Suently AlbertoAchilles tendon injury25 Oct 2019Out for season


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Rafik ZekhniniUnknown09 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Aitor CantalapiedraFoot injury07 Feb 2020Few Days
 José Joaquín Matos GarcíaCruciate ligament injury10 Aug 2019Late June 2020
 Emil BerggreenKnock injury, Unknown02 Mar 2020Early April 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Maarten PaesShoulder injury10 Jan 2020Unknown
 Tommy St. JagoUnknown01 Mar 2020Unknown
 Mitchell van RooijenKnee injury02 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Jean-Christophe BahebeckPhysical discomfort09 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Sander Van de StreekPhysical discomfort09 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Willem JanssenCruciate ligament injury21 Jan 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Bram VerbongConcussion20 Jul 2019Doubtful
 Lee CattermoleKnee injury22 Nov 2019Doubtful
 Evert LinthorstAnkle injury19 Jan 2020Day to day
 Peter van OoijenUnknown21 Feb 2020Unknown
 Steffen SchäferUnknown09 Mar 2020Unknown
 Aaron BastiaansBroken foot14 Dec 2019Out for season
 Christiaan KumCalf Injury, Illness11 Mar 2020Late May 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Jamal BlackmanBroken leg16 Nov 2018Unknown
 Filip Møller DelaverisBack injury29 Nov 2019Doubtful
 Navarone FoorShoulder injury23 Jan 2020Unknown
 Tim MatavzIllness30 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Brian LinssenAnkle injury23 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Roy BeerensPersonal reasons, Hamstring/Strain09 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Hilary GongKnee injury20 Aug 2019Late May 2020
 Charly MusondaKnee injury23 Aug 2019
 Eli DasaBroken ankle21 Nov 2019A few weeks
 Matus BeroHamstring/Strain, Hamstring/Strain09 Mar 2020Late May 2020

Willem II

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Freek HeerkensKnee injury16 Feb 2020Back in training
 Vangelis PavlidisKnee injury22 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Timon WellenreutherGroin injury02 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Miquel NelomMuscle injury07 Feb 2020Unknown
 Pol Llonch PuyaltoCalf Injury, Muscle injury16 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Bart NieuwkoopCalf Injury, Groin injury28 Feb 2020Unknown
 James McGarryPersonal reasons01 Mar 2020Unknown
 Dylan RyanPhysical discomfort09 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Elton KabanguPersonal reasons09 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Fernando LewisCruciate ligament injury17 Aug 2019Out for season


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Bram Van PolenAnkle injury23 Nov 2019Unknown
 Iiass Bel HassaniUnknown20 Dec 2019Unknown
 Thomas LamFoot injury06 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Dean HuibertsAnkle injury30 Jan 2020Unknown
 Sam KerstenHamstring/Strain23 Feb 2020Unknown
 Jarno WestermanBroken foot02 Feb 2020Out for season
Player has returned to training
Player will return in the foreseeable future
Player out for a longer period

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This is the battle to be crowned the top side in the Netherlands but there is also the race to secure Champions League and Europa League places as well. The historical powerhouses in the Dutch top flight have been Ajax and PSV Eindhoven and if you are looking at one of them for betting options you will want to make sure that they are somewhere near full strength.

Similarly, you will want to size up the opposition of who you are betting against as well, because if they are missing a vital cog in their machine then that may make them even more vulnerable against a strong favourite which could raise things like goal margins in the match. So keep an eye out on the all-important Eredivisie injuries and suspensions list if you are looking at betting action in the Dutch top flight.