What type of bets provide maximum enjoyment for low stakes?

Money Management & Betting Systems

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of different betting opportunities that are available, although sometimes your bet can last two minutes after a match has kicked off. For example, if you have a First Goalscorer bet or bet on a team to keep a clean sheet and a goal is scored straight away, then you could end up with a very quick losing bet!

If you’re betting on football and you want value for money all the way through the contest, then it might be worth placing a Last Goalscorer bet rather than a First Goalscorer bet. That way, you have a chance of winning all the way to the final whistle, providing that your player is still on the pitch. There is also the option of betting on the total number of goals that might be scored in a match, with there often being the option of backing two or less compared to three or more.

Obviously, some people will point to accumulator bets where you can place a bet on a selection of teams or horses which means a tiny stake could still return a large amount. However, there is also the option to try out bets such as a Lucky 15 where you bet on four selections and have your winnings doubled if just one of them wins.