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Betting on surprise wins in WTA tennis

Sports Betting Strategy of Pravin
I like to bet on tennis the most of all out of all sports.

I am not saying that I bet on underdogs all the time, as that is not a strategy.

What I notice is a lot of upset in women’s tennis, especially in the tournaments of lower status than Grand Slams. Of course in men’s tennis this happens too, especially in the ATP 250 and 500 tournaments, but more often I see this trend in the WTA. Why do these upsets happen? I believe that it is because the seeded players often are not with so much motivation, and are upset a lot in quarters and semi finals.

I try to look for low odds on a player (the favourite) to win a match, and then I look up that player’s head to head record against their opponent (the underdog). If the underdog has strong history against the player that is more highly favoured in the odds, then that is what I bet upon to win. I give example to you now of this. In the WTA Rome, I found a match-up listed between Flavia Penneta and Lucie Safarova, with Safarova’s odds presented at a long 4.33!

Penneta, the favourite, had very low odds at 1.15 and this line immediately caught my eye, and so I investigated the head to head of two players. I saw that Safarova had won the last two match-ups with Penneta, so I put a stake on Safarova and I won! Even if the history is not as favourable for the underdog after looking at the head to head, but the underdog has shown fight, has pushed the higher ranked player hard in previous encounters, it is still worth taking a wager on the underdog.

The underdog does not win all the time of course! If one does not feel so confident to bet outright on the underdog, then the handicap is also good to betting option to look at. This would not yield as much money on your stake, but there is still nice profit if you win with the coverage on the handicap.

I see almost every day that there are upsets in tennis, and on some days, a lot more than just a few! Looking up past match history of players matched up currently, can help you find more probably upsets. An upset in tennis can really cash in some nice profit, since lines are at much more of a discrepancy than other sports .

OK, you now know a good strategy to make some good money, huh! Use this in betting of the tennis!



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