Staking Plans in Betting – Cyril’s betting advice (part 3)

Money Management & Betting Systems


There are many types of Staking Plans, each with it’s own identifible name. However they nearly all fall into one of four categoriesFixed Staking, Variable Staking, Percentage Staking and Progressive Staking. Each one, of course, does exactly what it says on the tin.


more popularly known as Level Stakes Betting. You decide on your unit stake and apply it to each selection. All you need is winners to go with it. If you Are making a Level Stake Profit, over any reasonable period of time, it may be to your advantage to consider one of the other staking methods.  The prime consideration here would be your average winning and losing runs.


opens new doors and depends a lot on your winner/loser sequences. You need some decent runs of winning bets to see it too it’s best advantage. Usually you would bet. say, 5% of your bank on your first runner. If it’s successful you then increase your stake on your next bet, say to 7%. You continue to increase, in small increments, until you reach a plateau. (This assumes you have a nice winning run).Having reached your plateau you revert to your original stake and begin all over again.

A losing bet would see you revert to a smaller stake. The size of this would depend exactly where the loser occurred. The smallest stake would be, I would imagine, around 3% of your bank.
The good points in this method is that your larger stakes are on your winners and smaller stakes on your losers.


is simply a set percentage of your bank. The unit stake will increase as your winnes occur but decrease as losers happen.
Say you start with £100. You bet 5% on your first selection. You hit lucky and it wins at 2/1. You’ve made £10 profit. Add this to you bank and your next stake becomes 5% of your new bank. i.e. 55% of £110.
A run of winners soon has your bank increasing at quite a pace. Many people who use this method have a cut-off figure, at which point they withdraw all or some of their profits and recommence  with a £100 bank.


Not the most salubtrious of methods.
The progression is decided before any bets are laid. After a losing bet, it’s back to the first stake once again.
This method relies, so I’m told, on the punter having so 70% winners.

There is one outstanding Staking Method. It’s called the KELLY CRITERION.

If there is enough interest  I’ll explain it the best I can but will give any links that I think will help next time.