Betting on lower leagues – Risks and Punishments

Where was the so called security team in the F.A. and Football League?

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

Are footballing punters getting an even break? It appears that players are betting on various outcomes within the game Even on transfers taking place. The latest being a Scottish owner betting on his own side.

Joey Barton was able to go on his merry way undetected for ten years betting on and against his own side, at times as well as other matches. Where was the so called security team in the F.A. and Football League? Why has he been let off so lightly? Go back a number of years and we see Tony Kay, a promising young player and Bronco Lane, part of a small consortium who were both jailed and banned for life for similar betting on league games. Barton has only been fined and suspended. True it might mean the end of his playing career but he must have been aware before placing his first bet.

What we punters need to think about is how much have his bets deflated prices that the ordinary punter has had to accept when putting his money down? Has the ordinary punter had an even break? Probably not. So what can ordinary punters do about this situation?
The answer for me is to leave the big Money Leagues alone and get studying form in the lower leagues where there is more genuine effort put into each match. Where almost all of the players are part=timers and draw miniscule wages and rely on “exes” to help pay their way.

Bet on the lower leagues and be certain that more effort is being put into the end result.