Bet in a way that suits your personality

Money Management & Betting Systems

What exactly does the title of this article actually mean? How can a form of betting suit your personality over others? Well I am going to make an analogy here with poker for a minute. If you don’t play poker or even if you do, there are many different forms of the game and some of them are far more volatile than others. Aggressive players tend to frequent the six handed games and heads up encounters are even more aggressive than that.

So if your style of play is on the passive side and you like sitting back and waiting for good hands then six handed and heads up games will simply not suit you. One argument may be to tell this player to increase their levels of aggression. That is one solution but yet if this person did this then they would be dragging themselves out of their own individual comfort zone. They can easily slip into a stage where the action is not to their liking and thus freezing them up so that they don’t perform optimally.

This is precisely what I mean when I say that the system of operation doesn’t suit a personality. Another example can be taken from horse racing, let us say that you learn of a system that finds high value winners in the 20-1 to 66-1 price range at a frequency that would allow you to show a long term profit.

This sounds great on the surface but the potential problem is that when you back horses at those long odds then the losing periods will be very long. This can impact on you mentally or at least it can with certain people. How would you feel about backing 40 or 50 losers on the trot?

If the thought of that makes you want to go and throw up then imagine what it’s going to be like when you have money riding on them! If this type of losing sequence has a strong negative effect on you then you shouldn’t be betting in this way. The likely eventuality would see you having twenty or so bets and having twenty losers. You then lose heart in the system and stop doing it.

The end result is that not only have you not given the system a fighting chance to succeed but you have now literally thrown money away. For this to work then the system basically had to be successful immediately and that is just putting it under too much pressure! Your own attitude to risk and overall risk profile was what contributed to wiping out your chances and not the system.

So your very own personality and character impacted on the effectiveness of this betting system and now perhaps you can begin to see exactly what I mean. Some people like the thought of having a very high percentage of winners. To do this they adopt laying strategies. Whether these are successful or not is academic, the point is that these individuals attitude to risk is very low and to comfort themselves during the betting process, they prefer having something in place that gives them a 70% ratio of winners to losers and not something that gives them 10%.

Can you alter your risk profile? I think the answer is a theoretical “yes” but in reality few rarely achieve it. Your reactions and thought processes are basically hard wired in to the limbic side of your brain and past experiences cement this even more.

It is difficult to break free of this and what many end up doing is trying to cram a square peg into a round hole and all because they are trying to copy what someone else is doing. If you want to increase your chances of making money by sports betting then look to find a way of betting that fits your personality.