Punter rejects huge Betfair cashout offers for a Liverpool quadruple bet

Punter turns down several Betfair cashout offers as season-long bet fails

Joao Cancelo / Manchester City ©IMAGO / Uk Sports Pics Ltd 15.05.2022

The end to the Premier League title race was just about as exciting as it could possibly have gotten on Sunday, but there was Betfair cashout drama folded into all of it for one punter in particular.

Man City fought back from 2-0 down at home against Aston Villa to take the win.

That was the three points Pep Guadiola’s men needed to fend off challengers Liverpool.

Back in August last year, before all the drama of the Premier League season unfolded, a bold wager was placed.

A punter opened a Betfair account and placed a £100 stake on a Liverpool Quadruple.

For the bet, punter Tanya Hanley was given odds of 3,671/1.

That was for the Reds landing the Carabao Cup, the FA Cup, the Premier League and the Champions League.

Bet at Betfair

Things start to fall into place

In February Liverpool landed their first piece of silverware. The Reds beat Chelsea in a penalty shoot-out to win the League Cup.

Roll on to May and the Reds again beat the Blues in the same manner back at Wembley in the FA Cup Final.

So that was two of the four legs of Hanley’s big forecast down.

With Liverpool having already booked their place in this season’s Champions League Final against Real Madrid, things were looking good.

Heading into Sunday’s final round of Premier League action, the situation was clear.

Hanley needed to see the Reds overturn a -1 point swing to beat City to the EPL title.

Early Betfair cashout offer

Hanley had already been offered around £22k to cash out the betting, guaranteeing some return from the big wager.

That was passed on. Before Sunday’s matches, she was given a couple more offers by Betfair.

The first was to settle the bet early for £35,000.

As that was rejected too, the operator came back with a £25,000 offer to settle PLUS an additional £100,000 payout if Liverpool did go on to win the Premier League and Champions League.

Hanley turns down Betfair Cashout offers

But instead, the punter decided to pass on the generous offers by Betfair and let the bet ride, hoping that Liverpool would pull through.

At one point things looked very interesting.

Manchester City, who had been odds-on favourites to beat Aston Villa at the Etihad, found themselves 1-0 at halftime.

With Liverpool being held at Anfield by Wolves at the break, Betfair’s new early cashout offer at half time was £62k.

When City fell 2-0 behind in their match with only 20 minutes to play it look like things may swing Liverpool’s way.

Betfair came back with a £95k cashout offer.

Liverpool at the time was laying siege to the Wolves goal, needing just one more strike to land the title as things stood.

However, still, Hanley let it ride.

But then Man City did the unimaginable.

City’s stunning recovery leaves the bet in ruin

In the space of a stunning five minutes at the Etihad, Manchester City produced three goals to put themselves into the lead.

From there, all the Citizens had to do was hold on to that position and the title was theirs.

They did, winning 3-2.

So despite Liverpool getting two late goals on the board against Wolves, it wasn’t enough.

Hanley’s choice to let the ‘Liverpool quadruple’ bet ride in the push for more than £350k in winnings was left in the same place as Liverpool’s EPL title hopes.