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Bet on Teams with a better Performance at Home

Sports Betting Strategy of Angel

Bet on Teams with a better Performance at Home - Sports Betting Strategy of Angel - © pdesign -

Hello everyone, here is a betting strategy from me, Angel Kavazov. First of all, sorry for my bad English, hopefully you will understand everything I had written. This strategy is very simple, and it works. You only need lots of thinking and lots of patience.

The idea of this strategy is to bet (if possible) every day. If there are any games that you think that they could finish like you think, don’t bet on them, first analise the opponents.

Look at the tables, look at the statistics. Many teams have better form at home, so those are the teams that you want to place bets on. Look for those teams that have many, many wins at home. Like Real Madrid (14 home wins in a row, (09.11.2007)), Barcelona, Arsenal or other teams. Look for games through the whole catalog, look through all the available leagues, because you will never know when you will miss a nice game if you only look through the top leagues. Look for teams that desperately need points. Don’t bet on champions (if the season is near its end.) Try to bet on motivated teams.

Get 10$ and sit on a chair with the catalog in front of you. Look through it and write all the interesting games. Remember that with this strategy you don’t need high odds. Look for the best and most sure games. Look for teams with constant form and teams with better players. Here is an example:

Real Madrid 1.25
Barcelona 1.35
Chelsea 1.40
Manchester United 1.20

Remember, I say remember, that the odds should be very low (for safety and more chances to win). If you place these carefully selected games, you will surely win. Remember that you can place similar games like these ones from lower leagues. Try all the games that you place bets on to be played in one or two days, no more. With these odds, you will get 28,35$. Now place, 10$ on other three games, and 18,35$ on three games. This way you will be more safe with your money, and you will have higher chance to win. If you win those 2 betting tickets, you will double your profit. After that, I repeat it three times. (this should be your standard betting system). Try this strategy, but firstly carefully choose your games. It works for me, it really does.

Lets say that you place bets every Tuesday ( for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and Friday (for Friday, Saturday and Sunday). (Make Monday a non-betting day). The total odds are 2.3*10=23, 2.3*23=52.9, 2.3*59.2=136.2, 2.3*136.2=313.26, 2.3*313.26=720.498, for only 3 or 5 weeks (depending on the amount, quality and safety of the games) you will have a high profit, from 10 to 720. Again, the only thing required is patience.

I hope that I have helped you.

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