Bet365 Bet Builder Feature – Review

Creative feature fun and easy to use


A lot of times when you are looking at online betting, you get an urge to create something that just specifically suits an occasion. There are times when you get a good inkling of what could happen in a football match, beyond what the outcome is going to be in the match outright. The Bet365 Bet Builder is a feature of the operator’s website that allows users to create their own wagers. That is something that we wanted to explore a  little further.

Building a Bet

This is a feature which is available to customers at Bet365 and the operation of it all seems simple enough. We quickly accessed the feature just by just clicking on a game and then the Bet Builder option was across the header for that match. In clicking the Bet Builder option for a game it delivers a pop-up window from where selections are made, and this was really accessible and user-friendly.

In the Bet Builder up to six selections can be pooled together to create a bet of your very own making and upon opening the Bet365 Bet Builder it was a straightforward process to pick those selections. The menu quickly lists options to choose from like the Match Result, Both Teams To Score, Number of Goals Scored in the match, the number of Corners that will happen in the match and Plays to Score (options including anytime goalscorer, first goalscorer, last goalscorer etc).

Odds and Editable Options

After a few quick clicks of favourable selections, a click of the Calculate Odds button reveals what we were looking at in terms of odds. We did also find it really easy to go back in and edit the options for a game. A single click tool options back out of the bet and by just going through the same original process of adding selections, allowed the addition of new options. Each time that options were swapped around in the Bet Builder, it was just another click of the Calculate Odds button and we knew where the odds stood.

Once content with the bet created it was just one more click to add it to the betting slip, locking in the odds at the time of selection. That was all it took and it wasn’t any different from clicking around the usual options in the sportsbook to come up with what we wanted. We found the efficiency of the feature to be excellent in our experience of it.

What Appeals

It is having that creativity to pull together a bet of your own creation, that personalisation of a wager which makes this feature really appealing for us. Bet365 in our opinion has made it really easy to go about all of this because it is just so simple to pull together your wager from the options that qualify for a Bet Builder. It does add a nice new dimension to football betting instead of just browsing around in the sportsbook and looking around for the different bits and pieces that you would need to do this.

Example of a Bet Builder Wager

Here is a walk through of using the Bet Builder option for a Premier League game between Manchester United and Chelsea that we used to explore the feature (using odds at the time of writing just for the purpose of the example).

The Manchester United v Chelsea game that we looked at was fancied to go under 2.5 goals because most of the big clashes in the Premier League between the top-six sides are pretty tense, tight tussles. At the time of writing, under 2.5 goals at Bet365 for the fixture was at 7/10.

However, the Bet Builder allowed us to expand on the expectancy of a low scoring game. The Under 2.5 goals option was added first and then we looked at the Both Teams To Score market and took a selection of both teams NOT to score in the first half, when teams are generally working their way into a game, feeling each other out.

Based on current form at the time of the fixture it was Manchester United’s home form which looked the more likely to win out on the day, but again, expecting a tight battle between two good teams at Old Trafford, a Manchester United to win by a one-goal margin was added to the Bet Builder. Those three options that we created for the fixture was offered at 13/2 odds.

Manchester United v Chelsea
Under 2.5 goals regular market

Manchester United v Chelsea Bet Builder
Under 2.5 goals
+ Both teams NOT to score in the first half
+ Man Utd to win by a one-goal margin
@13/2 odds

So you can see we expanded on our original notion that it would be a tight game between the two clubs in the fixture, by taking the original Under 2.5 goals and combining it with likely options that would crop up in the game to back up that original assumption.


We really enjoyed our experience of the Bet365 Bet Builder. One of the things that we liked the most was that it was just there, easily accessible. It didn’t matter which of the games we went to look at, it was just sat there in the header for the game and that allowed a quick process of getting to the feature and then building the bet that we wanted.  It was great to delve into the different markets and click on what appealed to us. In summary it is one of those features that are just nice to know that they are when you want to add a little creativity to betting session and we would it an all-round hit.

Terms and Conditions

There are terms and conditions of course which come along with this and notably, one of them is that this does only apply to pre-match markets, this is nothing to do with in-play. The bet will be struck as a single bet only so you can’t combine your final bet with anything else. Importantly it is also worth noting that the Bet Builder wagers won’t be eligible for Cash Out nor can you go back in and use the Bet365 Edit Bet feature on it either once you have placed it.

You have a maximum of six markets in a Bet Builder bet and the Bet365 ‘2 Goals Ahead Early Payout’ does not apply to bets created with the feature either. If any of the markets within a bet created with the Bet Builder happens to be voided or pushed then the entire wager will be voided/pushed. Just as an example of that, if you have picked a goalscorer which doesn’t play then the entire bet, is just voided.

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