Round Robin Bet / Single Stakes About Bet

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A reader sent us the following question:

Could you please help me with how a Round Robin works ie if I were to place a bet on 3 horses, do I get something back if only one wins ?


A Round Robin means
3 selections in 3 (different) races, in 3 doubles, 1 treble and 6 single stakes about bets.

So, yes you will get something back, but it depends on the odds of the winning horse if you will get back more than you had staked …

Single Stakes About bets also confuse some – a Single Stakes About bet has a double stake so a £10 Single Stakes About Bet costs £20.

£10 go on selection 1, if that wins the profit is kept and the £10 stake is reinvested in selection 2. You also have £10 going on the other way, 1st on selection 2 with any profit kept and the £10 stake being reinvested on Selection 1.

One winner works out worse than two £10 singles but better than a £20 double.
Two winners works out better than two £10 singles but worse than a £20 double.

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