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Multiple Bets Strategy

Sports Betting Strategy of Oscar
Nowadays, with the opportunity to have a bet almost impossible to miss, it has become a common habit for football fans to have a flutter. More often than not this involves a few quid on a multiple team accumulator. The Saturday afternoon conversation among the casual football punters will often be dominated by stories of how, yet again it was only one team that prevented a nice little earner. Believe it or not, there is sometimes a way of avoiding total disappointment when it’s down to the final leg of the accumulator. The saviour in question? – The exchange.

In today’s betting world the exchanges are becoming more and more popular. Not only can betting exchanges such as Betfair or Smarkets often boast better odds than traditional bookmakers, they also offer punters the opportunity to adopt the role of the bookmaker and therefore ‘lay’ bets as well as backing them. Without veering too much from the point, for those who are not familiar with this format of betting, it’s really quite simple. On the exchange laying a bet (in football terms) translates as: betting on a team ‘to not win’, rather than betting on them ‘to win’. So, if you think Team A – who are trading at a price of 2/1 (3.00) aren’t going to win, you might decide to lay them. For example, Laying Team A for £10 at 2/1 means, if they fail to win you will make £10; however, if Team A do go on to win you will lose £20.

Having the option to lay bets in this manner, allows punters the possibility of securing a profit on those multiple bets that are all too often are let down by the last team.

As always, things are best illustrated by an example.

Let’s set the scenario as the following; you’ve placed a 6 team accumulator – the number of teams doesn’t really matter, this is just as an example. It could be 6 it could be 12, of course the more teams the less likely the bet becomes; however, that really is a different matter altogether.

You’ve got your 6 team accumulator (set out below)

For example:

The first 5 teams have all done the business, it’s down to the last game. It is important to note that in this scenario your accumulator would have to be staggered, i.e. the last game would be taking place after the first 5 have finished (an evening fixture or a match the following day). This is not uncommon, and there will no doubt be plenty of punters whose accumulators are left relying on the last game of the day or maybe even the Monday night fixture, only to see the bet lose after waiting in hope.

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