Pressing and what it means for the punter

"Gegenpressen" - a new key angle on football betting?

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

I’m always looking for a new angle on football predicting. There must be something somewhere that is just waiting to be unearthed. Just waiting for me to find it. I wish.
Anyway I’ve been searching and researching and I’ve decided to look at the way teams act under certain circumstances. A new word hit the papers early in the season, “Gegenpressen“. Evidently it had something to do with the way they press a little higher up field when they are attacking. An excellent example is Liverpool. They now have a pair of full-backs who like nothing better than getting in behind the opposing full-backs. Spurs also are a good pressing side.

Could it also be that sides which attack consistently and run up between 8 and 12 corners in a match are what to look for? Not necessarily as goals usually appear at a rate of ONE per 11 corners. I know these figures aren’t written in stone but they are pretty constant over a reasonable amount of time.
Could it apply to sides which have greater than 50% possession in the match. Oddly enough the side with greater possession is more than often the losing side. Could it apply to the team who make more successful passes during play. I don’t believe it does. Many teams can pass almost as good as Barca but they often lack a cutting edge.
I think we need to look at the “pressing” sides as they do, this season, appear to have it made, so to speak.
I haven’t mentioned Man. City. Do I have to? They have the league title in the bag. But even so their defence does from time to time drop a clanger.
In the end I think following these and any other “pressing”-sides can be the road to profit.
Making sure you select the right matches is the one thing needed.

Have the bookmakers big ads gone missing?

Have you noticed that the “big” odds ads meant to entice newcomers, have all but vanished? Well I do believe we’ve seen the last of them as the Gambling commission has caught up with the bookmakers at last. It will be illegal to give “free bets” as winnings on any offer. In future. ALL winnings must be paid as withdrawable cash.
The larger bookmakers are being taken to task and being fined for “ALLEGED MONEY LAUNDERING” by accepting large bets from what are regarded as “unknown sources.”