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Injuries & Suspensions
One of the influencing factors when it comes to La Liga betting is who is missing from a particular line-up for a match. As well as form of a current side, a big thing to take into consideration is La Liga injuries and bans.

There is an importance for looking at this valuable information, so that you aren’t backing blindly an under strength side because of an injury or a suspension. Every team has their most valuable players, the clutch players, the fulcrums which makes the team tick.

If a club is racking up the numbers in the La Primera Division injuries and suspensions departments, then it should have an influence on your betting. Is the midfield dynamo on the La Liga injury list? Is the top goal-getter missing because of suspension?

Last update on 17 Oct 2019 at 19 hrs


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 BurguiCruciate ligament injury12 Mar 2019Back in training
 Fernando PachecoFoot injury29 Sep 2019Back in training
 Tomas PinaThigh injury05 Oct 2019Unknown
 Rodrigo ElyThigh injury05 Oct 2019Day to day
 John GuidettiThigh injury08 Oct 2019Doubtful
 Oliver BurkeUnknown14 Oct 2019Day to day

Athletic Bilbao

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Iago HerrerínHeel Injury01 Oct 2019Back in training
 Gorka GuruzetaCruciate ligament injury28 Apr 2019Late November 2019
 Yuri BerchicheDislocated shoulder28 Sep 2019Late October 2019

Atletico Madrid

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Borja GarcésCruciate ligament injury26 Mar 2019Back in training
 Diego CostaGastrointestinal discomfort09 Oct 2019Back in training
 Alvaro MorataSprained knee injury28 Aug 2019Unknown
 Víctor Machín Pérez VitoloThigh injury28 Sep 2019Few Days
 Stefan SavicHamstring/Strain11 Oct 2019Unknown
 Sime VrsaljkoKnee injury31 Jan 2019Mid October 2019


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Samuel UmtitiBroken foot07 Sep 2019Back in training
 Júnior FirpoHamstring/Strain01 Oct 2019Back in training
 Carles PérezMuscle injury11 Oct 2019Back in training
 Jordi AlbaHamstring/Strain17 Sep 2019Few Days
 Lionel MessiGroin injury24 Sep 2019Unknown
 Ousmane DembéléHamstring/Strain28 Sep 2019Unknown
Gerard Piqué Suspended for 1 Match
Suspended for following matches:
19 Oct: Eibar-Barcelona
Ousmane Dembélé Suspended for 2 Matches
Suspended for following matches:
19 Oct: Eibar-Barcelona
26 Oct.: Barcelona-Real Madrid
Ronald Araujo Suspended for 1 Match
Suspended for following matches:
19 Oct: Eibar-Barcelona


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Francis GuerreroPhysical discomfort08 Jul 2019Back in training
 SidneiThigh injury20 Sep 2019Back in training
 Alfonso PedrazaMuscle injury15 Sep 2019Unknown
 Emerson AparecidoCold15 Sep 2019Unknown
 Wilfrid Jaures KaptoumThigh injury15 Sep 2019Unknown
 Sergio CanalesGastrointestinal discomfort11 Oct 2019Day to day
 Nabil FekirHamstring/Strain20 Sep 2019Mid October 2019
 Juan Miguel Juanmi LopezFoot injury23 Sep 2019Mid October 2019
 William CarvalhoBack injury11 Oct 2019Early January 2020

Celta Vigo

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 David CostasCalf Injury05 Sep 2019Back in training
 RafinhaCalf Injury09 Sep 2019Back in training
 Juan HernándezKnee injury29 Aug 2019Unknown
 Okay YokusluMuscle injury15 Sep 2019Doubtful
 Gabriel FernandezFlu18 Sep 2019Day to day
 Lucas OlazaCalf Injury09 Oct 2019Day to day
 Brais MéndezIllness15 Oct 2019Day to day
 Kevin VazquezThigh injury09 Oct 2019Early December 2019


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Pedro BigasMuscle injury04 Oct 2019Unknown
 Pablo De BlasisLeg injury07 Oct 2019Few Days
 Roberto CorreaSprained ankle11 Oct 2019Unknown
 Ivan RamisThigh injury15 Oct 2019Unknown
 José AngelHamstring/Strain29 Sep 2019A few weeks
Gonzalo Escalante Suspended for 1 Match
Suspended for following matches:
19 Oct: Eibar-Barcelona


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Pablo PiattiCruciate ligament injury09 Feb 2019Back in training
 Facundo FerreyraHamstring/Strain15 Sep 2019Back in training
 Ander IturraspeDislocated shoulder22 Aug 2019Unknown
 Sébastien CorchiaMeniscus injury14 Sep 2019Unknown
Fernando Calero Suspended for 1 Match
Suspended for following matches:
20 Oct: Espanyol-Villarreal


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Markel BergaraMeniscus injury02 Oct 2019Unknown
 Amath Ndiaye DiedhiouCruciate ligament injury07 Dec 2018Late December 2019
 Vitorino AntunesCruciate ligament injury14 Apr 2019Late December 2019
 Filip ManojlovicBack injury16 Jul 2019Late October 2019


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Alejandro Martínez SánchezHamstring/Strain23 Jul 2019Back in training
 Alvaro VadilloKnee injury10 Oct 2019Back in training
 Neyder LozanoShin injury14 Aug 2019Unknown
 Fede VicoFoot injury15 Sep 2019Unknown
 QuiniCruciate ligament injury19 Sep 2019Unknown
 Yan BriceSprained ankle01 Oct 2019Unknown
 Angel MontoroThigh injury05 Oct 2019Early November 2019
Germán Sánchez Suspended for 1 Match
Suspended for following matches:
18 Oct: Granada-Osasuna


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Rodrigo TarínMeniscus injury25 Aug 2019Back in training
 Ivan CuellarAbdominal injury12 Sep 2019Day to day
 Dimitris SiovasUnknown22 Sep 2019Unknown
 Oscar Rodríguez ArnaizThigh injury05 Oct 2019Day to day
 Alexander SzymanowskiCruciate ligament injury31 Jul 2019Early January 2020
 Rubén PérezSprained knee injury28 Sep 2019Late November 2019


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Enis BardhiHamstring/Strain23 Sep 2019Few Days
 Sergio PostigoMuscle injury03 Oct 2019Few Days
 HernaniMuscle injury11 Oct 2019Unknown
 Rober PierCruciate ligament injury13 May 2019Mid November 2019


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Iñigo PérezToe injury20 Mar 2019Day to day
 Javi MartinezAnkle injury11 Sep 2019Day to day
 David GarcíaBroken toe29 Sep 2019Unknown
 Marc CardonaChest injury09 Oct 2019Unknown
 Unai GarciaCruciate ligament injury04 May 2019Late January 2020
 Enrique BarjaCruciate ligament injury15 Jul 2019Mid March 2020

Real Madrid

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Brahim DíazGroin injury20 Aug 2019Back in training
 Ferland MendyGroin injury24 Sep 2019Back in training
 MarceloNeck injury, Hamstring/Strain04 Oct 2019Back in training
 Gareth BaleMuscle cramps13 Oct 2019Unknown
 Luka ModricThigh injury13 Oct 2019Unknown
 Marco Asensio WillemsenCruciate ligament injury24 Jul 2019Late March 2020
 Nacho FernandezMedial Collateral Ligament injury01 Oct 2019Mid January 2020
 Toni KroosGroin injury05 Oct 2019Late October 2019

Real Sociedad

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Modibo SagnanHamstring/Strain09 Aug 2019Back in training
 PortuMuscle injury22 Sep 2019Unknown
 Joseba ZalduaCalf Injury22 Sep 2019Day to day
 Asier IllarramendiBroken ankle30 Aug 2019Late December 2019
Diego Llorente Suspended for 1 Match
Suspended for following matches:
20 Oct: Real Sociedad-Betis


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 NolitoThigh injury13 Sep 2019Unknown


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Geoffrey KondogbiaGroin injury26 Sep 2019Back in training
 Kevin GameiroGroin injury25 Sep 2019Unknown
 Carlos SolerAnkle injury21 Aug 2019Mid October 2019
 GayaHamstring/Strain22 Sep 2019Mid October 2019


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 LuismiAnkle injury05 Dec 2018Back in training
 Stiven PlazaKnee injury30 May 2019Back in training
 Javi SánchezAnkle injury19 Sep 2019Back in training
 Pedro PorroMuscle injury30 Sep 2019Back in training
 Fede San EmeterioUnknown05 Oct 2019Unknown
 SandroUnknown10 Oct 2019Unknown
 Pablo HervíasKnee injury15 Oct 2019Unknown
 Rubén AlcarazGroin injury28 Sep 2019Late October 2019


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Bruno SorianoKnee injury19 Jun 2019Unknown
 Ramiro GuerraKnee injury23 Sep 2019Unknown
 Alberto MorenoCalf Injury26 Aug 2019Early November 2019
Player has returned to training
Player will return in the foreseeable future
Player out for a longer period

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The action in Spain’s top flight, La Primera Division (more commonly known simply as La Liga), usually comes down to a two way battle between Real Madrid and Barcelona for the league title. The great old rivalry, one of the most fiercely contested in Europe, is usually the title decider. But there is also the chase for Champions League places and battles against relegation to expand to further interest.

Keep up to speed with all of the latest happenings from La Liga with our full guide to who is currently out of action. See who is missing because of injury or who is enduring a ban, because this has a bearing on being able to get you to a smarter betting decision. Don’t get caught cold by missing a vital piece of information, see who is absent in our helpful club by club listings.