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Con Trick: Too good to be true ? It usually also is!

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

During my life time I have become what might be described as cynical. Eighty years of cynicism is what I have inside my brain. When I first saw the offers being made by the bookies I really wondered how they could stand to make these 33/1 for Liverpool to beat, say, Southport. I looked at it for a while and decided, if they carried on like this they’d be a busted flush by full-time.

Then I remembered my usual advise to any punter. Read the conditions! Of course there was some small print and I mean small. So I put my new varifocals on and still couldn’t decipher the printed words. So out came the magnifying glass. And wasn’t there a load of garbage to wade through. I warrant not more than one in ten new punters has read these conditions. Not forgetting of course that the advertisement was meant for new punters only. People who may have been drawn to the advert by the large odds and have heir first bet with that particular bookmaker.

Even the general conditions are prehistoric. The punter must deposit £5 having done so he may only invest a single pound on the advertised bet. What a cheek. So the punter must then find something to bet his remaining £4 on whether he wants to or not. Then to rub salt into the wounds a successful bet will only be paid in FREE BETS. How the hell do they get away with that one?

This is surely a con trick.
I urge any new punters to give these bets what they deserve: a trip to the waste paper baskets. It’s just another trick to empty the poor old punters wallet.
Rather stay with serious bookies with more reasonable odds and offers.

Don’t forget, when the fun STOPS, stop.