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Horse Racing Each Way Betting Strategy

Sports Betting Strategy of Jack

Horse Racing Betting

One great betting strategy that I use is to give myself coverage when making an Each Way Bet. This is a really simply strategy to employ and what sport does each way betting lend itself best to? Horse racing of course (though this strategy can be used in any sport). Firstly, understand what the real basis of an each way bet is.

It is one bet to place and one to win, so two bets combined into one, and generally you only use it if you think you horse will do OK. When you think that it has a decent outside shot at winning, but isn’t the favourite.

The first step is to work out the return that you would get if your horse just places. This is where it all begins. So if you have backed at 10/1 shot at £10, then a place market paying out at 1/4 odds will give you £15. This is the figure with which you need to work.

So, you then take that potential £15 from a place finish and make an outright winner stake on the same horse. So you are laying out more in stake, but you have given yourself coverage. This is what I do, broken down.

£10 each way on Horse A at 10/1 = £20 stake
This bet returns £100 for a win
This bet returns £15 for a place

So place a further £15 stake (the value of a place payout) on Horse A winning outright at 10/1 = £15 stake This bet returns £150 for a win

So, what are the outcomes with this doubling up method?

Win: If the horse wins, then great, you make £250 from a £35 stake (over the two bets).

Place: If the horse places, which is what you expected by taking an each way option, then you get £15 from the Each Way bet, but as you spent £15 on the outright market, you haven’t lost from the second bet.

Worse case scenario though, is that the horse fails to place, which means you have lost two stakes.

If you pick out a horse and you earmark it for at least a place finish, then you should be confident of creating an opportunity with this horse racing betting strategy.

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