Betting systems, fools gold or holy grail?

Money Management & Betting Systems

There is an entire human subculture designed around achieving quick success. It doesn’t matter in what area, whether it is losing weight or passing an examination then there is a definite craving for immediacy. It is this fundamental human craving that brings betting systems and betting tips to the fore. The word “system” seems to denote with many people, a short list of easily learnable rules that anyone can follow.

At the end of the day, people do not like to work hard. They either do not have the time or the inclination to put in the necessary effort in order to win money either in gambling or poker for that matter. So this means that the natural follow on step from that is to look for effective systems that will short cut this process.

But as a very keen analyst of sports betting and gambling systems over the years, I can tell you categorically that most systems that are being sold on the market simply do not work for one reason or another. They suffer from either faulty logic or are based on faulty principles. Even successful systems can reach a stage where they are no longer working.

This is another fundamental flaw to systems in that they do tend to have a shelf life. If you can drop on to a good betting and gambling system then it can be worth its weight in gold. Systems do not need to be fiendishly complex to work and some of the best systems ever devised have been magnificently simple.

Horse racing systems are a classic case in point, I have heard of systems that have been successful for years that have only followed a few basic rules that anyone could implement. I have never been a big fan of betting systems simply because I have a dim view of any form of gambling that has fixed rules.

I feel that if anything is fixed then it lacks flexibility and if something lacks flexibility then it lacks the ability to adapt to changing dynamics. Another problem with systems is seen if the system in question becomes too widely known. This can then lead to certain criteria that the system is based on then being subtly factored into the price without the punter being aware of the fact.

Some systems are nothing more than outright scams but most are written by people who simply do not have enough knowledge of their subject or they are selling material that can be described as dated. These are not con men but in a way, they have almost conned themselves into believing their own spiel. I think that it is perfectly possible to construct your own gambling system and it does not take an encyclopaedic knowledge of sport to be able to make this happen.

As I stated earlier, I prefer the more flexible approach to betting is in trying to establish when particular prices are wrong with certain companies. I suppose this is a system in its own way as I follow certain paths but it is not as simple as following simple rules that can be done with no thinking whatsoever or by anyone for that matter.

So the bottom line is that systems or betting tips can be very good if you happen to stumble upon some that work or you are confident in being able to compile your own. Most of the time for numerous reasons, they simply don’t work or have stopped working.