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They are laughing at You losing

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

I recently received an e-mail from a “Betting Advisor”. Now I don’t hold much truck for such people but this particular chap has been sending e-mails which didn’t include the usual “tips” but just what I considered sound advice (Free of charge,too). That is until this time.
Here his line of thought was if you had a losing bet it was better to be able to laugh at it than mope around. So he describes a number of “systems”.
The one which really caught my eye was one for greyhound racing. He claimed to have “invented” this system a “few years ago”. Surprise surprise I was using this very same system in 1958. Is 57 years a “few years ago”? I found it in a magazine.
For those of you who are interested, the system is based around the number 7.
You let the first race at the meeting go by and your bet for the next race is the winning trap number taken from seven. So if trap 5 won the first race you subtract 5 from 7 and your selection for the next race would be trap TWO.
He then went on to describe other systems which you could use and which you didn’t care whether they won or not but if they did lose you didn’t feel bad about losing your money. Really.
Tennis bets were to be on the player you least fancied. Doesn’t matter what the odds are, back the one you least fancy. Sounds daft? Wait for the next one.
Football. If a team, especially if you support it, is facing a relegation battle, back their opponents. This way your team might well lose but you’d get some sort of return by backing the winner. Can you imagine? You’d be backing teams, almost certainly at odds-on, usually heavy odds-on and a single DRAW would knock you back to where you were around three or more bets ago.
A further addition to this is if there’s a team(s) you hate you simply back them to win. The thought behind this is if you hate them and they win, your dislike will be somewhsat tempered by a few pounds in your wallet.
He even suggests that if there are a number of such teams you don’t like, you back them in an accumulater.

The mind boggles. Here’s a man whose intentions are to teach you how to WIN with your betting, telling you some of the easiest ways there are to do your bank in double quick time.
I don’t have anything against these guys, apart from the fact that they are usually attempting to separate you from your hard earned cash, but this must surely hit a new low.

Tipsters are usually after a quick buck. Yours. We have those who work for a newspaper and then they have book of private clients. Who’s being cheated?

Then there are the system sellers. Now these have come into their own since the advent of the internet. There is so much information available it is now possible to find a winning formula. Indeed, any system should be capable of being tweaked until it’s caplable of giving a winning returrn. All the necessary info is there for the taking. it’s the hard work refining it which puts people off doing it.
The Merciless Barrage for Two Year Olds is one such system. If someone with the time and resources puts their mind to it, they’ll have a sure fire winner in their stable.

So if you must seek help for your betting try a system. Them set about refining it. That way you’ll have a much better chance of getting a return for your money and time.

One last thing. Do bookmakers still set their own odds? Recently on TV it appeared that they don’t but check out what Betfair and Oddscheckers are offering first. Sound soutlandish but if it’s true it might well mean puntes will get a fair crack of the whip. About time too.